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  1. Artemis

    GM plz unbanned my account...

    Hello, For this case, please file a ticket Ticket System -> https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/support/ I'll close this.
  2. Artemis

    Cant use fullscreen

    Try running your Setup as administrator, Here are guide can help you:
  3. I like this suggestion, this will help the raiders, But it would only be allowed for the leader of the party. We make it a only a single recall, because a lot of players abuse the recall (Spam the recall broadcaster). Let's see what the rest of the team thinks about this @[email protected]@[email protected]
  4. Artemis

    GMS vean por favor

    Hello, For this case please make a ticket, you put this in the wrong section Ticket System -> https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/support/ And also remember not everyone in forums speak in spanish I'll close this.
  5. Artemis

    How to Fix this error?

    Is true, is not the best solution download All-In-One again, But it is the best option. About the problem, To fix it delete the "cps.dll" file, or you can replace with a new one. Sometimes the files are crossed or not updated, Therefore it is recommended to have it in a fresh / newly created folder.
  6. Artemis

    Stuck in Loading screen

    Try running up your setup.exe as Administrator. And you can also review this guide:
  7. Artemis

    why banned even it is my first time?

    For these types of cases please make a ticket and we can help you Ticket System -> https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/support/
  8. Artemis

    How to Fix this error?

    I would like to remind you that we are also working on many things (and not just inside the game), For example: in the new content of the patches, Managing the ticket system, Coding, Bugs etc.... Usually this kind of thing is posted in the help desk section (https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/forum/167-help-desk/) Where we try to solve all the doubts and / or problems with the files, This is an old topic, if you still have the same problem free to make a new post in the help desk section or a ticket. Thanks for your understanding.
  9. Artemis

    Hunting mission

    Hello, Exactly as you say, There is no mob called vadons. But you can hunt Vadon (ID 1066) in iz_dun00 and iz_dun01 Also you can check in Ratemyserver.net Example -> http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?mob_name=vadon&page=mob_db&f=1&mob_search=Search or you can use the command @whereis (Name of the monster or ID)
  10. Artemis

    Heart Break

    Welcome Back !! n.n
  11. Artemis

    getting crashed in certain maps

    Hi, Maybe you missing some files, if you downloaded the All-in-One package or just the small client. If it's the second option, please reconsider and download the All-in-One client and install it in a new fresh folder (with no other RO servers in there) and remember to patch. Try downloading our all-in-one -> https://forsaken-ro.net/download/
  12. Artemis

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 461 (10/13/17) - (10/20/17) #1 DemonFoxx# #2 YeHey^)^ #3 Qualifying
  13. Artemis

    Monthly Guide Contest

    I like the idea, It will help a lot in updating guides and new guides could be implemented. They should be reviewed to prevent things like these from happening, The guides are usually debated in the forums, to see if they are correct or to implement things. The only problem I find in this is the number of guides (It could be repeated some) This would only be the case for the strategy guides, For example: Everyone have their way to play strategies, tricks, experience etc... Then there is no definitive guide for this. (We will have to see how we can make this work) But for quest and raid guides, it would be very good, i give my +1 too :D
  14. Artemis

    Game doesn't star

    Try with this:
  15. Artemis

    Hello there

    Hello, For this cases make a ticket Ticket -> https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/support/