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  1. I dont have to, already fit huehue TPBM has to share his/her embarassing moments.
  2. hmm nahh.. TPBM idolize "someone" in fRO
  3. Max HP +10% Str +5 Vit +5 Vit def -10% reduced dmg from demi-humans by 25% reflect 7% of physical dmg reduced dmg to boss-type monsters by 10% [Pally] Inflict 15% more dmg with shield chain.
  4. B R A V O
  5. I see, congrats :)
  6. after putting the fragments, go back to one part of where you put each of the fragment and kill the spawned thanatos underlings, then just go back to each place where you put the fragments and just look for thana himself.
  7. go home dude, cause im already here ahuehue
  8. Goodluck to everyonee!! more events soon <3
  9. The Names says it all "Non-Donation" and "Donation", of course it will not have the same effect :)
  10. Farming Guide by sartorius19 Vote points by exe_calibur. MVP Classes: Biochemist, Champion, Sniper if you need more help just pm me in-game: Spycyfy :) il help ya out huehue
  11. yeap its for both :)
  12. Im not sure if it is meant for me or what not.. but i just hate the fact that someone took advantage of this quest being a top secret and sells the guide in-game. I did find the npcs myself, well not entirely all since my friends in fro way back gave me some few hints regarding to this quest.
  13. 3x Win in Guess The Monster was one of the best experience for me LOL

    1. Alexaa


      Congrats !!

    2. spycyfy


      thx! hahaha


  14. shoutout to the guy who spreads the quest guide to everybody in-game huehue