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  1. Ebisu

    Battleground Rules

    Hey guys, we are adding rules concerning alternative accounts in battlegrounds. We also added a section in the ticket system which will be for Battleground Abuse specifically. Sorry for the confusion, and we hope this will make your experience in fRO a little more enjoyable. Alts in Battlegrounds Using an alternative account in battlegrounds to farm, or give yourself an advantage in any way. First offense: -1 week ban on all accounts logged into on the day of the incident. Second offense: -2 week ban on all accounts logged into on the day of the incident. Third offense: -Permanent ban on all accounts logged into on the day of the incident
  2. Due to network issues, we were not able to host Battle Royale today. We're sorry for the inconvenience, next thursday BR will have x2 prize.
  3. Ebisu


    No clue why there’s 2 suggestions with the same topic. @Forsaken Players once again, don’t make a suggestion if you’re not going to read what other members say. And once again, we are already working on some of this classes to balance the game as much as we can. Off topic: @Jackontheblock it would help a lot if we get suggestions on how to revive the dead classes, since currently im the only one actively working on rings/weapon balancing in the dev team due to Yato being busy and Danger not being everywhere x)
  4. Ebisu


    Don’t open a suggestion thread if you are not even going to reply to great feedback like what @railgun said. That being said, we are currently working on this classes mentioned above, and we will do our best to balance every class as much as possible. I’ll leave this open for more feedback, but if I see more off-topic I’ll just close this, and proceed with the corresponding punishment to those who are not respecting our forum rules. Edit: Just noticed this is not even the suggestion subforum, closing this.
  5. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 510 (09/21/18) - (09/28/18) #1 Knowledge #2 Omnipotent Being #3 Acidies
  6. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 509 (09/14/18) - (09/21/18) #1 AsuRa*Master KDA Surpassed 50% #2 Knowledge #3 Ulzzang?
  7. Ebisu

    Sprite Broken when running in High Reso

    @Caramilly Only way to fix your sprite issues is by making RO run with your motherboard's integrated GFX card, like Genesis mentioned above, some graphic cards have issues with older clients of RO and don't support it. Im running RO on a gtx 980ti and i got those choppy sprites, and my motherboard has no integrated gfx so i've been stuck with it for a year or two x)
  8. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 508 (09/07/18) - (09/14/18) #1 Knowledge #2 AsuRa*Master #3 Ulzzang?
  9. Ebisu

    An open letter to everyone.

    Good feedback here, I totally agree, a new legendary aura should be made, something that might take a while to get but will be worth the effort, I think normal emp stats would be good enough, or maybe a bit less than normal emp (non-ltd). This will be added to our to-do list I also agree on both point of views about a woe with only L. gears, skill will always make the difference, but maybe theres good players that don't have a lot of time to get geared that can shine in the L.gear woe or something along those lines... This is still a concept, but I like the idea, we could replace baby woe that has no participation with something related to this. If you have more suggestions on how to help new players, and class balancing in general, please share them on discord or in forums and share the post on discord so we can spot it faster.
  10. Ebisu

    An open letter to everyone.

    @Genesis what do you think?
  11. Ebisu

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 506 (08/24/18) - (08/31/18) #1 Brianology #2 Euthanizer. #3 StringLess Week 507 (08/31/18) - (09/07/18) #1 Twin Lion KDA Surpassed 50% #2 Not Enrique #3 Knowledge
  12. We will look into this
  13. Ebisu

    TK rank

    It is not a bug, sometimes there's "repeated" monsters, that means the same monster might have different mob IDs, if that's the case, use @monsterinfo and @whereis to check if you can locate the monster, and if you cant then change it by spamming the skill (1% chance to change the mob)
  14. Some clarifications... Reduced requirements for Dragonist questline. Dragonist armor requirement has been lowered from 30 pvp tokens to 7 pvp tokens + 15.000 fame points. Old dragonist armors will now have an exclusive visual effect when worn. Increased the drop rate of Imperial Valkyrie Helms, and Emperium Auroras in WoE. Rates have been tripled. This two changes in particular, were done to reduce the gap between new players and veterans, this is one of our main targets from now on, so if you have any ideas don't hesitate to share them here or in fRO discord.
  15. Ebisu

    Autocasting and Cast Delays

    In my experience, the skills that are autocasted are not affected, but for example, if you autocast Sonic Blow without kiels, using any other skill won't be possible for a few seconds. So if someone is hitting you constantly, and you keep casting sonic blow one after another, you won't be able to use any skill because the after-cast delay of it blocks any other skill. If it wasn't clear enough, kiel doesn't affect the chance of autocasting skills or their speed, but it does affect the delay if you wanna use any other skill that is not autocasted.