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  1. Alexaa

    The Great GM Interview

    I'm enjoying these answers! c'mon guys I be wanting more! NEW GM's?? TOO! C'mon cowards.!! ^_^
  2. Alexaa

    Earliest Memories in Ragnarok

    I first played Ragnarok in an offline copy I bought in a pirated store (early 2000). I can't afford online. It was very expensive and internet was also very expensive. Then, I tried a high rate server (2007-2008). If I remember it correctly, in alde_dun, the way going to the alde_dun02 has some bapho jr, and bathory. But now, there is no mob in there. I like going there for the Yggdrasil Berry that bapho jr drop. There are also many bathory and bapho jr in other parts of alde_dun1. Also, Baphomet was in alde_dun and not in Hidden Temple. Also, chimera was in beach dun (west dun), tao gunka was not there. Sometimes, a treasure chest appear in beach dun. It drops, some pole axe, war axe, grimtooth. and ygg berry. Dark Priest was in Geffen dungeon, not in Geffenia, iirc. And, I walked from geffen dun to geffenia. There are also lots of mobs in Glastheim town. Now in FRO, there is only 1 gargoyle, I think. When did they changed it? Or did they? In both, offline copy and high rate server, Morroc was not yet destroyed. And Satan Morroc episode was not released yet. I remember, I used grimtooth on megalodon, LOL. I abandoned it after maybe, five minutes or more, maybe ten.
  3. Alexaa

    Script Error

    Try to update your java and flash player to see if it that fixes the issue. Note that I am not 100% certain if this is the solution to your problem because these things aren't my forte. I just wanted to share my experience.
  4. what the wise do in the beginning, fools do in the end........

  5. @Brianology !!   YOUR LATA IS READY !! HAHAHAHA Xd


  6. Alexaa

    Series of questions for GMs

    Thank you GM @Armstrong. More please? @Genesis , @Veracity , @Bishop, @Capuccino, @Danger, @Dream, @Euphoria, @Harmony, @Mystique, @Seraphine, @Shino, @Shiro, @Ryuk @iKD Thanks broo keep this topic up up up !
  7. Summer Super Sexy Fan Art <3



    1. Harmony


      That looks A-mazing!! Thank you for this! I love it!

    2. Alexaa


      No problem! Ty <3

  8. My Summer Fan Art :)


    1. Euphoria


      Pantsu! Kawaii! <3

  9. My Summer Fan Art for u GM Vera :) <3 <3


    1. Euphoria


      That poring's face hahaha! :O

  10. Hi GMs! it says here that we can ask you anything we want to know So here are some series of questions i want you guys to answer. This is just for fun! 1) What was the last picture you took with your phone? 2) Star Wars or Star Trek? 3) What was the last lie you told? 4) Favorite TV shows / Movies? 5) Favorite subject / class? Why? 6) Would you rather go a week without bathing, but be able to change your clothes? Or a week without changing clothes but be able to bathe? 7) Weirdest experience in ForsakenRO? 8) Most memorable / favorite experience in ForsakenRO? (in-game or not) Hope you guys enjoy answering this questions
  11. Alexaa

    Ragnarok is not working anymore

    Your problem is solved try this http://download.forsakenserver.net/All_In_One_Manual_v6.4.zip

  13. Alexaa

    The Great GM Interview

    What's happening? Can I up again this topic? @Danger @[email protected]@[email protected]@Dream what? hehe!