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  1. AK card

    well there is no prof or anythings, just many breaker used it until now ahhahhaha
  2. If u want to invest for High Wizz ... usually MTAK user will use High Wizard Card [around 100 token ea] for make ur MATK ignore their MATK Deff, and 3 Kiel [around 40 token ea] for reduce cast delay, and 4 kingring [this should be free, because it easy to get] for increasing ur MATK hahhaha
  3. B> Orange IMP

    Hello All, I'm looking for several things here: - +0 LTD Orange IMP or Orange IMP - Boss Egnigem Card Maybe only these items for now .... Kind Regards ^^7
  4. Whitesmith Napalm Vulcan

    ouh hahahha really ? ok" thx bro ^^7

    sorry, are u still sell this one ?
  6. Buying

    no sir, sorry for late reply, but thx for the offer tou ^^7 ...
  7. Whitesmith Napalm Vulcan

    Hello Guys, Can anyone tell me the guide for whitesmith who use napalm vulcan ? it would be help full if there are fully guide of it, like eqs and cards and stats ^^7 ... Kind regards, ^^7 (hope it will be help for other too)
  8. Help Comment for Star Gladiator Build

    Yeah ppl also sell it in set, and now apparently i have G set and B set hahahha ... good think is kinda cheap for the B set ...
  9. Buying

    Hi All, Im Buying several thing, like: Ministril HG (+0) or Whisper Dragon Wizzard Card General Egnigem Cenia Card Sorrowbringer Odin Avanger and all i pay with pure token Kind regards, ^^7
  10. Help Comment for Star Gladiator Build

    Thx for ur suggestion ^^7 .... Im kinda also looking for another Sorrowbringer in market but, is soo hard to find seller to day
  11. Hi ^^7 ... To be honest i want to ask u guys, about my build on SG so i can make it better in next WoE Stats STR = 300 AGI = 112 VIT = 51 INT = 3 DEX = 100 LUK = 100 Gears Top = Striking HG with Vanberk Middle = Skull Prince Aura with Vanberk Lower = Guardian Ring with Vanberk Armor = F. King with GR and TGK Cloak = F. King with Skoll and Raydric Boot = F. King with 2 FBH Shield = Friggs with Usakoring or GTB Accessories = Loki + Str Rune Weapon = +10 Sorrowbringer with 2 TG, 1 VR, 1 Thana NOTE: To be honest, with this build I think i have enough damage but still a bit squishy. Even though I've reduc like SPA, it still really hard to fight like tanker job or Bio Mammote, etc. So i like ur suggestion for comment my build, so i can make improve in my next build (or maybe can be help for fellow newbie like me) Kind regards, ^^7
  12. Wedew .... just asking, is this still available ??? hahha
  13. Sniper Gear

    Dear GM, Please close this content, because i already done with my sniper ... thank you ^^7
  14. S> EOF, TG[35], OL[15]

    price check for EOF sir? IGN: BeAGuys
  15. Sniper Gear

    If i could know, how much is for Sniper SB and Frey Gauntlet ?