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  1. How do I retrieve lost account

    What infos? Your ID and password? Try checkin on your email, or file a ticket regarding this, or try to skype genesis. PS: Fykka is still around.
  2. about macro's

    You are right, but if a player uses macro from gaming keyboards and mouse, the server, and us, ordinary players cannot do something about it since game guards cannot block it (as far as i know). They invest on gaming gears, so i think they deserve a little advantage anyway. Unless that macro is from 3rd party programs (which is illegal), the gepard will block it, well, mostly. If some programs can bypass gepard, then gepard must upgrade. Macro from gaming keyboards and mouse = legal Macro from programs = illegal
  3. about macro's

    This is one of the problems kids are having nowadays. When we pvp/gvg/br etc.. you need to atleast have these three: 1. Skills / knowledge 2. Gears 3. Very good internet connection If you lack any of these three, dont do blaming games. "Oh. I lag". "Oh you cheating."

    Macros are allowed, if you are using gaming keyboards and mouse that has macro features, thats totally fine. But 3rd party programs for macros are illegal.

    It's allowed. Unless someone becomes so jealous of your farming "efficiency" and accuse you of botting. Lul.
  6. Quest Item Effects

    If the effects of quest items you're saying arent actually there (haven't checked it myself tho), then +1 to this. Can you tell me what particular item you're questing?
  7. Sonic Blow spam

    Can someone tell me the current spam rate of sonic blow? Is it decent or not? Like how many SB is possible atm. Im planning to make a SB sinx. Thanks.
  8. +1 Rental gear concept is i believe, would be a win win for both players and the server. Inflation is real. Seriously. The market is dying, or already dead. We need to actually use up those tokens in the market. One good way is putting on some "really good" rewards in casino. A lot of folks made a living with these start up stuff. I believe it helps. Lets keep it that way. I. Am. Gonna. Be. A. Whale. For. Sure.
  9. Quests?

    I think this quest doesnt exist anymore. Not sure though. And if you want something for middle, i suggest you do the Legendary Lighthalzen Aurora, or Zodiac.
  10. My thoughts: 1. GM Dream is right, tis one of the ways that brings excitement to ladder. 2. But, pvp room is being camped by... oooopps.... Goodbye to your DA hopes and dreams newbies. 3. Reducing the amount of pvp token would be unfair to those who obtained DA's before. (There's probably a way to compensate those)
  11. where to find??

    Enriched oridecon and enriched elunium aren't being droppped. You can mine those. There's a guide on how to mine.
  12. where to find??

    You need a dungeon pass (obtainable thru quest). Just search on wiki how to do the quest.
  13. Vote Expansions

    Bumping this. I still want to pursue this suggestion.
  14. OtenHammer Build

    Isn't Deathword card better on weapon?
  15. Vote Expansions

    Can we have vote expansions? Like 1-2 expansions that costs, maybe, 1000 vote points each. Regarding the sprites, we can use old HGs, or whatever. Hahaha.