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  1. OKK FROO !! iM BACKK AGAIN! haha

    After a lot of college school work, here i am again. 


    1. Ebisu


      Welcome back!


  2. Brutal, Magical, Striking Hgs

    yep +1 to this. For me, "Samurai Kabuto" looks like it can be Brutal Magical or Striking. Also "Wanderer's Sakkat".
  3. S/T> sinx stuffs

    Sinx bless jacket? you want to trade to bless ring? if its ok
  4. GTB Vs Magic

    -1 to this this has been suggested many times already regarding this topic and suggestion its already been said that Wiz is op when it comes to Team battle. think about this scenario A team of GS + Champ + Wiz + Pally = Can dominate woe single handed. if they default gtb then GS and Champ can eat those gtb user alive. while they default Usakoring It's the wiz job to give support and dmg them. We already have Champ's Sight + Slow grace of Gypsy = easy Detection. Its just a matter of team work. its not always about 1 vs 1.
  5. Celebrating 10 years at Forsaken RO!

    HAHAHA I love this Update More Power for FRO <3
  6. Oh, the palette.

    whoops my bad I got too hook that i broke rules sorry. thanks for editing tho . I didnt notice that im advert some other server indirectly my bad
  7. Oh, the palette.

    yep, something similar is nice. let's wait Gm's Opinion.
  8. Oh, the palette.

    Other Note: After a Brief of research I think those sprites or pallet are from custom class called Sith,Padawan and Jedi or something correct me if im wrong. and on the other hand they might have similar rules like ours; Forsaken RO Rule Sprite theft, unauthorized editing or distribution of sprites ForsakenRO's custom sprites are made exclusively for ForsakenRO and are not to be used on any other server or by any other individual. All of ForsakenRO's custom sprites, created by any of ForsakenRO's spriters (past or present), are not allowed to be stolen, distributed, edited, or otherwise used without permission. Absolutely no one is permitted to edit, alter, take, or in any other way modify any of ForsakenRO's custom sprites. Please note that this includes using any of these custom sprites as bases for creating "new" sprites. Anyone found supplying our sprites to people who a) do not play on the server, b) were banned from the server, or c) any other individual/group/forum/filesharing/download website will be permanently banned as well. Hide contents First Offense (unless sprites are removed within 48 hours.) -Instant account ban -IP/Universal account ban -Forum account ban Reference:
  9. Oh, the palette.

    I don't know about this.. Its good and looks good but we might get reported from stealing other server's unique component. (regarding from server's rule even this server or forsaken ro has this rule that it is illegal to steal, share, or copy other server's work,sprite,pallet, and etc.) I think this is from darkside, if i remember. I search some data about this. well we can make simillar pallet. this as a reference. lets wait for the Gm team's respond about this suggestion
  10. Server Population Increase Goal

    hmmmmm how about same connection but multiple user? does it count as 1 ? me and my 2 other cousin plays in same connection. but i got your point. its kinda hassle for this to be implemented tho. for the gm team that is. My idea is. if you want to increase the server's population. the easiest way is. #1 make more Forum Video contest about Forsaken ro to attract people #2 invite your friend, family, co-worker, or even your classmate don't be afraid. #3 spread the word around, via irl or even social media. don't be afraid to encourage them to play. the more player the fun.
  11. I Love this Server So muchh <3

    All Gm are great and helpful.

    I'm grateful I found this server.

  12. Find My Stolen Bananas

    +1111111 omg this will be fun
  13. Fro with Snacks! <3

    hahahaha OMG when 1 mouse is not enough to farm. well, why not use 2? hahahaha
  14. The Server keeps Disconnect too much

    +1 ye i also notice the slight increase of dc today. i thought it was only me.
  15. is it me or does anyone notice the slight increase of DC today?

    I dc every 1-2 hours and my activity toks count reset :(

    =)) hahaha

    1. Neth


      Yeah. everyone noticed it, frequently DCs. :)