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  1. Harmony

    Old Player Returning

    Welcome to our ForsakenRO community!! We hope that you have fun and am looking forward to meeting you! Come by at the Help Desk if you need help! :D
  2. Harmony

    Happy Holidays from Forsaken RO!

    Happy Holidays everyone!!
  3. Harmony

    Happy Halloween From Forsaken RO!

    Happy Halloween everyone!
  4. The way I feel.. Start date: September 13, 2017 End date: September 30, 2017 at 11:59 PM We are strictly enforcing the rules! Read the MECHANICS, and post your screenshots here! What are you feeling right now? Are you happy? Sad? Anxious? Confused? Share your story by taking a screenshot at your favorite place! Summer is ending, and as much as I'd like to deny it but I fell in love with the ocean waters. To be alone at peace, even for just a short while is undeniably relaxing. It's now time to face a new chapter, and I had time to rediscover myself to actually fight for what I believe in, and I believe in myself.
  5. Harmony

    Msc Winners

    Theme: Be a winner in the Casino! Date: August 2017 Entries: 13 3rd Place: Forum name: Mel Mel In-game name: Mel Entry: Click here to view Prize: 30 Event Tokens 2nd Place: Forum name: Koai In-game name: Printemps Entry: Click here to view Prize: 45 Event Tokens 1st Place / Champion: Forum name: Master. In-game name: master_fire Entry: Click here to view Prize: 70 Event Tokens
  6. Announcement!! Theme: Be a winner in the Casino! Date: August 2017 Entries: 13 3rd Place: Forum name: Mel Mel In-game name: Mel Entry: Click here to view Prize: 30 Event Tokens 2nd Place: Forum name: Koai In-game name: Printemps Entry: Click here to view Prize: 45 Event Tokens 1st Place / Champion: Forum name: Master. In-game name: master_fire Entry: Click here to view Prize: 70 Event Tokens To claim your reward, message me here in the forums or look for me in-game! Thank you all for joining!
  7. Be a winner in the CASINO Start date: August 20, 2017 End date: August 31, 2017 at 11:59 PM Read the MECHANICS, and post your screenshots here! Post a screenshot of your character in the Casino! Do it creatively and include in a story if you'd like. We want to see how happy you are inside! Here is a screenshot of myself with @Moon, @Artemis, @Ebisu, and @Penthesiliea, and also the FRo Community!! Let's bring back the Monthly Screenshot Contest! And I would need your help! Invite your friends to join! Good luck!!
  8. Harmony

    Regarding Godslayer

    It would be helpful if you can provide us with the script files, and for my own opinion, I would rather have something new for the cursed/blessed/guardian than having a variety of similar ones.
  9. Closed!! Thank you all for your wonderful entries! Winners will be announced soon! Stay tuned!
  10. Harmony

    The FRO Fashionista of the Week

    I'd have to say that I'm not a big fan of this event, although it would really be amazing, but I can guarantee that it wouldn't be messy. Although we can somehow do this at times on the Monthly Screenshot Contest.
  11. Loving the entries! Keep 'em coming!!
  12. Join the Monthly Screenshot Contest for August! To join click this link: https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/34664-august-2017-be-a-winner-in-the-casino/?tab=comments#comment-353748

  13. Harmony

    Find My Stolen Bananas

    Love the idea! Although it's somehow similar to "Find My Skull" and "Emperium Race", plus, @Euphoria made a great point about cheating. However, there are certain flaws that I see: If each monkey will be dropping bananas, that would make everyone a winner, and it's not ideal since it would be hard for the GM. My suggestion is to have about 300 monkeys (as you suggested), and there will only be 10 out of those who'll have bananas which will then be exchanged for 7 event tokens for each banana. 1 million HP is a little big, and would require a lot of time especially for the Host GM. Players would prefer a quick event and not a boring and long one. My suggestion is to decrease it to about 100k HP, which is decent enough considering that all jobs has a chance if they have 195 aspd. I love the idea of having an invasion in forsaken city, I suggested something similar to that before and I agree that having something like that could produce errors or lag, however, it's a great way to ease our boredom. If it turns out problematic, it can be done in different cities instead, replacing the automated event Poring Invasion (no one ever wins that event) Having monkeys instead of porings could really bring something new, since I'm kind of tired of seeing pink jelly running around all the time, and they are kind of overrated, we need some change! These are the only things I thought of as of the moment :)
  14. Harmony

    1 vs 1 Tournament

    If we do first come first serve then it's kind of useless to call it "Best player of the month" considering that only 10 would be entertained. There should be something that would eliminate the other participants, rather than having a first come first serve system.
  15. Harmony

    Daily Quest System and Other.

    Love the idea, however, you should be more specific on the quest. What quest should it be, do players farm? Do they need to get a certain item? Do they talk to different NPCs? Is there a story? etc. Also, the number of tokens is a little big. And my suggestion is that there won't be easy, moderate, or hard quest, let it be just a daily quest wherein you can receive 1 token (IF and only IF the quest can be done again on another account, but if the IP will be banned for all accounts, then 5 tokens would be sufficient per day) Only 1 character can do this quest for the whole account. As for the zeny-token conversion NPC, I disagree. Some players make money out of that and it's not right to take away their business. As for the event giving away forsaken tokens, that's not possible. We give out event tokens for a reason, and if event tokens are increasing while FRo tokens are decreasing because of hoarding, then it may be possible that Event Tokens would be the primary currency soon, probably in the future.
  16. Harmony


    I love the idea of including more automated events to help with the Token crisis as we speak. And I am more than happy to help create more events, but I would need all of your support, especially my colleagues. And as for the daily quest, I'll just reply on the other post since we're not actually allowed to discuss it on another suggestion since it would less likely be implemented :) If you want to comment on that suggestion, Click here
  17. Harmony

    Auto Silence or Jail

    It's true, it's in the rules that spamming messages is not allowed, especially in Forsaken City. And as much as we'd like to be online to punish them somehow, we can't. And even a screenshot and a warning may not do much. Hopefully @Genesis can be able to punish them wherein they'll be muted for a duration if they spammed their messages consistently.
  18. Harmony

    Server Population Increase Goal

    That "tracker" they are mentioning is the IP address, and Yes, if you and your cousin are using the same connection, you will be counted as 1 since there's no possible way for us to know whether you're telling the truth or not. To be honest, I'm not a fan of the ideas since in my opinion, it won't really fly. By fly I meant work. There's a possibility of added activity tokens if you stay for more than 12 hours straight in the game as far as I know, and that's a good enough deal if you want to save on those activity hats and such. Although there's a possibility of having an occasional event (example christmas) that may give this promo for a limited time, and that's the only thing we can give. As for the Referral, It's true that it would help the server in a way, but we're already spoon feeding you with freebies and such to be honest. What I meant to say is that there are other things that needs to be improved and having this system would not be the top of our priority. And, I agree with having more facebook events, or just simply social media events. Social media is the best way to promote nowadays, and it's free, that's why we should abuse the use of it by hosting more events. Although a promotional video event would really be amazing, it's already cliche, and not everyone is a fan of editing. I'm thinking of having like, a screenshot event there or something more, interesting. Like, about 50% of the criteria would be taken from the likes and shares of the pic (e.g, 100 is the limit, and if you get 100 likes and/or shares, then you'll automatically receive 50%), the other 50% will be for the judges. It can be 2 GMs, or 3, or even 5 (10% for each GM). I hope you guys understood what I'm saying, but then again, it's just my opinion and ideas :)
  19. Harmony

    Find My Stolen Bananas

    I won't comment since I'm not tagged. Hmpph!
  20. Harmony

    1 vs 1 Tournament

    My thoughts: I love the idea of having a Tournament, and the fact that the winner shall be crowned as the "Champion" or let's say, "Best player of the month" Limiting the players with their seeds/berries would be impossible to check I'd say, this will be a tournament for everyone, and if the "non-donators" as we speak did register, then it's their fault for going against the others unprepared. There are many players here that are also non-donators who worked hard for their items and are now called "donators" when they didn't. It's a matter of hard work. I understand how fairness is important to you guys, but if newbies wanted to see themselves crowned as the best player, then they should strive like how you did back in the past. Having a "scheduled" event would be really hard especially for the Host GM since there's always a possibility of those who are registered to be absent during the event. My idea for this one is to find an ideal time wherein a lot of people are online, post the date and time here in the forums and/or in the facebook page, and then, during the event itself, the registration comes. To lessen the chances of being absent and wasting the time of the GM setting up the event. A 1v1 event would really take a long time to finish, and not everyone can be present during the whole duration of the event. My idea would be, if there are more than 15 participants, then PvP will be on for everyone to have a chance to kill each other. The Host GM will then wait until there are 10 participants left to start the 1v1 Tournament. I also love the idea of having a Tournament for each class, it could be done weekly, like for example for September. Week#1:Snipers, Week#2:Champions. And this tournament will be similar to the mechanics above. Those were my thoughts, I'd love to help promote the server and if ever you wanted my opinion, just leave me a message :)
  21. Harmony

    Extreme Event or Whatever :D

    It's an event that doesn't need implementation, you'll just need a creative GM :) Whenever I host GTM, I sometimes do a Hide n' Seek and Password twist in it wherein you'll have to look for me, then guess the monster's name using my pub. And obviously, the person who gets inside the pub wins. Simple as that, as long as a GM has time which is important, and a creative mind, we can be able to pull it off :)
  22. Harmony

    Fro 5 Man Event

    Here are my thoughts: A guild vs guild event would be fun true, however, having many guilds registered for this event, and only 2 would kill each other in a time while the others wait would take a lifetime. Not everyone has that much time especially if there are about 6 or more guilds registered. We cannot have a "scheduled" event, trust me we tried it before, it wasn't that successful since it didn't last that long. Having a party consisting of 5 members, and making them fight 1 by 1 will take a LOOOONG time (especially if there are many parties) and it's not ideal for a GM to suffer from that since it will be a mess. True, guild vs guild events may be unfair like what some of you mentioned, there will be alt guilds and that's why having a party consisting of random players is a better option, BUT.. Like what's also mentioned already, there's a possibility of 2 parties joining forces together, and what we'll be hearing will be complaints here and there (We can't set up a rule about that since it'll be an endless argument) unless people would accept the fact that teaming up does happen and will happen if ever this event gets implemented. I love the idea of having a tournament actually, but just in case you guys want to test how effective this could be, we could probably try LTS with a twist!! These are my thoughts and I'm pretty sure there are more, perhaps you could enlighten me more about this event.
  23. Harmony


    You can't warp to for_mine02, like how you also can't at for_mine01 The best way to do that is to go to the bottom of for_fild01, go inside the mine, then just walk or use fly wing towards the top right portal. You are now in for_mine02
  24. Harmony

    Pls add Search bar in @storage

    Not all of the GMs are developers or scripters.