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  1. Hall Of Fame!

    Week 486 (04/06/18) - (04/13/18) #1 Chicks Dig My Axe #2 Brianology #3 A random faggot
  2. Hall Of Fame!

    Week 485 (03/30/18) - (04/06/18) #1 a random faggot #2 `Akashi- #3 Hannah Baker Olofmeister, Admirer.IV, Oten with a Gun IP banned from PvP ladder for 2 months ( 06/06/18 )
  3. Pvp Ladder Rules

    PvP ladder rules will be changed to the following: 1st offense ladder cheating offense: Permanent ladder ban + 1 week account ban2nd offense ladder cheating offense: Account/IP ban (Permanent) This changes will be applied after next friday's pvp ladder reset (04/07/2018).
  4. Hall Of Fame!

    Week 483 (03/16/18) - (03/23/18) #1 Three Finger (Exceeded 50% KDA) #2 Chick Saw #3 Blasé Week 484 (03/23/18) - (03/30/18) #1 Chicks Dig My Axe #2 `Akashi- #3 Hẽâlthy
  5. Yes you have to redo the quest after exchanging the voucher. It will be an "infernal" variant of the cape you choose (normal)
  6. The ring variant you exchange will be reverted to any cape variant of your choice.
  7. Hall Of Fame!

    Week 475 (01/19/18) - (01/26/18) #1 Billy D. Kid #2 • End • #3 Kaori Miyazono. Week 476 (01/26/18) - (02/02/18) #1 Billy D. Kid #2 Brianology. #3 `Akashi- Week 477 (02/02/18) - (02/09/18) #1 Brianology! #2 Billy D. Kid #3 Jiggzzaw Week 478 (02/09/18) - (02/16/18) #1 Billy D. Kid #2 Jiggzzaw #3 _PAT_
  8. Change log had some issues, @Brianology!, champ guardian wasn't touched. Reduced Thor's hammer (1389) throw tomahawk damage from 600% to 300%, legendary hammer (16552) from 560% to 260%
  9. Bio c Increase damage

    You have a point there @uzmakafa, we are doing our best to balance damages in all classes.
  10. Whitesmith Bless Ring Improvement

    WS b. set isnt bad, with full gears you can do up to 80k damage per CT on another full geared player using usakoring.

    The creator of this post got banned for trying to frame someone. He created an IGN identical to another player and pretended that person tried to php with him, but it was actually him. Why do you even ask how you got banned if you posted a ticket begging for forgiveness? You know what you did was wrong. @faksimili99 your “threats” and false accusations are unwanted and unhelpful. Closing this ticket since I explained the situation.
  12. Hall Of Fame!

    Week 474 (01/12/18) - (01/19/18) #1 Honcraw #2 Pornhub. #3 Impious

    Most of the people you mentioned can easily play without macros. You said it yourself "did you ever think of normal player not using macro"? Yes, a lot of people play without macros and they're not whining because they can stand their ground with no problem against someone that uses macros. And you may get banned from forums because of the following reasons You keep trying to act tough and self righteous just because you don't like me, you are the one being bias'd here. You're only here because I replied, if it was any other GM you'd have stayed put. And of course you had to hint a GM's identity, good job! You made a fool of yourself again. I'm closing this thread for your own good. You certainly have no idea what you're talking about.

    Your comment makes absolutely no sense. So you are saying people that use macros in PvP are not in front of their computers? How delusional does someone have to be to even think that? Do you even know how a macro works? I'll show you what is a bannable offense. This is from a player that got recently banned, I'm covering his name because that was his last request before he got banned. This player was not on his computer while he was farming nonstop. And of course not, we are not gods, but we are not stupid either. There's plenty of ways to find out if someone is AFK or not while they leave their macros turned on and here's a clear example of it. You warp the suspect to a map where you can't use commands, and watch him spam for a minute or two, talk to him, if he doesn't reply he's AFK, if he's AFK he's banned. If you still don't understand my point it's because you don't want to understand. And we're not forcing you to stay in a server you don't enjoy, but I'm certain I'll see you again since you've been whining about this for months and you're still here. So stop making a fool of yourself.

    All guilds use macros for woe/gvg/br/fild. MACROS ARE ALLOWED as soon as you don't use them to gain benefits in the game while YOU ARE NOT in front of the screen paying attention to it. In other words, it's not allowed to go AFK and let your character farm because it's the same as BOTTING. If you do this you'll get permanently banned.
  16. Hall Of Fame!

    Week 473 (01/05/18) - (01/12/18) #1 Pornhub. #2 Supcuhz #3 Macy Dio
  17. Hall Of Fame!

    Week 472 (12/29/17) - (01/05/18) #1 B r o l y #2 Boy Bawang. #3 Brianology
  18. Annoying little bruh

    If you have any issues with this player just take screenshots to prove those actions you mentioned, make a ticket and he'll be punished fairly. Thanks
  19. Hall Of Fame!

    Week 470 (12/15/17) - (12/22/17) #1 Brianology #2 B r o l y #3 `Dr Pepper` Week 471 (12/22/17) - (12/29/17) #1 August. (Exceeded 50% KDA ratio) #2 Brianology #3 Vardy
  20. Hall Of Fame!

    Week 469 (12/8/17) - (12/15/17) #1 Brianology #2 `Dr Pepper` #3 Broly
  21. Hall Of Fame!

    Week 467 (11/24/17) - (12/1/17) #1 Gal Gadot #2 DemonFoxx# #3 Picking Boogers. Week 468 (12/1/17) - (12/8/17) #1 Gal Gadot #2 Broly. #3 OMG! What Have I done?!