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  1. Currency Trader NPC

    Kinda great idea :3 lets c the others thought anyway xd
  2. Currently Listening To...

    Yuna(cv: sayaka kanda)-ubiquitous dB
  3. Digimon adventure tri.5:kyosei

    Here-s the link uploaded: http://anilinkz.to/series/digimon-adventure-tri then find the title *kyosei* Enjoy with pleasure :3 Digi destinied fans(include me xd)
  4. SAO movie:ordinal scale

    Finally its been uploaded :3 Here's the link: http://anilinkz.to/sword-art-online-movie-ordinal-scale ENJOY, sao fans <3
  5. Falconer/dancing Falcon Build Sniper

    Just got new answer from GM artemis :3 new edit; cursed sniper rune(improved)-weapon compound<slot 2/3 at max, if played hybrid build>
  6. @Artemis So, does it mean the old ones were replaced? And the new ones are compound at boots(sinx), weapons(sniper), is it? :3
  7. @Genesis/any GM'S Please add the improved old cursed sinx(boots) + sniper runes(weapons) status :3 Coz some of the new donators/players wanna knew the differs btwn the new ones that compounded at accessories thx~
  8. Falconer/dancing Falcon Build Sniper

    @Maiimaii Already asked GM genesis, n pls read it kfully at the end of the runes(old),(new) :3 The(old)runes were still at weapons. The (new)runes were at accessories. Tokenshop type also :3
  9. Falconer/dancing Falcon Build Sniper

    new add-on gear for this build: 1. cursed sniper rune(old)-weapon compound<slot 2/3 at max, if played hybrid build)>custom mvp drop* 2. cursed sniper rune(new)-accessories compound(tokenshop provider) Enjoy ur sniper falconer build to the max <3
  10. Soul Linker Highness

    @Ebisu Is a 2 way idea :3 keep it up fro <3
  11. Autumn anime 2017

    Uchuu kitaaaaa :3 means *our only universe* ps:kamen rider space quotes <3
  12. Soul Linker Highness

    @Rayray @Maiimaii Spear boomerang were still a ranged skill(its just used STR as dmg point) not clueless btw :3 Still supporting linker highness 2 hv stave crasher bonus :3
  13. Autumn anime 2017

    enjoy the trailers, j-anime fans :3
  14. Returning Player and New to Forum

    youkoso fro sekai, erin ojou :3 btw, im half nihon+chinese(live in Malaysia, mum origin from south kyoto) feel free to stalk me -erin- :3 「大丈夫」
  15. @jambon09 Thx 4 the answer :3 My meaning of the question: Does the previous runes that compound at shoe, weapon stacks with the latest runes(compounded at accessories) :3