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  1. Selling Sets.

  2. Hi there!

    Welcome ^__^
  3. Happy Holidays from Forsaken RO!

    Oh I was waiting for the Christmas auras to be back XD Coooool update FRO <3
  4. Fykka's Gallery Art with a Little Story

    I'm willing to wait. <3 yey.
  5. Fykka's Gallery Art with a Little Story

    its reallyyyy niceeee. I want one too for all of my DPs T_T XD
  6. September 2017: The way I feel

    " When my hair is done and my make up is on, My heels are ready and my cheeks full of blush on. My confidence gets so high that it might reach the sky. " Have you ever had this kind of feeling when you look at all the people around you and then suddenly they are starting to look like ORCS? That's how I'm feeling, this is how I see people right now, so... yes... Too much VODKA will make you feel like the most beautiful woman here in Forsaken Kingdom, Be careful :)
  7. Summer sale on EVERYTHING in the Tokenshop!

    Will there be any upcoming sale in our Tokenshop? :)
  8. Dragonist Armor: For some it's easy to get. Majority - Impossible

    +1 on this. a little help to balance the server.
  9. Forsaken Gunslinger Pistol (Where to get this!?)

    Oh thats sad. Thank you for answering gm. Is it going to be open again for quest? Btw. If you guys have one, im buying. Just comment here or pm. Thank you!
  10. Forsaken Gunslinger Pistol (Where to get this!?)

    Hi, Sorry i have a noob question, do you guys know how to obtain this "Forsaken Gunslinger Pistol" that is described using Striking HG? i already search here but it seems it's nowhere to be found. is it just an NPC item? or is it questable? Thank you for answering :) All Stats + 10 [ Gunslinger ] Max HP + 20%, Mdef + 20, Dex + 20 [ + Forsaken Gunslinger Pistols ] Receive 40% less damage from Demi-Human monsters.
  11. Screen/Character/Resolution Problem pls help.

    After trying to make my screen full , characters became like this. im using windows 10. pls help how can i fix this.
  12. Screen/Character/Resolution Problem pls help.

    It's okay now GM. Thank you :)
  13. Screen/Character/Resolution Problem pls help.

    It all started when i follow the compatibility procedure that GM Genesis posted to fix the screen resolution, i choose windows 7 for compatibility under properties section of set up , i got the full screen but the images became like that. anyone experience the same issue? Help! :(
  14. Screen/Character/Resolution Problem pls help.

    Thanks for your answer krusty :D but i i tried every resolution and still the character is pixelated. maps, background and text are fine. only the characters and the buffs on the right side are messed.