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  1. Bug on Amadarias Card?

    have you tried attacking a player/monster to check the difference when using equips with amad/bijou vs without? From what I have tried, the increase in atk is not shown in window but you can see the difference when attacking players/monsters.
  2. The Fate of the Gods Episode 3: The Age of Wolves

    the quest on spirit of alfheim seems to be bugged. After entering the portal, FRO crashes and the log is saying something about fairy sprite.
  3. SAD. no MSC for November. :( /gg

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    2. TheLittleBugger


      I'm hoping that there will be MSC for December. Christmas season babyyy :)

    3. Penthesiliea


      Being busy lately, Don't worry there's gonna by Dec MSC!

    4. doppie


      hahahahahaha! looking forward to that. ^_^


  4. New Player here :D

    you might want to check out the Forsaken Knight Quest at first then look for the Legendary weapons and accessories And you might want to look for players who are looking for farmers, they will ask you to farm some items in exchange they will pay you forsaken tokens. Good luck!
  5. +1 I would like to suggest that as well. Specifically when raiding BW, its a duo or a solo run. Having a solo run means you need to open multiple client to have the necessary characters you need to finish the raid. Although its the players risk to run the raid in solo, however it would be a big help if the party leader can re-enter once and recall members one time as well.
  6. This is too early to say but . . .

    If you guys have friend in the game who are also new, you might want to create a guild and try to request for a Guild Package. Guild pack contains 1 month of rental items and seed pass to help you farm. Here is the link, just check it out. https://forsaken-ro.net/getting-started/guilds/
  7. Most Needed Class? (Woe)

    I'm not sure if priest are really needed. But most Priest I see on woe are Battle type. ^_^ I would suggest try to have a killer first like Champ and Ninja if you have good ping, if not you might want to try LK. Or even try a sniper first everyone plays that class and try to see what would fit in the guild you want to join. ^_^
  8. Most Needed Class? (Woe)

    I think it would really depend on what you like best. Most of the guild have complete set of classes already and I think they wouldn't mind what class you will play. ^_^ Regarding the needed ones I would have to say Paladin, because most of the guild have too many breakers and killers but sometime short on support. Just my 2 cents. Just have fun and enjoy the game.
  9. Game keeps freezing

    how about your graphics driver? is it updated?
  10. Game keeps freezing

    Have you tried running in compatibility mode?
  11. Selling dtoks and LHZ

    170 Dragon Tokens Gray LHZ
  12. Selling LK B Set

  13. Selling LK B Set

    Ring + Ullrs leave ign and offers thanks
  14. October 2017: Spooky!

    On a Fine and Sunny day. My friend by the name GEM# asked me if she can borrow some of my equips for her to try it out and that she will return them the day after. Then came the day that she should return the items, she told me to meet up in our base in kh_vila. While i was walking thourgh the road going to the vila, I heard my friend's voice and ask me to follow the voice. And so I followed the voice and started to walk... Walking for a few minutes the path to the vila was nowhere to be seen and the fine sunny day turned into a misty cold weather all of a sudden. From my view, I can see the glimpse of GEM# and so I walked going to her. When I'm almost near her the wind blew so hard that I could hardly see anything. While trying to regain vision, something hit my head and I passed out. When I woke up, my friend is gone. All i can see are those SPOOKY translucent figure around me. I tried to close my eyes but each time I open them, their number seems to multiply. I'm all alone. Don't know where I am. I hope I can survive....
  15. Buying Emp aura

    LTD PINK EMP = 13K pure
  16. Selling LK B Set

  17. Buying Helm of Hermes

    Buying helm of hermes leave offers and ign thanks
  18. September 2017: The way I feel

    "Coming HOME is the BEST feeling and leaving is the WORST, but you can't come HOME without leaving first"
  19. Farmer selling Friggs Farm

    Samina mina eh eh dakka dakka eh eh

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  21. B>Green/Purple EMP NON LTD

    Buying green or purple emperium aurora(non ltd) leave IGN and offers thanks
  22. Selling gears

    Selling my gears (Trading is negotiable) leave offers and IGN or look for chuck at the stairs Sinx C Scarf Set (O Crit + O Fen) Freys Gaunts(Clean) +0 Brutal Black AOG
  23. Was the new MVP's already released with the loaded scripts? Im having crash errors on for_fild maps. And also the @whodrops commands i think is not working properly. Kudos to the team for the new update.