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  1. p3wp3w

    Turtle Gen. Card - Remove auto-cast

    -1. 1. It is not true that Magnum Break endows your weapon with Fire Element. Only the Magnum Break damage is counted as fire element. 2. Magnum Break Damage is a Burst Damage anyways on top of your Current Damage as a Dex PvPer. 3. You only auto-cast Magnum Break IF AND ONLY IF, you are being attacked. So if you're thinking of going PvP with another Dex-type Sinx, It's just gonna be the same thing for him. 4. If you wish to remove this auto-cast ONLY TO AVOID BEING REFLECTED, well I don't think that's gonna be a good idea.
  2. +1. irl, who would not want dual wielding axes with 195 aspd? i could chop down the whole amazon forest in a day with that.
  3. "So she took an axe" "What then?" "She split herself in half" "So she would always have a friend?" "So she would always have a friend."
  4. p3wp3w

    Regarding the skill Delays

    i believe the delay placed on soul/final strike will not change despite the fact that Gepard Shield is up. Since soul/FS spam doesnt rely on aspd and is also not affected by kiels. please do not touch the delay placed on soul/fs.
  5. p3wp3w


    omg hahaha rofl S> Drake Card 300toks ea
  6. Believe me. The pyramids are dope.
  7. please see the suggested cells so you'll know :)
  8. p3wp3w

    Re-balancing of Cart Termi WS build

    have you read the other comments to this suggestions? if not, read them. all you do is check on suggestion and tell what you think without even knowing what's been already given.
  9. p3wp3w

    SG Sorrowbringer

    +1. Let's be open on variation.
  10. I've already asked Jorge about this matter through skype. And I just thought i need to post this as a suggestion here on forum :)
  11. Map: Dewata New Kafra Position: dewata 77 194 New Healer Position: dewata 79 194 Respawn point: dewata 78 190
  12. p3wp3w

    Farmers Needs Love

    or maybe you can leave this suggestion running if it doesnt concern you.
  13. p3wp3w

    Farmers Needs Love

    Maybe Increasing the Vote Credits will do the trick?
  14. p3wp3w

    Re-balancing of Cart Termi WS build

    This thread is for WS Bring. Thanks.