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  1. Ebisu

    New Valkyrie Expansions

    Hmmmmmmmmm........ I'll think about it, doesn't seem like a bad idea
  2. Ebisu

    Black ROP

    @Genesis If you agree on this one i'll make them
  3. Ebisu

    Color Correction

    I fixed the red ice emp looks and I think it matches better with our red custom pallettes, and the normal valkyrie helms are official sprites which are made like that on purpose, while imperial helms match with most of our custom recolors. The thing with ice emps is, the color pallette is a total mess and I have no clue how to fix it, so for the meantime it will stay the way it is.
  4. Ebisu

    New Aura

    I just saw this suggestion, it's funny because I posted that sprite in fRO's discord a few weeks ago and decided it will be a variant for the butterfly aura. Hahaha, well, I guess we had linked thoughts!
  5. Ebisu

    returning after 2 or 3 years...

    Hello, the current guild hideouts are @go 1 (Full house guild) @go 7 (Ruski) @go 11 (Uncrowned Kings) @go 22 (Dongsquad) and @go 23 (Brotherhood) Ruski and Uncrowned Kings help new players so I guess you, as a returned player would get some useful help there, good luck! If anything you can always message me on discord, my username is Ebisu#9102 or you can join fRO's discord server here https://discord.gg/JPavxH
  6. Ebisu

    Kinky Milfy. Signature & B/S/T Shop.

    Thank you so much!
  7. Ebisu

    Kinky Milfy. Signature & B/S/T Shop.

    These look so good! Mind making me a non-animated signature? @Caramilly, message me on discord!
  8. @CAMAbed trust me its not wrong haha, in the database we have it as 0.10% and 0.20% during floating rate i promise
  9. Ebisu

    Costume for the FAB FAM!!!

    i think thats possible yeah, what do you think? @Genesis forsaken king helm is already easy to get with vote tokens and even with 100 donation tokens, it would be nice for legendary hats to get f.king set effect
  10. Ebisu

    Costume for the FAB FAM!!!

    This is an awesome suggestion, specially making costumes available through event tokens, but yeah... I'm here to bring the bad news too :C . Costumes are only available in the newer versions of RO, and migrating to a new client would take hundreds of hours of work, considering there wouldnt be any issue in the process, and could end very badly if things go wrong.
  11. Ebisu

    Add more Hot-keys

    Sadly this is not possible, since we are running an old client of Ragnarok, the multiple skill bars is only available in clients from 2011~2012 and onwards
  12. Hello, the current drop rate of those cards is 0.10% normally and 0.20% in the weekend, this cards are VERY good so the idea was to make them hard to obtain on purpose !
  13. Ebisu

    Screen Flash after Game Patch

    Hello, try this Right click, go to properties in fkenro.exe and try setting compatibility mode to windows XP service pack 3, also check the box to open as administrator. Do the same with the setup.exe and the patcher. After that, open setup.exe and make sure you have the right graphic card chosen in the drop down menu, and make sure you have your preferred resolution, if this doesnt work try using other resolutions to see if there’sany change. We hope to see you soon! Im tagging the admin in case my idea doesn’t work. Good luck! @Genesis
  14. Ebisu

    Another Latino more

    Bienvenido al server, yo tambien soy latino, cuando tengas alguna duda mandame un mensaje por aqui o en discord ( https://discord.gg/KdaYaB ) Por mas que no me veas online, hazme tag, my username es Ebisu#9102 Espero que te guste el server, hay una guia para nuevos players creo que te va a ayudar Nos vemos!
  15. Ebisu

    PvP/BR/GvG Rewards revamp

    Thanks for your feedback guys, we are already working on some of this changes, if you have further suggestions about this or any other topic please don't hesitate to tag me or anyone from the Development team