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  1. Newbie here :3

    Naah he's a friendly guy :D . U can ask anyone in that town for help too :) Or find me. I'm online now
  2. April 2018: Bunny DAY!

    Moon Chasing : Day 18th "As I was trying to chase that one Domovoi to steal its chocolates, I got lost and tired. I decided to rest under some tree. Upon awake I realized I'm not at the place I was before and now I got chased by these evil looking rabbits. Don't wanna kill it. Might be moi relatives that hates me :D . Luckily I found a ship to get away with. Sorry Rabbits but I need to find my way back to the cute moi!"
  3. Newbie here :3

    Hello there, welcome to fro! U can @go 7 and find Kai..he can help you with stuff~ >.o
  4. please help with skills

    U need a minimum amount of bullet to use the skills. Check the requirements for each skill. If I remember correctly it's 10 bullet for Desperado, 2 for full buster and so on. 😉
  5. Hello , nice to meet everyone :)

    Haro! Welcome back :D
  6. March 2018: Best POSE!

    "Music is the Universal Language of Mankind, and Dance is the rendition of the music itself. Its the strongest form of Magic. Get deep into it and you will feel invulnerable. When I hear music I fear no Danger. I see no Foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest."
  7. Greetings..

    Hi there. Welcome to fro! If u ever lost in game or just wanna chill u can come at lutie (@go 7). I will personally help you if I'm in game ;) . Just look for me, ign Hieroglyphorion
  8. White Herbs

    Use Stem worm card for box of storm. No card for berry, seed and speed as far as I know :3
  9. White Herbs

    To add efficiency, add Myst case card in ur gear to get gift box. It drops all dyestuff colors.
  10. February 2018: Something Special <3

    With all these peoples around, only she caught my eyes. There's somewhere else I could take great shot but this is where we always hang out. Wherever and whatever you are doing, I pray that you are going to be fine in everything. Just gonna put your favorite line here. "Maybe there's only dark road up ahead, but you still have to believe and keep going. Believe that the stars will light your path even a little bit"
  11. New question (NPC Forsaken Knight Master)

    Hi Has you done questing the legendary Knight quest for your sniper? Need to be Knight to do the quest.
  12. Crashing on formap39

    Hi Me and some of my friends also has encountered this issue. For future references, here's what we do to resolve the problem. Try running the compability troubleshooting for Windows and let it choose the setting automatically. Then run the patcher as administration and it should downloading patches from beginning. This should fix the Sprite errors problem. Hope this helps.
  13. character trapped on map "1@eom" CAUTION!

    You can try reset position in control panel https://forsaken-ro.net/cp/
  14. The Fate of the Gods Episode 3: The Age of Wolves

    I reached the god side coor but the npc doesn't do/say anything..
  15. Hunting mission

    Yea it was vadon. But the npc spelled it as vandon. So can closed this one. Tq
  16. Hunting mission

    Hi I was doing hunting mission and need to kill 100 vandons. The problem is theres no mob name vandons. Pls help. Tq