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  1. Who's this cutie? I don't know where to find you.

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    2. Inflatable Sheep

      Inflatable Sheep

      welp actually most da time i jus log on for a few minutes, see dat its ded af in fild n log off, so ...


    3. Sensation


      Bob no longer is allowed on da servar. I can't sit there in peace.

    4. Sensation


      Oh ye, u ken m3ss4g3 m3 on d4 d1sc0 or sumth

  2. Inflatable Sheep

    fRO on Linux?

    welp if u still play at all, can find me in da same spot i always b
  3. Inflatable Sheep

    fRO on Linux?

    wew holy poop is dat rly u
  4. Inflatable Sheep

    fRO on Linux?

    I know this is an old-ish post, but figured I'd follow up on my success if anyone else is looking to do the same. Someone with better hardware might have better results without having to go through everything I did to make it work, but the distro I ended up settling with is Manjaro (cause ain't nobody got time for Arch) with i3 window manager and no desktop. I guess you can't really get much lighter than that and still have good functionality out of the box, but then again I'm not really an expert. .-. Anyway, I plopped all these settings into Wine's regedit and it runs pretty good now, just as well if not faster than Windows 7. Just copy and save it as a .reg file, import into regedit, and reboot: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\AppDefaults] [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\AppDefaults\Fkenro.exe] "Version"="winxp" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\AppDefaults\Fkenro.exe\DllOverrides] "*d3d8"="builtin" "*d3d9"="builtin" "*d3dim"="native" "*d3drm"="native" "*d3dx8"="native" "*d3dx9_24"="native" "*d3dx9_25"="native" "*d3dx9_26"="native" "*d3dx9_27"="native" "*d3dx9_28"="native" "*d3dx9_29"="native" "*d3dx9_30"="native" "*d3dx9_31"="native" "*d3dx9_32"="native" "*d3dx9_33"="native" "*d3dx9_34"="native" "*d3dx9_35"="native" "*d3dx9_36"="native" "*d3dx9_37"="native" "*d3dx9_38"="native" "*d3dx9_39"="native" "*d3dx9_40"="native" "*d3dx9_41"="native" "*d3dx9_42"="native" "*d3dx9_43"="native" "*d3dxof"="native" "*dciman32"="native" "*ddrawex"="native" "*devenum"="native" "*dinput"="builtin" "*dinput8"="builtin" "*dmband"="native" "*dmcompos"="native" "*dmime"="native" "*dmloader"="native" "*dmscript"="native" "*dmstyle"="native" "*dmsynth"="native" "*dmusic"="native" "*dmusic32"="native" "*dnsapi"="native" "*dplay"="native" "*dplayx"="native" "*dpnaddr"="native" "*dpnet"="native" "*dpnhpast"="native" "*dpnlobby"="native" "*dsound"="builtin,native" "*dswave"="native" "*dwrite"="" "*dxdiag.exe"="native" "*dxdiagn"="native" "*gameoverlayrenderer"="" "*iexplore.exe"="native,builtin" "*inetcpl.cpl"="native,builtin" "*inseng"="native" "*itircl"="native,builtin" "*itss"="native,builtin" "*jscript"="native,builtin" "*mfc42"="native" "*mfc42u"="native" "*mlang"="native,builtin" "*msdmo"="native" "*mshtml"="native,builtin" "*msimtf"="native,builtin" "*msvcm90"="native,builtin" "*msvcp90"="native,builtin" "*msvcr100"="native,builtin" "*msvcr80"="native,builtin" "*msvcr90"="native,builtin" "*msxml3"="native" "*qcap"="native" "*quartz"="native" "*shdoclc"="native,builtin" "*shdocvw"="native,builtin" "*shlwapi"="native,builtin" "*steamwebhelper.exe"="native,builtin" "*streamci"="native" "*urlmon"="native,builtin" "*vcomp90"="native,builtin" [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\AppDefaults\Fkenro.exe\Direct3D] "DirectDrawRenderer"="opengl" "Multisampling"="disabled" "OffscreenRenderingMode"="pbuffer" "RenderTargetLockMode"="disabled" "RenderTargetModeLock"="disabled" "StrictDrawOrdering"="disabled" "UseGLSL"="disabled" "VideoMemorySize"="128"
  5. Inflatable Sheep

    Top 10 pvp champs (asura and sphere type)

    best kek fro 2017
  6. Inflatable Sheep

    Error Code 0

    If my understanding is correct, Gepard won't allow the use of any grf's other than the ones provided specifically for FRO, to prevent sprite edits and the like. You have to play the game as it is out of the box, software-wise.
  7. Inflatable Sheep

    memory integrity test failed code 0

    Whoa whoa whoa, slow yer roll, who said anything about "secondary programs", nobody said anything about "secondary programs." Why would you even bring that up? What makes you think that error is caused by "secondary programs" in the first place? Jokes aside, what kinda graphics card you running? Try switching the graphics profiles in Setup, and make sure you're running everything as administrator with Windows XP compatability.
  8. Inflatable Sheep

    S/T> Sky Blue Emp

  9. Inflatable Sheep

    Limited Edition Emperium Auras, Dragon tokens, and more!

    Does everyone in the raid party get the 4/6/8 Dragon Tokens, or just the party leader?
  10. Inflatable Sheep

    High ping and keep disconnecting

    Server time, and yeah it's been randomly tossing everyone off for the last couple days or so.
  11. Inflatable Sheep

    B> Gypsy CURSED Ring

    Don't think I've ever actually seen 1 in game, buuuuuuut Name ur price or even if ur willing to make 1 Nvm
  12. Inflatable Sheep

    fRO on Linux?

    Does anyone have any experience using Wine to play this server on Linux? (Mint in my case, tho haven't actually tried it there yet) Any problems you ran into, fixes/tips, etc? Eventually wanna make it my main OS, but I NEED MUH RO
  13. Inflatable Sheep

    Implement Gepard Shield

    Cool. I guess if nothing else, it'll make the more "dedicated" cheaters easier to spot.
  14. Inflatable Sheep

    Implement Gepard Shield

    Quick Google search turns up a lot of scamming in regards to this particular hack shield... Fake Facebook pages, etc. Also, this idea has been suggested/discussed to infinity, but name a hack shield that can't be easily bypassed by the kiddiest of script kiddies and I'd +9999 da out of it.
  15. Inflatable Sheep


    My non-Thana Stave could do over 40k (to gtb'd) when I played wiz, you're not using the right gear/cards.