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  1. Hi everyone, I would just like to clarify if there's a bug on Amadarias Card or for Bijou Card(i don't have this lol). For NON-THIEF players, Amad should give 2% increase in attack. However, this is not the case on the character's Status window upon equipping/not-equipping said card. Figure A. Atk when no AMAD card equipped Figure B. Atk when AMAD is equipped As you can see between the 2 figures, there's no difference between the Atk points when equipping and not equipping the AMAD card. I don't know if this issue has been raised/solved before, forgive me if it has been :) Thank you for the clarification.
  2. Happy Halloween From Forsaken RO!

    Out of all the candies, Luck seemed to be the heaviest(wayyy heavier) although they all are at 20 Weight per their item description. Hmmmm..
  3. Upon the release of the Guardian Rings. The effect for the Clown G. Ring is: Then seeing as how this was not effective for a Dex-based damager, it was updated to this: This was a very good update as it gave clown users the chance to take advantage of its other damage Skills. However, as a Dex-Based damager, its Attack(on the Alt+C window) is increase more by Dex as compared to Str: +1 Dex=+1 Attack ; +5 Str = +1 Attack meaning, attack is only increase by 1 point for every 5 stats of STR So, my suggestion is to Change the +25 Str Effect to +25 Dex. Please comment your views and points on this suggestion thanks.
  4. B>Loki's and O.Crit

    Buying: Loki's Seals [Clean or Runes or Ifrit] Oriental Critical SinX Sword Paying Pure
  5. Server Population Increase Goal

    I think these does not necessarily increase server population as to number of actual player but rather just increases number of accounts per actual player which will just end up with more AFK accounts/alts. The only thing that would bring back the life on this server is more FUN and EXCITING activity in which EVERYONE (both newbie and old players) have a chance to win and grow together equally. Because, if a player sees the server as worth INVESTING his/her TIME, MONEY, and EFFORT for because it gives the FUN and BALANCE he's been playing for, this player will try his/her best to stay ACTIVE for longer times and will REFER the game to his/her friends WITHOUT the necessity of a REWARD.
  6. Fro 5 Man Event

    I guess, what's more fitting is to just implement Battle Ground. It's an auto event with 5 players(or more if they prefer) on each team(red or blue), and its not just about PVP, there are other goals. Its fair for everyone(if they could just make the grouping system generated) both newbies and advanced pips. And whats more!? It's an active activity(not jusy afk). More active and balanced activity = more fun = more players. All they have to do is come up with a reward and grouping system.
  7. Hi folks, It seems that the additional 7% attack on the Sniper Blessed Ring does not take effect. I tried to wear both blessed and cursed ring, both are giving 45 Dex on their description, the difference is Blessed Ring has an additional "ATK+7%". But when i wore both rings, the attack on the Status Window{alt+A] did not increase/decrease between Rings. Can anyone please clarify on this? Thank you guys!
  8. Battle Ground [BG]

    Any update on this though?
  9. S>Freyr's Gauntlet[ifrit]

    Selling Freyr's Gauntlet [ifrit] = TOKENS or Trade to URDS Earings[clean/not clean] offer.

    hi, Kiel price is around 35 to 40 tokens and in Zeny that's about 500m to 650m :) just for your information.
  11. Donation bow of Archer

    there's no difference between cursed sniper rune donate/non donate. Its just a choice for donators to buy the mvp rune/card themselves rather than trading it to token or hunting the mvp. regarding blitz beat, yeah i was wrong about that lol sorry I was thinking about the Sniper Guardian Ring. Lost dungeon is a forsaken RO custom map, you could ask around amongst players where it is cause i'm not sure if its free to share here.
  12. Donation bow of Archer

    it's donation exclusive and can't be quested. The only legendary weapon questable is the counterpart of Sniper Soaring Bird(Donated version). Although you can get a rune which increases damage to blitz beat and traps through MVP hunting. Rune name is: Cursed Sniper Rune (compounded to weapon) and can be found in Lost Dungeons.
  13. My internet sux T_T

  14. Farmers Needs Love

    lol, seen this on action when I was farming seeds. Anyway, +0, i'm neither with it nor against it though the number of mobs per area is already okay for me. if you will increase it, it will just result to a decrease in selling price (law of supply and demand) and mob increase will be of much help to geared farmers than to newbie one's creating a more unfair gap between the two. There are a lot of ways on earning tokens through farming although they don't have the same profit in the end(the difference is negligible if you are an efficient farmer). So if you're farming berry/seed tix and you see a lot of competition, try moving on to zeny farming at either abyss_03(treasure box) or thanatos dungeons 9-11(stone of sage and box of sunlight)[usually, this generates around 300~500m zeny per hour depending on your ping and internet speed] or be in farming service[find people who offer 1000:20 for 100% drop mobs and 500:20 for not so mobby area or with drops less than 50%]
  15. Kireiru Shoppu

    wow, if those are original works, you're good man! I guess 400m is too low for a price. I'd price those at 100 to 1,000 TOKENS!! [1 token=16m] haha! although i can't order right now cause i'm too broke too and unlike you, I don't have those talents. (*insert sad pepe meme here*)
  16. Happy Holidays from Forsaken RO! (Part 1)

    +1 to the ability to change effects through an NPC, it would only be fair to those who spent resources for two swords. Combining 2 effects in one would be too OP for some jobs even if one will only get half the effects.
  17. Re-balancing of Cart Termi WS build

    really? my whole life is a lie! what a mess I've been making LOL. Sorry for that mate. hahaha! In that case, your argument is correct so much only if it does not spread fire among other buff dependent classes too. (remind me not to join in one of these topics when i'm bored at work LOL)
  18. Re-balancing of Cart Termi WS build

    yeah they could still attack but with EDP dispelled, what good could it have with your opponent? switch to annoying weapon or recast EDP, much like what happens with a dispelled WS, recast buff skills or annoy your opponent. I'm not basing on whether one could still attack or not but with the damage it could do to the opponent. A dispelled SinX's EDP is much like the same as that of WS, you could not do any much damage except to annoy or just stop and recast. anyway, if it balances things then might as well apply it, let's just not take for granted the possible result of these suggestions in the future.
  19. Re-balancing of Cart Termi WS build

    but dispel is a pain-in-the-ass for Assassin Crosses too specially to crit types and dagger/thana types so there will come a time that people maining these classes will demand non dispel to EDPs too. There will also come a time that every class will have a reason for demanding a non-dispelable skill so as to "balance" things out. VR's will then become less useful. so i guess it's a +1 to increasing Cart Termi damage but -1 to non-dispelability of a certain WS or some other types skills.
  20. Third Jobs - 3rd Jobs

    there will be no 3rd jobs(so far every GM and most players are against it) but there are 3rd Job Sprites, meaning you can play your usual sniper with graphics from a shadow chaser.
  21. Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

    Yeah, and i'm hoping that that "something" is the implementation of my(and all the people before me) suggestion(Battle Ground) since per GM Genesis it's already on the works. LOL. TPBM is not fond of desserts.
  22. Confirmed Scammers GM Genesis

    wow. thanks for the warning man. I got a similar question this morning, asking if i'm from asia. Thankfully I was AFK for a while and was not able to reply hahaha!
  23. Corrupted Wish

    granted, but he will Z you instead.(sorry for bad pun, i will now get out) I wish all my wishes will be granted.
  24. Vending

    +1 on the @whosell and also they could auto log-out a vendor whose zeny reaches 900m to 1b so that vendors can put all the items they could vend without fearing of losing zenies that exceed 1b capacity.