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  1. Improve the Royal Angel Wing's and Sacred Wings

    I believe they are not that useless, People use Sacred Wings for reduction, Royal Angel Wings for Reflect.
  2. cant log in forsaken

    What message/notice you're getting? Mind showing us some Screenshots?
  3. @spinkeezz The one we have on Wiki is updated ones.
  4. The Fate of the Gods Episode 3: The Age of Wolves

    This is it raiders! Its your time to shine!! Even myself is exicted to try this!
  5. View All Valkyrie Weapon Stats

    I was planning to do this one , But had busy days lately.
  6. Increase the added SP for LK Blade

    I disagree on adding much SP, You can either use Firelock or GEC cards if you want more HP but you will trade your DMG to more HP/SP
  7. LK G RING: missing stats?(+20% brandish/boomerang dmg)

    We made guardian ring not for Brandish Spear either Spear Boomerang, If you notice. Guardian Ring has way more HP than Bless and Cursed. We made guardian ring for tanking purpose and doing some damage same time.
  8. October 2017: Spooky!

    Announcement!! Theme: Spooky! Date: October Entries: 8 3rd Place: Forum name: @Erin Grace In-game name: Erin Entry: Click here to view Prize: 30 Event Tokens 2nd Place: Forum name: @Lai In-game name: Nel, Kowie, Wes Entry: Click here to view Prize: 45 Event Tokens 1st Place / Champion: Forum name: @doppie In-game name: DoppiE, Chuck Entry: Click here to view Prize: 70 Event Tokens PM any gm in-game to claim your reward! Congratulations!!
  9. October 2017: Spooky!

    CLOSED! We will announce the winner soon! STAY TUNE!
  10. Buff up for Hwiz bless ring

    Well, From my point of view, I don't see High wizard bless needs some buff. They are pretty good if you handle them good. Also don't compare the guardian to bless. They are not supposed to be the same. Hwiz guardian are easier to counter than Hwiz Bless.
  11. Client being disconnected going in other maps?Y

    Uhm, You can try to login to our control panel, then click "My Account" > Find your character and "Reset Position" that should fix it.
  12. Buff up for Hwiz bless ring

    I don't think Hwiz blessed needs some buff at the moment, Specially adding Jupitel Thunder will make it worst, Because you won't be able to Put siroma that you used for Colt Bolts.. Also Wizard has the highest Stave Damage at the moment, The reason why High Wiz Guardian Cost more its because its not easy to make compare to making Bless/Cursed. This also the reason why its expensive. People are rushing to sell it at 1.5 Because they are probably rushing or not using it at all. Hwiz Guardian is not good for 1v1, and Hwiz bless is good for 1v1. Every ring has their weakness and advantages.
  13. we're you able to login before?
  14. Monthly Guide Contest

    I agree about the Giving rewards for making Guides, But needs to review first to make it really works. We need something like Full Guide Example, Where to level up, Where to farm, What item to use Beginner/Average/HighEndGears. Stats, Skills, Why this and that.
  15. October 2017: Spooky!

    Good luck guys!