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  1. Elite Bullet Quest

    where is the girl? that coords seems to take me to a black screen
  2. L. Loki dag, L. Crit sword, FBH card

    Selling legend weapons. Best offer. Fbh best offer as well.
  3. Legendary Sacred Wing Quest

    Lower. Effects : 8% reduce damge taken. No slots.
  4. Forsaken dungeon

    Thanks guys i appreciate the reply
  5. Forsaken dungeon

    So quick question. I'm doing this quest to get a forsaken dungeon pass. And it's taking longer than i thought. My question isss.. is this transferable to other characters? And is it worth it? What's in the forsaken dungeon?
  6. Where to get falcon?

    Yes yes i know. I'm the noob of noob. But really. Been walkin around for an hour askin where to get one and no one have gone to help me out ? also a great falconer stat build would be amazin ? Thank!
  7. New to fRO. Questions.

    Thanks guys! Love the community here already
  8. New to fRO. Questions.

    How do i job advance? ? I just hit lvl 10 job. Also i see everyone talkin about pvp server. Does this mean i can get killed by anyone when i'm not in town? Do i lose my items when i get killled?
  9. Unable to click anything

    Thanks so much!!!! It worked!
  10. Unable to click anything

    Help. I finally get to get into the game. Everything seems to be working. I thought it froze but i see other players play around me but i can't use my mouse on anything. Please help.

    Hi My name is Fedd. I am new to ForsakenRO and it must have been ages since i've played ragnarok. I need some help. When I start the game the screen doesn't open. It opens up as a small window with only the minimize and close buttons. I hear the music and everything. I tried to change my window or full screen settings on setup but when i try to choose a desirable setting the drop down for the resolution is empty. please help. playing on windows 10. also copied and pasted the 3rd job patch onto the installed full setup.