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  1. niemono89

    Convenience for both Veterans and Newbies alike

    Godly suggestion ❤️ But requires a huge job load 4 GM team Well done n banzai 😛
  2. niemono89

    Gunslinger Vs Sniper?

    For the basics :3 Beginners would be sniper. Gunslinger are the advances type, coz they have the longest range shot aim(12 pixel=length of ur desktop screen). Plus their gears are quite pricey too xd
  3. niemono89

    Accounts forced log out

    For windows 7 n above, just right click(run as admin) xd
  4. niemono89

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    Great suggestion 4 non donate emp aura user anyway :3 why not?
  5. niemono89

    Priest Soul Link and Ninja Cursed

    For HL battle type priest as u mentioned above :3 I'm agreed to it(since we less saw any HL priest for ages xd) BUT for matk ninja, I think u ned some sort of strong back-up suggestions to made those GM team to approves it greatly :3 (coz ninja's spam rate already good as hell rofl xd)
  6. niemono89


    Seriously :3 I don't think non weapon class job like TK/SG need the nerf rofl ❤️ (even tho they have valk weapon already ❤️ ) Just stay the way as it is :3~ Just try to think ways to counter them, instead of nerfing XD
  7. MORE POWER fro <3 Can't wait for the L.spheres bullet sets coming out(hope its sooner :3) Does gatling gun for GS coming soon too? Just curious :3
  8. niemono89

    Currently Listening To...

    Yuu serizawa -> Saiaku na hi demo Anata ga Suki (Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu ED)
  9. niemono89

    Currently Listening To...

    Akari nanawo --> One Room Sugar Life(happy sugar life OP)
  10. niemono89

    Cheap gaming keyboard

    Also can try this asian brand gaming keyboard: 1. REDRAGON 2. SADES 3. Acer Those 3 brands were not as pricey as razer match up ❤️
  11. niemono89

    Final Strike Ninja

    @Maschine Studio U can either made it like this: 1. Overall equipment cards= Full STR cards/ Full VIT cards/ Half STR,VIT cards 2. Accessory card= 2 loki seal(str rune)/ 2 asgard essence(vit rune) Ps: final strike damage mechanics(no hpmax limitation) were almost same as asura strike mechanics(spmax capped at 6k sp) I myself used full vit sets for final strike ninja ❤️ anyway(just to avoid straight dead by 1-2 shot of full sbk type sinX when solo), every ninja's have their own way ❤️ just feel free to test until ure satisfy wif it only ❤️
  12. niemono89

    Website PVP UPDATE

    Well, no harm at all ❤️ bEST suggestion ever for 2018 rofl ❤️
  13. niemono89

    Final Strike Ninja

    final strike uses max hp to deal the best damage, so its definitely vit access* ❤️
  14. niemono89

    Battleground rewards, event updates, and accessory sale!

    BG BG=roll on ❤️ MORE POWER FRO ❤️
  15. Eureka seven 1st part movie ❤️ [koukyoushihen eureka seven hi-evolution 1] finally uploaded ❤️ Link: https://anilinkz.to/koukyoushihen-eureka-seven-hi-evolution-1-movie yorokobe eureka seven fans ❤️