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    My girlfriend, Business, School, Work, Science, Economic, Scripting, Web Design, Music, and Gatorade.

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  1. Sommyworld

    You look you buy

    For Sale +10 Limited Edition Black Hermode Cap [2,150 Token] Champion Blessed Set (Champion Ring of Divine + Dorcus) [3400 Token] Champion Blessed Ring: Walking speed +15% Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 5% Reduce Vit def by 10% HP +20% SP +20% Hit +100 Int +20 Str +20 Champion Dorcus Dex + 15, Str + 15, Int + 15, Increase damage done on Demihumans by 13%.Unbreakable. Gunslinger Cursed Set (Slayer Scarf + Vali's Destroyer( [3800] Gunslinger Cursed Ring: Walking speed +15% Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 5% Reduce Vit def by 10% HP +10% SP +10% Increase damage with Desperado by 10% Hit +100 Dex +35 Vali's Destroyer Dex + 35, Vit + 20, Max HP + 20%Allows use of Level 10 Enlarge Weight LimitIncrease damage with Desperado by 20%Increase damage with Rapid Shower by 25% Urd's Earring pair Set (both with Intelligence Runes) [2800] (Infamous Assassin Cross Dragonist Armor [20,000 Token] Ea. [if Dragon's Fury is enabled] reduces all after-cast delay by 20% (not 30% like kiel) [Effect nullified if more than 2 Kiels are equipped!] [Assassin Cross] Atk +10%, Allows use of Warm Wind Lv. 1-4) Limited Edition Blue Emperium Aurora [19,000 Token] Gold Fragments [850 Token] Ea. Black Dragon Mask [700] Deviling Rucksack [850] More will be updated later. I am lazy.
  2. Sommyworld

    Full Fas Build And Tips/strategy For Sniper

    ?????? ?????? Thana fast focused strike is not useless. Damage is unstable because of certain player's vit defense. Just make sure you build a sniper that don't have 100+ CRIT. It ignores defense and it is basically like INCAN. Better reset your stat and not use this build if you're going thana sniper. also don't put the paper cards with thana. Use Thana tg tg skel worker or whatever combination you think people always default. thana tg tg mao This build is only for FULL TIME "CRIT and THE PAPER BUILD" I don't go this build for PvP. ONLY for Raid and if and only if I want to PVP and not use thana on sniper... sometimes. Overall if you go thana build, don't use ifrits in freyrs, no the paper cards, don't put any luk, make sure your fast doesn't always do crit. PUT 2 DEX RUNES IN freyrs. go fk niggas up.
  3. Sommyworld

    Additional BR and GvG Rules

    War does not determined who is right. Only those that is left. I say battle it out until only one party is alive within a given time as it is. If not and time runs out, nobody wins. (BW raid for an example, if a party doesn't finish within 60 minutes, everybody gets warped out.) All parties need to redeem their achievement and meet these criteria to earn their victory. If an automated LMS map can identify the LAST MAN STANDING, a GM manually hosting can do so too. Time is money. TIME is life. Everything you do works around TIME. BE TIMELY. Late / Not finishing in time is not an excuse when you know the rules. Consolidate and work on time management. Flush out these kakarot.
  4. Sommyworld

    Limited Edition Emperium Auras, Dragon tokens, and more!

    I really wish I was in-game active or really know how to do raids and have friends to do them with. Best of luck to everyone!!
  5. Sommyworld

    Ip Breaker

    Correct. Yes, the 6 skill points are just extra.
  6. Sommyworld

    Ip Breaker

    You autos will not miss the Emperium. The NPC/Monster is different from a player's flee. Make sure your first guild skill is checked off. Use Ice Pick + Any of the DMG towards Emperium properties use (@mi 1288). Try different combinations. Stay alive and just hope your last auto is the DMG that was enough to kill the Emperium. You are up against everyone else that is hitting it too. They will be switching between gears to stay alive. Maximize dmg should always do it. Goodluck!!
  7. Sommyworld


    I'm so confused. I hope you guys die though. :D!!
  8. Sommyworld

    June 2016 : Fro Community

    [/url] Team Supastar, leggo.
  9. Sommyworld


    Sup Dog?
  10. Sommyworld

    Top 10 Richest Players In The Server

    I'm not rich. I drive an ugly 350z. My girlfriend is more wealthier than me. Her house is value is $1,400,000. My house is $389,500.
  11. Sommyworld

    [Solved]Hi Need Halp

    ^^^^ This. Don't Ctrl + Alt and Del. If your screen and client blinks, it'll freeze the game in the spot but you're still online. It has always been a client side issue. Just a little tip, bud.
  12. Sommyworld

    [Solved]Hi Need Halp

    Tab back and forth.
  13. Sommyworld

    Hai & Gm Plzz

    Let me know a time you are available to come online. I can help you level up.
  14. Sommyworld