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  1. Moon

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 496 (06/15/18) - (06/22/18) #1 De #2 Calc. #3 Kaori Miyazono.
  2. Happy Birthday, @Yatogami. n_n

  3. Moon

    Stalker Guardian Variants

    Hi, We will look into it. n_n
  4. Hi, you can try reset position. guide here: https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/32736-english-technical-support-tutorial/
  5. Moon


    Hi, So happy you enjoy stay here. Always support us and Please take a minute to review us. n_n
  6. Moon

    who use GM to tricked

    Hi, Like I said, file ticket instead post here.
  7. hello please help me back my account i dont know who use GM genesis to trick me

    im play 2 years f-ro please dont close eyes help me please

    what ticket you mean?


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    2. 100back


      please help me get back my account with my equips and change my password please


    3. Moon


      please wait gm genesis to reply it

    4. 100back


      ok i think you banned ip who doing this


  8. Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. We will look into it. 🙂
  9. Moon

    Guide On How To Donate!

    Hi, You can ask GM Genesis for Western Union. Skype: jorgeluisf350 or Discord: jorgeluisf350#6842
  10. Hi dear fRO players, We have noticed that a lot of players have been falling for a scam where in someone would come in pubs or message you then add lots of space enough that it'll look like GM Genesis was the one messaging when its actually NOT. Like if someone enters your pub even if its a GM the name will always appear, if it doesn't then you should be wary. For private messages you can check ur recipient history (left box chat box) to see if a GM really pm'd you then the GMs name will appear , if not then its a scam plain and simple. We have been aware of this for quite a while but been wondering why people still fall for it despite knowing the tight schedule Genesis or any GM has. Look the Screenshot: So we would like to make a reminder specially to our new players that a GM would never go in your pub or message you just to give free items. We would never even try to ask for your account details since its not necessary , Genesis has access to everything including your accounts to prevent information from leaking. If you see anyone suspicious or doing such things then please take a screenshot and report to us. REMEMBER TO NOT ENGAGE IN ANY DEALS with such suspicious persons. May this serve as a warning to players and the scammers. Regards, Moon
  11. Moon


    Hola, bienvenido a fRO si hay algunos hispanos en el server, yo solo use Google translator. jajaja. 😄 Here the guides: Forsaken Knight Quest at first Legendary weapons Accessories Legendary Aura Don't forget to vote and get free items: Vote here Don't hesitate to PM me in here or in game if need help. Good luck!