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  1. Ableton

    What do you like about fRO?

    1. Quests and raids. 2. I like em emps. They too good aesthetically. Also the rings. 3. I also like the concept of Blessed/Cursed/Guardian build for each class. For me it's unique. 4. The donation system. Being a donator doesn't make you so op. You still have to grind and work for those end game tier items. 5. The concept of Legendary gears being at 70-80% of donation gears' power.
  2. Ableton

    B>Ninja Blessed Ring set (2 weapons)

  3. Ableton

    B>Ninja Blessed Ring set (2 weapons)

    Bump bump bump.
  4. Ableton

    B>Ninja Blessed Ring set (2 weapons)

    Still buying. Leave offer and IGN.
  5. Ableton

    Legendary Kunai (a disputable suggestion)

    I thought BG = battle grounds. Lol. You mean /bm?
  6. Ableton

    Legendary Kunai (a disputable suggestion)

    Come join us! Tho i'm not a member of that guild. Hahaha. With regards to the suggestion, I admit i'm a bit bias here. I'm just trying to see new possibilities like the one i suggested to make a new and difficult quest for Immaterial Kunai. My hopes aren't high at all. I'm fully aware it is OP. Hehe. Huge delay? NO. Ninjas are quick by nature. And I don't understand what do u mean, bg mode?
  7. Ableton

    Non-Donated Blessed Ring

    Oh there that's why there's no difference. It'll be fixed soon don't worry.
  8. Ableton

    Non-Donated Blessed Ring

    I wanted to test this personally but i couldn't get in game right now coz, ya' know, life. But i roughly estimate the dmg difference should be similar to switching helms between Valk Helm and Ship Captain (or in your case, Wild Cat Ears). Because shippy gives a boost of 40% dmg (20% ranged dmg + 20% all enemies) and the dmg difference is noticeable upon switching. So i assume the 40% boost in ring should be noticeable as well.
  9. Ableton

    Happy Holidays from Forsaken RO!

    This Yin Yang Aura is probably the sickest thing i've seen this 2018. Awesome update. Btw, which event is Umber Yin Yang Aura available, GvG or BR? Thanks.
  10. Ableton

    Non-Donated Blessed Ring

    Are you sure there's no difference from before? "Removed Atk + 15, added Ranged Damage + 40%, added 5% after-cast delay reduction to Stalker Blessed Variants." I assume that should be noticeable. With regards to thana, well yeah. It's a must when you want to pursue DS build. Inca couldn't just make the cut.
  11. Ableton

    Non-Donated Blessed Ring

    Once they change something in any donate rings, they do it as well in ND rings accordingly. Probably the description hasn't updated yet, but actual effect should change already upon the reloading of the script. Try to patch your client.
  12. Ableton

    Color Correction

    +1 Don't know if those are intentional or not, coz you know, awesome aesthetic must come with a price. But i personally like the ever cheap blue emp, well, it's not actually blue, but a translucent super light blue. lol. and i really really like it. Hahaha. I even had an idea before to suggest a new Stylist NPC that offers a whole range of new and exclusive palettes by which you can only unlock through a quest (similar to pet groomer) and then you have to pay certain amount of tokens for a specific set of palette you want (hair and clothes color). The problem is the selection of these new exclusive palettes is a matter of color preferences and it is subjective. Like how can we decide what kind of colors should be "exclusive" when all people have all different preferences. So i abandoned the idea. Hahaha. Unless someone can provide samples and if the majority loves it, then it will do the trick.
  13. Ableton

    Legendary Kunai (a disputable suggestion)

    I know him. One of the decent ninja around. It got nerfed. The final strike damage was ridiculous, able to 1 shot almost everyone wearing typical gear set up (gr tao, ray skoll). Well, not totally dead, i still see few ninja around.
  14. It seems those cards are great for team fights. Also good in 1 vs 1 situations but a bit risky.