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  1. Count To Infinity

  2. Greetings..

    welcome ^___^
  3. New Mystery Boxes and Voucher System, plus stylish scarves!

    I see, thank you for clarifying GM @Ebisu :)
  4. New Mystery Boxes and Voucher System, plus stylish scarves!

    Sorry just to make it clear. It will be a normal type and you need to redo the quest to make it a Blessed/Cursed/Guardian right?
  5. New Mystery Boxes and Voucher System, plus stylish scarves!

    Hi! Just have a clarification. If we opt to use the cape voucher, will the cape be downgraded (normal status and we need to redo the quest)? Or will it stay in its previous type (Blessed/Cursed/Guardian)? Coz as far as I know, for Emp vouchers, once you use it, emp that you will receive will be non LTD.
  6. White Herbs

    Hi, I farmed white herbs in gef_fild06 (cant remember if its 06 or 16 XD). Petite drops white herbs and aloe vera :3 I just farmed thoooooouuuusssands of white herbs last weekend.
  7. Count To Infinity

  8. how to create new acct

    hope this helps: https://forsaken-ro.net/cp/?module=account&action=create
  9. Reported!

    Much better if you create a ticket for this.
  10. Legendary Red Glasses

    You can play the ahm roulette. 1 Spin = 3 casino chips. You can get legendary headgears as prizes but its really random. You can convert your Forsaken tokens to casino chips, 1 Ftoks= 10 casino chips.
  11. January 2018: New Year's Resolution

    It was a busy 2017 for me. I needed to leave town every once in a while due to my job. Sadly, my baby sister got sick during the time that I was away and it made me realize so many things in life. It made me scared... It is true that you'll never know how much a person matters unless he/she is gone. Good thing my baby sister is back to her good old healthy self. ^_^ So this 2018, my New Years Resolution is to spend more time with my family. Life is short. Lets make no room for regrets. I'm also planning to teach her to play FRO so that we can bond and create more memories together. <3
  12. Legendary Red Glasses

    Dunno if this is the same item youre referring to but upon checking it was available in the special Christmas box last Dec 2015. But its no longer included in the recent holiday update.
  13. BAN

    accnt been accnt? :) You can a file a ticket tho. ^^
  14. BAN

  15. Selling Sets.

  16. Hi there!

    Welcome ^__^
  17. Happy Holidays from Forsaken RO!

    Oh I was waiting for the Christmas auras to be back XD Coooool update FRO <3
  18. Fykka's Gallery Art with a Little Story

    I'm willing to wait. <3 yey.
  19. Fykka's Gallery Art with a Little Story

    its reallyyyy niceeee. I want one too for all of my DPs T_T XD
  20. September 2017: The way I feel

    " When my hair is done and my make up is on, My heels are ready and my cheeks full of blush on. My confidence gets so high that it might reach the sky. " Have you ever had this kind of feeling when you look at all the people around you and then suddenly they are starting to look like ORCS? That's how I'm feeling, this is how I see people right now, so... yes... Too much VODKA will make you feel like the most beautiful woman here in Forsaken Kingdom, Be careful :)
  21. Summer sale on EVERYTHING in the Tokenshop!

    Will there be any upcoming sale in our Tokenshop? :)
  22. Dragonist Armor: For some it's easy to get. Majority - Impossible

    +1 on this. a little help to balance the server.