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  1. Help! Can't start FRO!!

    add me at https://facebook.com/GM.Danger/ and will try help you
  2. Help! Can't start FRO!!

    Hello please check this post: https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/32736-english-technical-support-tutorial/#whitescreenfixoldwin

    Main Rule is: "Trust NO One" (in fact, you shouldn’t trust me when saying this to you :D) PM me here if you in game, I can give you some items for to amend your loss (Str Gaunts and also some legendary Aura) Aalso (if you want), you can file a case against him via support ticket but it will require in game proof that you lend the items to him (FB screens are not enough)

    It's allowed as long as you are legit about that. this means not using macros to reach that speed and then NOT stopping the moment a GM checks that you are not macro farming (this is considered same as botting) The rumors you heard probably come from people that tried to cheat and got caught (some of them even for second time) So... As long as you farm by yourself and not leave your computer unattended it's ok
  5. Una ayuda para una buena causa :c

    Dejar los estudios, no poder ahorrar pero seguir jugando RO x_x lo lamento pero aqui no esta permitido postear referal links
  6. emperium anvil?

    Hello The only way to get that item is trough old blue/purple box
  7. error starting game

    you lack the core files of RAgnarok online, you need to download the complete instaler from here: http://forsaken-ro.net/download/
  8. Client wont patch

    Close your game before patch x_x
  9. Application unable to start

    Hello Did you tried to google that message? seems caused by some error in Microsoft visual C++ redistributable files Look at Google for "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package", download 32 or 64 edition (depends if you use 32 or 64 bit edition of windows) and install BTW Sorry for late reply, we have been skiing all day :D
  10. How to fix this problem? Kindly help please?

    hello This is not fRO or even Raganrok related error, if you google "nvd3dum.dll error" you will see its related to video drivers problem, try reinstall your video drivers, maybe that power out damage your driver :/
  11. High Wizard Item Build for Sophie Player

    Hello the runes act like accessory cards, you need a slotted accessory to insert the rune, in the case of the int gaunts / belts, they don't have slot, you will need any classic sloted accesory (for example: Clip [1]) or a donation accesory
  12. Account status

    Hello please file a ticket here https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/support/ edited your post to delete email addresses (not a good idea to post in public)
  13. help

    PM over here and maybe we can think on a solution
  14. The Fate of the Gods Episode 3: The Age of Wolves

    we will look into it
  15. The Fate of the Gods Episode 3: The Age of Wolves

    @Nas care to elaborate pls? this release didnt change anything from legendary weapon quest (whose script hasnt changed in years afik)
  16. Hello fRO Just quoting GM Genesis from like a year ago post: Also: he is trying to trick players to join fake discord server and/or install shady program to take control of your machine, do not fall on such tricks please Stay alert and play smart fRO Danger

    @donrio probablt just a mistranslation from our client (we cant modify that about getting 100 crit, its easy if you use cards that increase critical rate http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=&iname=&itype=6&iclass=-1&islot_sign=-1&islot=-1&ij[+]=-1&iju=-1&idesc=&iscript=&i_ele=-1&i_status=-1&i_race=-1&i_bonus=17&icfix=&sort_r=0&sort_o=0&isearch=Search or custom equips (legwendary armors increase crit and other stats, sinx bless rings increase crit a lot, etc.

    interesting, thanks for correction on this one :)

    Hello @qperteplex has the idea but some things should be clarified He is correct about the critical rate (the number you see on the stats window). that stat just shows your chance to do a critical hit (an attack that causes about 40% more damage than normal) In your picture, you should have 54% chances to do a critical hit each time you attack someone according to some sources, the stat that the windows shows is not the real percentage and its due to how game calculates such stats the formula to show stat in window is: (LUK / 3 ) + bonus = stat % Easy Example: (30 LUK / 3) + 10 bonus = 10 + 10 bonus = 20 critical % stat the formula for REAL Critical Rate is (LUK * 0.3) + bonus = real% example with same stats: (30 LUK * 0.3) + 10 bonus = 9 + 10 bonus = 19 real critical rate for this reasons, most guides recomend to get 100+ on crit [stat], making the REAL crit 100% Lastly... the critical shield that he and niemono89 talk about is the perfect dodge that every enemy has (the chance to completly evade any attack)
  20. Pally dragonist Armor

    you need to activate dragon fury to get skill
  21. Hello Sometimes main file ( installer )can corrupt while dowloading (if you speed is slow and/or dc for a moment, etc.) if you know how to use torrent, it's a good idea try that method (it checks constantly if something corrupts and fixes itself) and works good on slow connections (even better on faster connectons :D)

    Hello I don't understand what you mean with "UNLESS IT'S TRUE" can you elaborate please? I understand your concerns about the procedure we follow to ban someone, so let's clarify some things: 1.- We (as GM team) have strict procedure to ban someone, in order to ban players we have to: A) caught said player red handed (like when they broadcast offering RMT, scamming players, etc.) B) When someone else report to us and we consider the proofs are enough to ban the offender) after this, we have to LOG who (the GM) banned who (the offender), when and the reason (usually linking to proofs and or ticket where the report was made) on first case we dont have anything to ask (hey you really broadcasting about RMT???, sure not a mistake??? ok, just asking...) on the second case, we always require proof and said proof have to meet certain standards too, to give you few examples: we do not accept altered proofs, that means the one reporting have to present uncropped screenshots where the name of he/she (the one that reports) and the suspect should be visible and clear [exception to this rule are screenshots of GM main chars, as we protect identity of them] if the proof is from another place (like facebook) we require something linking directly to game (this means we don't accept a "Yes my name is GM Danger in fRO, lets RMT" as proof) as we know anyone can do a fake facebook profile and frame players We know that and we not only check database (for names) and IP trace, we have other tools too [Gepard shield is <3] personally i think our GM team can differentiate between a real report and a "revenge report" and that is one of the reasons we require proofs to act against someone already explained how banning someone works, EXACTLY!!!, for respect to honest players and to be fair with them, we ban players that break rules You're welcome
  23. Frigg's Shield Quest

    NOTE: These coords are just for location reference, some maps are unwarpable so you'll have to explore. Step 1 Start your quest talking with Baldr Step 2 Talk to Odin and bring him the following items: 100 Crystal Fragment [7321] 100 Darkness Rune [7511] 100 Crystal Of Darkness [7799] 100 Will of the Darkness [7340] Step 3 Find Voluspa, talk to her and bring the following items: 100 crystal mirror [747] Step 4 Return to Odin Step 5 Talk to Frigg Step 6 Talk to the Fire spirit and bring the following items: 1000 dragon scale [1036] 1000 dragon skin [7123] 1000 dragon tail [1037] 1000 dragon canine [1035] 100 burning heart [7097] 1 Essence of Fire [6001] Step 7 Talk to the Guardian of Earth and bring him the following items: 600 anolian skin [7003] 600 skel bones [932] 500 solid hushk [7190] 400 stinky scale [959] 300 clatering skull [7752] 300 heart mermaid [950] 200 animal gore [702] 100 roten fish [624] Step 8 Talk to Siren and bring her the following items: 96 ancient thoot [1053] 6 ancient lips [1054] 3 harp [2] [1910] Step 9 Talk with the King of Insects and bring him the following items: 600 rat tail [1016] 600 stiky poison [7565] 200 poisonus powder [7154] 200 poisonous toad skin [7155] 100 bug leg [1042] 100 toxic gas [7322] 50 scorpion tail [904] 50 tongue [1015] Step 10 Look for the Demon King and bring him the following items: 666 rune of darkness [7511] 300 evil horn [923] 300 will of darkness [7340] 200 skull [7005] 5 eye of hellion [7337] 1 mothers nightmare [7020] Step 11 Talk to the Knight and bring him the following items: 1000 chivalry [1004] 1 symbol of brave warrior [7484] Step 12 Once you can talk to king he will ask you for two cards: 1 dragonm warlord card [15187] 1 dragon wizard ard [15069] after that, he will request you to kill the Forskaen dungeon keeper (at guild_vs1-3) NOTE: Kill until you get bravery badge [7828] drop, althought it says 100%, chance its more like 50% Step 13 continue your quest, Talk with the Dwarf and bring him the following items: 125 hammer blacksmit [1005] 100 pyroxene [7296] 1 golden anvil [988] Step 14 Talk with the Fairy queen and bring her the following items: 600 stardust 1001 500 pellet 7226 200 izidor 709 100 aloe 704 100 anodyne 605 100 langka 7747 Step 15 Talk with the Giant Leader and bring him the following items: 1000 huge leaves [7198] 700 strong branch [7203] 500 soft blade of grass [7194] 400 fine grained trunk [1066] 400 solid trunk [1067] 400 tree root [902] 100 sjharp leaf [7100] 100 wooden heart [7189] Step 16 Talk with Frigg, who will give you the Frigg's Shield There are two options you can choose: Donation or non-donation.. Frigg's King Shield requires: 2 F.King shields Frigg's Knight Shield requires: 2 F.Knight shields Please make sure to choose carefully!
  24. Legendary Color Changer

    Hello pm me in game so we can check , ok? if im not online, try after at 21:00 after WoE
  25. Fro with Snacks! <3

    When you see two mouses but only one computer... xD