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  1. Ableton


  2. Ableton

    Mystery Boxes

    What are the possible goodies inside the Tokenshop's Mystery Boxes?? Thanks.
  3. Ableton

    How can i get my rewards..?

    Unfortunately, your inventory is full. Your reward should be automatically goes to your inventory, but it's full that's why you didn't receive it.. RIP minigame toks.
  4. Dusk and Summer: "Hey!!, it's our birthday!!" Forsaken Raider: "Really really????" Dusk and Summer: "Oh yesss! Let's celebrate!!!" Forsaken Raider: "Great!! LET'S SLICE THAT CAKE!!!!" Dusk and Summer: "OMGGG!!!! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!...." */wah
  5. Ableton

    F.Raider's Gigantic Scythe

    It just came across my mind while doing my routine hunt s. This gigantic scythe from our guy over here: Looks nice for a cape variant? What u guys think? Yey or Booo?
  6. Ableton

    Baby WoE drops, new ice emp recolors, and fixes

    These ppl only think of damage. Not considering everything. Like u said, seed carrying capacities, max hp's, survival/redux skills, offensive skill's spam rate, etc. They are like "oh, my WS C damage is lower than Snipers or GS, noooo!!!! this is so nerfed. This is useless!!". Being balanced is NOT all about damage.
  7. Ableton

    Payon Dungeon Entrance Crash/Freeze

    Your specific character only, or you can't entirely log in? If one specific character only, you can try to reset its position. Log in here - https://forsaken-ro.net/cp/ -->> "My Account" -->> select your errored character -->> "Reset Position"
  8. Ableton

    Wabbit fix Plz

    Yes and No. Yes, coz Gepard is <3. No, most ppl uses keyboard/mouse. Lol.
  9. Ableton

    Alternate sprites from iRO japan

    Looks nice. Tho i wasn't around when these 3rd job sprites are enabled in the server. I want to know why it's disabled now. Probly buggy or glitchy?
  10. Ableton

    Baby WoE drops, new ice emp recolors, and fixes

    Agree. These guys just want their WS C to remain OP so they have an easy life.
  11. Ableton

    SinX Buff

    While it is true that this build is so effective, I still find that sinx, in general, is left behind as a dreaded killer. Hafta spend twice or thrice as much comparing to other classes, just to make the class viable.
  12. Ableton

    Bolt headgears for tokenshop, vote type

    She didn't get my joke. I guess i aint funny. T_T
  13. Ableton

    Quest Items and Donation items?

    Regarding the Spiritual Whispers. @qperteplex is correct. The prices are so high atm because of the new quest released, the demand is high. There was a time these SW are just around 2-3 toks. Few months from now, prices will drop when the demand gets low.
  14. Ableton

    Bolt headgears for tokenshop, vote type

    The hell is this. B>Wiz G set / WS G set / Ninja G set. Thanks.
  15. Ableton

    Will Curiousity Kill It For Me?

    Imagine token as a coin. This coin is the main fro currency, equivalent to 12 million zeny each (on the average). So you use this coin to buy stuff from people. Donate system is our way of funding the server, y'know to keep it running. We give certain amounts and in return, the admin will give us some stuff (in-game necessities) as a reward.