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  1. Amicable posted a game like this already :D
  2. not really a biochem player but for acid demo to work u need 1 bottle grenade and 1 acid bottle, u can buy it on Mall
  3. tokens
  4. Basically thats the price of the item/cards. huehue Welcome to the server bro cyu in game :)
  5. yes it is transferable to other characters even to other players :) yeah its also worth it if you are up to farming berries pretty much porings? poporings? idk though, but they drop yggdrasil berries though
  6. yeah that's the only reason to get the full effect of the rings.
  7. look for ways to overcome your weakness.. every class has its own weaknesses you just have to learn and master your selected class. :)
  8. 2. unfortunately the non donate version of rings do not have the same effect as the donation version.. :)
  9. "This has been suggested by mostly new players that go to this server. It has always been shutdown due to several reasons, one of which is that magic in this server probably has the highest burst damage attainable, especially on profs. GTB does not make wiz or prof useless in WoE, keep in mind that it is a team battle, if people went GTB, they are very much vulnerable to the physical classes. I pvp as a wiz for fun, again pvp in RO is generally a team fight so I don't really mind it, and I can stave my way in or even try stripping if I know they do not have fcp." - credits to Rayray "Magic class chars are probably one of the hardest jobs to use at it is easily countered with just a GTB card. But there are a couple of magic class chars who dares you to even go into GTB as they would stave you instead or try to even strip if possible. Some these are a wiz and prof from motto(forgot their names), jano, giap, heha. It really takes a skilled player to play the said class and without relying mostly on their magic damage and the people stated above never complained about the mentioned card. Do the same, adapt and master your class. Look for ways to overcome adversity as well. And as Ray implied, PVP and WOE isnt always a 1 on 1 situation, especially WOE." - credits to qperteplex
  10. Friggs quest is I guess a top secret quest that you must find on your own :), or maybe the old players may help ya out about it.
  11. WELCOME TO MI CASA SU CASA I AM HERE TO OPEN MY FARM/LEECH SERVICE Price would depend on how hard the loots to be obtained. | Drop rate / / Mob spawn | Package loots must have a fixed price that would benefit both of us. -It all goes down on how hard the loots can be obtained.- If y'all interested just leave your IGN: With the name of the loot and how many you need of it. IN GAME CHAR: Spycyfy HERE'S A POTATO TO SATISFY YOU LITTLE POTATOOES
  12. I feel like the market will go nuts if this happen? lol
  13. I think it was price differently because of its color? not really sure though, correct me if im wrong :)
  14. Hi welcome to fRO!! enjooy and hope to see ya in game :D
  15. maybe it was broken/destroyed