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  1. LF>> GMs :D

    1. Dream


      How may I help you? Drop me a PM :)

  2. well thats about it, or you can search it up on google images to see the actual item.
  3. when buying vote items, there are options, one is "add cart" the other is "view item" in the bottom of every Vote Item
  4. for_elite 63 103 talk to the girl in the middle
  5. - well GM's are mysterious in a way that they are so lowkey, so not alot of people/players know them at all.. - If you want everyone to answer then make a same topic like this in off topic so everyone can share their answers as well :DD
  6. status points are used for increasing your agi / str / int / dex / luk / vit .
  7. unfortunately you cant.. only the legit forsaken king shield can be used to create friggs shield
  8. have you tried deleting it? and if it still doesnt work, just redownload fRO again, I guess..
  9. hai, welcome back! hope to meet you in-game and have fun! :D
  10. Vote armors are better. vote items cant be traded but can be used by different classes in 1 account.
  11. Just like what Victoria said, "The answers are: 1st: Servant 2nd: Good, Light, and Life 3rd: Truth and Justice 4th: To use his might to protect the right 5th: Humble, Responsible, and Wise i repeat .. type it EXACTLY :)" all of these ^ are correct answers.
  12. Hey br0, welcome and have fun in this server :) just add me up if u need some answers to your questions ahuehue
  13. well i am available like 24/7 but depends though cause i always leave fRO open and doin something else on mi computer.. so just drop a message on me here and lets see
  14. try turning off the anti-virus, replace it with the new cps.dll and if it still doesnt work just redownload fRO again :c
  15. just delete that file and try if it works.