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  1. Just want some tips and advice.

    Thats all pretty much we can do, the rest is by increasing your dmg to kill Chen quickly before it reaches you. One way is using FAS (Focused Arrow Strike) skill. I assume you don't have kiels but that's fine, FAS can kill quickly.
  2. Just want some tips and advice.

    Try wearing GR and 2x raydric. Use wind arrow.
  3. OtenHammer Build

    A lot of players are as surprised and baffled as you, including myself as to why a WS has Napalm Vulcan build.
  4. Costumes

    This type of costume is available only in renewal servers. Fro is pre-renewal.
  5. DA effects

  6. For a clean MVP dispute

    While it's true that lots of (geared) group camps mvp areas that beginners are less likely to get an opportunity to solo an mvp, this is still a PK server which makes it a lot more exciting. Im a solo player and i hunt alone. That's why i can feel you on this one. But let's here from other newbie mvp hunters.
  7. What's the ratio in NPC?
  8. Soul Linker Guardian Ring Discussion

    Im also a bit confused about SL G. I think it needs a weapon that will match the g ring. We need someone knowledgeable enough to suggest the details of valk weapon. Hahahaa.
  9. Can we add some new variant(s) of Ice Prince/Pussy Cat Bell/Skull/Skull Prince Auroras?? I will try to find new sprite ideas. Thanks.
  10. B>High Priest C Ring.

    Leave IGN.
  11. Best way to Wizard (?)

    It's still applicable. But Wiz Guardian build isn't mentioned here. It's the more viable wiz build for PVP, a little expensive tho.
  12. Best way to Wizard (?)

    A good read.
  13. Updates on Legendary Weapons

    Legendary weapons for guardian build would require corresponding guardian rings. I heard there's non-donation guardian rings, if it's true, then l. weaps for guardian build would be nice.
  14. Zeny Converter

    Zeny to Token converter npc isnt a good idea. Token is a donation item, and from donations, we can help fund the server. Another thing is, it might cause token inflation that will wreck the market. Tons of zeny farmers out there that will inflate the market, and who knows, some might be botting when farming. Although we have gepard, but who knows. On the other hand, pvp room for each class sounds good to me. This could be another way of obtaining pvp tokens (this can support this suggestion This could have its own laddering system. Say, rank 1-3 of each class. Pvp token prizes, of course should be smaller than the standard pvp ladder. I think this might help encourage other players to participate in pvp. Like, "who's the rank 1 champ?" Or "who's the rank 1 ninja?" Those little hypes can attract more pvp-ers.
  15. Vote Forsaken King Shield can have problem

    The +10 all stats and 5% HP are already given with Valk Helm + Armor + Cloak + Shoes. No need shield.