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  1. GuysCorp

    High Priest Guide

    if this what u are looking for https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/33038-battle-priest-guide/
  2. GuysCorp

    Recuiting Guild Member

    Up up ... hope this guild can help newbies hahaha
  3. GuysCorp


    Up up ... its good to have guild that help newbies hahaha
  4. GuysCorp


    Up up ... hahaha hope can help this guild hahahah ... even tough i cant join this guild anymore hahaha ... ???
  5. GuysCorp

    Some good soul can help me find for_map16?

    What are u looking there?
  6. GuysCorp

    Need Guild

    Hello there ... well is good u that u give ur eq ... however ... it much better u give directly ask some one ... well u can always try join different guild in every woe as like to know which guild u like ... i suggest try start with ur most friends join which guild ... it always more fun when woe ing with guild regardless they have many or not castles ^^7 ...
  7. GuysCorp


    Hello there ... if i can suggest ... there are several many guild who are woe ... however there are 3 i think who are got castles ... 1. Pepe (who got many castles) 2. Appre and ami got 1 castles 3. And 1 guild who was turtle logos who got baby woe recently ... well is up to to chose which one ... hope this can help ^^7
  8. GuysCorp

    Fykka's Gallery Art with a Little Story

    Waaaa .... hahahaha .... it really look like me in really life .... and it chibi !!!!! I really love it ????
  9. GuysCorp


    Lol ... cute guild picture hahahH ... i like it hahahha
  10. GuysCorp

    Ring Maker here :D <3

    Wow really 15k for new acc?
  11. GuysCorp


    So we do have another indonesian ppl here hahaha ... well im indonesian too ^^7 ...
  12. GuysCorp

    Turn PVP Off on Farming Areas

    Well i also agreed with this one .... but for sugestion ... if u wan to farm zenny, u can farm stone of sage ... i think the map was no pvp there ....
  13. GuysCorp

    looking to join a guild

    well if u are pinoy, there are plenty of pinoy guild here ...
  14. GuysCorp

    Mammonite Type Super Novice

    well usually ppl use the baby job changing for making baby job ...
  15. GuysCorp

    Some questions to ask newbie

    if u press F12 2 times + 1 it will show u the 3rd row haahhaha if u are use /bm, the first row will be the F1>F2> etc, the second row will be Q>W>etc, the third row will be A>S>etc