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  1. guys its say in @ii its available in store is it true?? xD i hope you.. can help me
  2. Yonas111

    Fate Of The Gods II: Cursed Ring Guide

    question where can i get the wornout scroll its say in @ii only available in store. HELP plss
  3. Yonas111

    Forbidden Runes Quest

    i cant find whodrops blade of darkness helpp
  4. Yonas111


    Selling L. Wiz weapon [35] Str gauntlets [20] each Zeny 500m [35] ...
  5. Yonas111

    Guardian Ring Effects【UPDATED】v0.2 (18-06-11)

    Is this item donate?
  6. Yonas111


    Thanks found it the problem was i was wearing hg with enlarge weight thats way i cant find it lol
  7. Yonas111


    Can i ask u guys is there a overcharge skill in this server
  8. Yonas111


    Off topic question did the admina removed the overcharge skill on.merchant... Or im i going crazy
  9. Yonas111

    Frigg's Shield Quest

    Can u use the vote forsaken king?
  10. Yonas111

    Rayray's Biochemist Guide :d

    I see thanks man. Im having a hard time adjusting in this server.
  11. Yonas111

    Rayray's Biochemist Guide :d

    Question how can i creator have bolts? and what item is a JRage,and Urds? can find it lol srry newbie
  12. Yonas111

    New Vote items.

    I see thank you
  13. Yonas111

    New Vote items.

    Guys question in the vote item the infernal cape has a discripton: does not work with storyline quest.does it mean that it won't work with forskaen knight and other quest item??? Sorry newbie
  14. Yonas111


    Hi im new 2 ive been playing RO private server for 5 years can you guys help me how 2 get a gpack me and my friends just started this week