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  1. nhoj16


    Thanks to all your positive feedback... Hope we can get a positive result too
  2. nhoj16


    Hi, just want to suggest something about the vending style in the market. Objective - To attract more players in using the market. Idea - If it is possible, can we make vending a little more organized in a way that all vendor will vend in a single line, that way no vendor will cover other sellers and will make buying in the market easier, also if it is possible to add the command @whosell "specific item" so that it will be easier for people to know if the item that they are looking for is available in vend area. Team - @Genesis Result - A better place for players to vend and to buy items without the need to flood the BC or spend long hours in buying stuffs that are actually on vend town. Thank You and i hope to hear from you soon. (Sorry if it has already been suggested, cant find anything related to this.)
  3. nhoj16


    Thanks for the answer... finally got the answer that i need.
  4. nhoj16


    Thanks @B u m b l e B e e... (Nice profile pic BTW) @Maiimaii thats really my problem, i dont want to do something that im not sure if its legal... thanks for the answer anyways.
  5. nhoj16


    Hello, Just wanted to ask if its possible to vote using 2 accounts but same laptop? Because me and my wife take turns in playing fRO using the same laptop but i only vote using my account but i want her to have voting reward items as well so i just want to clarify if its legal before i even attempt to do it. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot.