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  1. They are doing token sales every now and then. But this regular but limited token sale sounds good. True. I share the same thought. This comes down to class revisiting and rebalancing.
  2. Ableton

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    Hello, I personally prefer to buff all donation auras (and legendary counter parts) than my own suggestion. Why i didn't think of that earlier. Lol.
  3. Ableton

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    Well, couldn't agree more this is true indeed. Wanna highlight another thing, So it means there's no way a proposed legendary counter part of an LTD Emp aura can come to existence, since all donate aura has +20 all stats, and as per quoted above, no any l. aura should not exceed +20 all stats. It automatically defeats the proposal of a LTD Emp legendary counter part. And i don't think if we propose a new l. aura with +20 all stats + [any buff] will do any good since it will just be similar to any donate auras. In conclusion, any l. aura must stick to just +20 all stats. Then we just killed the idea. PS: I want to support your idea about reworking the stats of all auras. I'm thinking now of suggesting to reduce the stats of LTD Emp from +33 to +30 and/or increase all donate aura from +20 to +22-23. /gg
  4. Ableton

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    I don't get the relation between economy and "emp prices are low". Can you elaborate further? If i remember correctly, someone said something like, the L. Emp will devalue real emps thus, wrecking the market (not the exact words) but thats the thought and i was thinking like "So market revolve around emps?...okay." So i correlated the two. Isn't it a good thing? Cheaper price, more buyers. When i came back last year, i was horribly shocked the emp prices became x10 since the last time i played. Anyhow, i like the idea to make this proposed aura non-tradable, but not rental. But yes, our main problem here is how can we address the huge stat advantage of an LTD Emp without harming the existing donate auras. I'm kinda getting inclined to @qperteplex suggestion to reduce/rework the stats of all aura.
  5. Ableton

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    Pardon, but i still don't get how this LTD L. Emp will or might rek the market. I've got two things: 1. Back in the days, economy was better when emp prices are low. 2. Even if i have the proposed LTD L. Emp, i will not stop on that. I will still continue grinding and get a real LTD Emp in the future (pretty much everyone will do that) while not being too inferior to that +33 all stats and stuff. Please give your comments and opinion regarding these two points i've stated. That way, i will have a better understanding of this matter.
  6. Ableton

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    If that's the case then we can just use a different sprite for the proposed legendary aura. These two suggestions are also viable and can be considered.
  7. Ableton

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    As @Perishable stated, I don't think there's a need to elaborate this. Let's all be honest. We all know the current castle situation. Let me give an example. Let's talk in a smaller scale. Kiel card. For the majority of the new comers, they would rely on farming to start off their journey and something so essential like kiel card is a bit far away for them to achieve. How can they even farm competitively when they need at least 100-120 toks for 3 kiels. Pretty difficult start. Hence the creation of silver cards. But wait, there's more. Genesis and the dev team even added something brilliant on the recent update. The freebie oliver wolf hood headgear with the effects of 3 kiels and maya purple. Now, did kiel cards become redundant? Did it lose its value? No. Because in the future, they still have to upgrade their headgear to a valk/specialty headgear and get 3 actual kiels. That is what i'm proposing. I just need something to put me on an equal standing with others while i grind and pursue to get an actual emp in the future. Actually, any sprite will do. But your suggestion is just too awesome.
  8. Ableton

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    Tis dope man. But this is better to be in token shop first than in a quest line.
  9. Ableton

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    Those donate auras have different purposes. An emp aura has diff purpose as well. Some aura has reducts, some has physical dmg boost, some has magical dmg boost, an emp has stat boost. All of them serves different purpose. Having a legendary emp won't make those donate auras worthless. If i am a reducts gypsy for example, i will not use a ltd legendary emp, id rather use a skull aura and the likes. Thats what i mean. It's not all about stats.
  10. Ableton

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    Ye, i'm starting to think it's a bit too easy. I think we should leave to dev team the quest line. They can come up with something better.
  11. Ableton

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    All three legendary auras included in the suggested quest line are obtainable through quest. It started here: GM Ebisu pointed out that "a new legendary aura should be made.." in one of the comments. Since their focus now is to lessen the gap between veterans and new comers (gear wise), an idea came up to create something that can match up to normal LTD Emp. All end game gears has their own legendary counter parts, even DA and new accessories except the LTD Emp. The +13 all stat advantage of an ltd emp to any other aura is just too huge.
  12. Ableton

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    Totally agree. Let's hear some suggestions from others regarding the quest line or the dev team can come up with better ideas. I'm excited!!!
  13. Ableton

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    Yay!!! This is awesomeeee!!! I revised the suggestion as per the comments.
  14. Ableton

    Priest Soul Link and Ninja Cursed

    + 1 to this. May i include in the suggestion to add the priest soul link skill to either Priest Blessed Ring or Eir's Book, or Priest DA (probly replace the kaite. lol)
  15. This is exactly the main issue that we all have to address and focus on. I've posted some suggestions before, focusing on the "Advertisement" and "Voting" because i personally believe these two can greatly help to increase the population of our server. Our server is already great, and is continuing to be great, but we are neglecting the importance of advertisement, the importance of letting people know how great we are.