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  1. mchaildecastro

    Game Crash Randomly

    Same issue I even get disconnected sometimes but when I try to minimize using apps that consumes data like i.e , youtube , downloader apps etc. my ro works fine. Maybe you open too many apps?
  2. mchaildecastro

    Pls add Search bar in @storage

    The best suggestion I have read. I totally agree with this. :D
  3. mchaildecastro


    OBJECTIVE Time Killer / Boredom Killer Players / Gamblers Bonding Room Another fun and exciting game to play for FRO gamers IDEA My idea was taken from the "Video Karera" gambling machine which low profile pinoy street gamblers play , in video karera - players bet between horses with their designated tracks by putting peso coins on the slot machine and by selecting the lane of the horse they wish to win , the horse who reaches the finish line first wins and your lucky if you have placed your bet on that horse. I want to suggest an fRO version of it and instead of horses we gonna use porings for the race . What we need are 6 tracks or more and an NPC for placing players bets : Poring = 1st Track Poporing = 2nd Track Marin = 3rd Track Deviling = 4th Track Angeling = 5th Track Arcangeling = 6th Track NPC ( Where to place amount of bet [TOKENS] and choosing track ) Mechanics will be : Minimum of three players or more to bet before the poring starts to run from their tracks from starting to finish line . The race will not start if its doesn't reach the minimum players who will place their bet on the NPC . There will be a first , second and third place winner. 1ST PLACE = AMOUNT OF BET X4 [EXAMPLE: 1 F.TOKEN WILL BE 4 F.TOKENS IN RETURN] 2ND PLACE = AMOUNT OF BET X3 [EXAMPLE: 1 F.TOKEN WILL BE 3 F.TOKENS IN RETURN] 3RD PLACE = AMOUNT OF BET X2 [EXAMPLE: 1 F.TOKEN WILL BE 2 F.TOKENS IN RETURN] 4TH , 5TH AND 6TH PLACE LOSE. Players can not bet 2 or more tracks. TEAM #GENESIS RESULT Players can bond and do the trash talks and tease each other in a private room :D Option to risk tokens / Gamblers hobby ( Your lucky if you win and go to the token shop and buy more tokens if you lose :D ) Thank you and I'm looking forward for the GM Team to approve my suggestion. By - Macoy A.K.A The Chainsmoker
  4. mchaildecastro

    Integrated Quest

    Do I need to make the part 2-4 before I can make hermes?
  5. mchaildecastro

    Q> about KIELS

    Its better to have 3-Kiels than combining up with silvers. The extra slot is very useful.
  6. OBJECTIVE Ease of access in storage . Faster trades when selling / buying . Lesser weight in inventory . IDEA This idea came up to me when suddenly it came to the point that i have figured out the use of ticket exchanger , since i am a seller of guild supplies i need the service of the NPC every time i trade tons of supplies . And for me there are still few things needed to be added in the option menu . Like items that has large weight and makes me repeat trades several times if the costumer is buying tons of it and it's not on the list of options that can be converted to tickets . AS OF NOW, the things we have on the list of options in items that can be converted to tickets are : Yggdrasil Berry Yggdrasil Seed Deadly Poison Speed Potion Box of Storm FCP Cursed Water Concentrated Speed Potion Authoritative Badge AND we still have few items that can't be converted but are useful (especially for PVP Players and WOE Guild) such as : Box of Sunlight Box of Gloom Box of Resentment Holy Water Aloevera Elemental Converter TEAM #GENESIS RESULT Faster trades and easier selling / buying . Easier re-pots for raid after being warped out town . Less weight to carry . Thank you and I'm looking forward for the GM Team to approve my suggestion. By - Macoy A.K.A The Chainsmoker
  7. mchaildecastro

    Hermes Helm [1]

    where to make it? thanks.
  8. gm please give time to read my reply on support. thank you.