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  1. niemono89

    Currently Listening To...

    Yuu serizawa -> Saiaku na hi demo Anata ga Suki (Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu ED)
  2. niemono89

    Currently Listening To...

    Akari nanawo --> One Room Sugar Life(happy sugar life OP)
  3. niemono89

    Cheap gaming keyboard

    Also can try this asian brand gaming keyboard: 1. REDRAGON 2. SADES 3. Acer Those 3 brands were not as pricey as razer match up ❤️
  4. niemono89

    Final Strike Ninja

    @Maschine Studio U can either made it like this: 1. Overall equipment cards= Full STR cards/ Full VIT cards/ Half STR,VIT cards 2. Accessory card= 2 loki seal(str rune)/ 2 asgard essence(vit rune) Ps: final strike damage mechanics(no hpmax limitation) were almost same as asura strike mechanics(spmax capped at 6k sp) I myself used full vit sets for final strike ninja ❤️ anyway(just to avoid straight dead by 1-2 shot of full sbk type sinX when solo), every ninja's have their own way ❤️ just feel free to test until ure satisfy wif it only ❤️
  5. niemono89

    Website PVP UPDATE

    Well, no harm at all ❤️ bEST suggestion ever for 2018 rofl ❤️
  6. niemono89

    Final Strike Ninja

    final strike uses max hp to deal the best damage, so its definitely vit access* ❤️
  7. niemono89

    Battleground rewards, event updates, and accessory sale!

    BG BG=roll on ❤️ MORE POWER FRO ❤️
  8. Eureka seven 1st part movie ❤️ [koukyoushihen eureka seven hi-evolution 1] finally uploaded ❤️ Link: https://anilinkz.to/koukyoushihen-eureka-seven-hi-evolution-1-movie yorokobe eureka seven fans ❤️
  9. niemono89

    New Big City and "Item aprecial" NPC

    Theres a thingy called "magnifier" from tool dealer or merchant skill "identify" ❤️ Well, they're not useless rofl ❤️
  10. niemono89

    Legendary Mythical Flame Aurora quest

    Both of them rate are 10% only(miniboss type) Just farm them via weekends(double drop rate :3)
  11. niemono89

    GS zeny farming guide(desperado)

    Just wanna breaking the old classic of famous farmers job>>>Sniper(FAS), High wizard(HWC) ❤️ I'll introduce a new type farmers job>>>GS/gunslinger(desperado) ❤️ Lets begin it XD (thus really not a new thingy for veterans of iRO/fRO here. But a new explore way for newbies ❤️ ) Stats: STR: 60 or more(can carry more seeds/berries, every 5 str=1 atk) AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: *100 exact for status immunity, try to get as high hpmax as possible* INT: 30-70 DEX: 290-300(divisible by 10) LUK: *the rest goes here ❤️ * Equips: HEAD UP: Fking helm/Ship captain hat(2x Kiel) HEAD MID: Any auras(Kiel) HEAD LOW: Cursed gunslinger ring/Legendary balloon(seyren windsor/whatever card u can think of :P) ARMOR: Fking armor(2x Gloom) or (Gloom+High priest/Tao gunka/Forsaken raider) WEAPON: Vali's destroyer/Legendary gunslinger revolver(2x Turtle general+atroce+inca) or (2x earth petite+2x orc skeleton) or (3x earth petite+inca) SHIELD: Fking shield(usakoring/hodremlin/GTB) GARMENT: Fking cloak(hollowring+raydric/noxious) FOOTGEAR: Fking shoe(2x firelock soldier/2x general egnigem cenia) ACCESSORY: 2x DEX gauntlet/2x Freyr's with Ifrit PLUS++++ remember to do this bullet quest too ❤️ Tips to farm holy acidus(@ali 7444) at abyss_03: 1. Since we gunslingers don't have dark element bullet like those snipers(dark element arrow) ==, but we can still equip gloom armor+bloody bullet to kill those holy acidus ❤️ (can use curse water too. But it would just wasted coz ure just farming treasure boxes :3) 2. There's a reason for you to do the bullet quest rofl XD. It rewards u 10's of each element legendary bullets ❤️ (repeatable and once u done the 1st part for the 1st time. The 2nd time u do, would be the bullet's material only ❤️ ) 3. Keep "@warp abyss_03" all the way and spam desperado towards holy acidus 24/7 ❤️ 4. Prepare an alt merchant to sell those treasure boxes to npcs ❤️ 5. The best thing about gunslinger's revolver: it gives double attack hit by chances just like thieves double attack hit mechanics XD(for auto-attack style only ❤️ ) Chain Action: When using Revolvers there is a chance to shoot twice. The higher the skill level, the greater the chance of a triggering a double shot (may follow Thief's Double Attack success probability progression). Desperado: Caster must have a Revolver equipped.Uses 10 bullets and attack all enemies in a 7x7 area around you with (50+50*SkillLV)% ATK per hit. This is a close-range attack, so it ignores Pneuma. It deals a random number of hits (up to a maximum of 10) to each target.
  12. niemono89

    Autocasting and Cast Delays

    Autocast are random casting scenario type ❤️ So kiel cards does it effect due to autocats too=reduces the cast delay of the autocast ❤️ Just try it with hybrid str/int job types/ eq duo ifrit rings+full kiel=u would knew know the results then ❤️
  13. niemono89

    Please help me with Cards

    3 kiels on headgear/ 4 silver kiels on headgear ❤️ thats it ❤️
  14. niemono89

    Celebrating 11 years at Forsaken RO!

    tanjobi omedetto fro 11th year old ❤️ happy 11th year old birthday for fro server :3 nice update of BG too ^^~ MORE POWER FRO ❤️
  15. niemono89

    Currently Listening To...

    Mafumafu, soraru, luz, nqrse>Mrs. pumpkin comical dream