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  1. As of now its Ullrs but If Im not mistaken theres gonna be a rework between the two weps, or in better words "Balancing" them out.
  2. Yes, you need 3 kiels to be able to spam bowling bash skill.
  3. No, what i meant was since you have the freyrs gauntlets you dont need to put luk anymore right? so what im saying is its either you make your dex divisible by 10 (base+add stats) or flat 300 for the purpose of its additional damage.
  4. yeah i think thats fine but i suggest to make it dex flat 300 to get the bonus damage more or leave it at 291 and invest more in vit so you can tank/survive even longer in woe. Either way its your call if you want the damage or hp to go higher.
  5. leave luk alone and invest it either on str (to hold more seeds/increase little dmg too) or vit (increase more hp) or int (more spam on fas) and make your dex flat 300 or any that is divisible by 10. feel free to play with your stats and look for your own build :)
  6. +1111111111
  7. LF>> GMs :D

    1. Dream


      How may I help you? Drop me a PM :)

  8. well thats about it, or you can search it up on google images to see the actual item.
  9. when buying vote items, there are options, one is "add cart" the other is "view item" in the bottom of every Vote Item
  10. for_elite 63 103 talk to the girl in the middle
  11. - well GM's are mysterious in a way that they are so lowkey, so not alot of people/players know them at all.. - If you want everyone to answer then make a same topic like this in off topic so everyone can share their answers as well :DD
  12. status points are used for increasing your agi / str / int / dex / luk / vit .
  13. unfortunately you cant.. only the legit forsaken king shield can be used to create friggs shield
  14. have you tried deleting it? and if it still doesnt work, just redownload fRO again, I guess..
  15. hai, welcome back! hope to meet you in-game and have fun! :D