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  1. Ableton

    Nad needs updating.

    Actually it is not an attachment or something. It is an upgrade. For example, you can uprade your Loki's Seals to a "Blessed" or "Cursed" accessory. It is expensive because the quest for upgrading is very difficult. See link below.
  2. Ableton

    Stalker adding Valkyrie Weapon Dagger

    Waw. This is not OP at all.
  3. Ableton

    Light color in Stylist room

    Just use /lightmap
  4. Ableton

    An open letter to everyone.

    +1 To be honest, our server is so dope. We just lack players. Advertisements will make a big impact.
  5. Ableton

    An open letter to everyone.

    We get your point, @Caramilly. It's just that I think starting from smaller steps would be a good start, than jumping right away to bigger things like WoE and stuff.
  6. Ableton

    An open letter to everyone.

    I agree with brian. Yes, having a legendary-only pvp will help a bit to practice everyones pvp skills since theres no gear difference and improve their skills over time to get them ready to the real league. I personally believe that all legendary gears are NOT very far behind the end game gears. Just to remind the newbies out there, there are legendary counter parts for each end game gears such as Dragonist Armors and Cursed/Blessed Accessories (a.k.a New Acce). And as brian said, we can focus on the Ltd Emp Auras since there's no legendary item that can match up to that +33 all stats. We can start from that. Probly, a new quest aura that has +22 all stats? And can be upgraded (ltd effect) to +28 (or +29 or +30, help me with the numbers) with another quest?
  7. Ableton

    Other High End Custom Items

    "Set" = a Ring and a Weapon for a specified class. "Full set" = Ring + weapon + accessory. "Bset" = Blessed ring and a weapon "Cset" = Cursed ring and a weapon "Gset" = Guardian ring and a weapon "LTD" = Limited edition headgear. When a headgear is ltd, it means it has bonus +5 all stats.
  8. Ableton

    Hello :)

    Welcome the server. @go 7 or @go 11. They're bunch of friendly people. They will help you out.
  9. Ableton

    Gates of Hel

    Some players are hiring raiders to be part of their raid team, i think they pay around 30-40 toks depending on the kind of raid. Im not sure how much they pay for (GOH) Gates of Hel raid. But if you are the one doing the Fate of the Gods quest, you should be the leader of the party, not just a member. I suggest you try to join raids first so you can familiarize yourself with it. Then later on you can do a raid led by you to continue your quest.
  10. Ableton

    Website PVP UPDATE

    +11111111 billion for 1 vs 1 tournament. 'Tis gonna be awesome and fun. With regards to topic, this has been a very long time problem of the pvp ladder system. The "feeding" has been addressed by enabling the pvp ladder npc only right after woe hours where lots of players are online during those times, thus feeding would be noticeable and can be easily reported. But there's another form of unintentional/intentional feeding, that is, "ganging" and I personally believe this a very hard issue to address since we can't just say to anyone "Hey, don't bring your friends here and fight me 1 vs 1". Everyone has all the right to bring friends or your whole squad to pvp room and massacre anyone and hoard all the pvp toks in the world. I so hate that, I'm never a fan of that but that's the reality. My suggestion: - Lessen the pvp toks prize from pvp ladder. - Organize a GM hosted 1 vs 1 tournament (as suggested by @BigD) and make this the primary source of pvp toks.
  11. Ableton

    Website PVP UPDATE

    I think he meant to count the kills in fild only to the suggested ranking display in website, not to the pvp ladder ranking.
  12. Ableton

    An open letter to everyone.

    I totally agree with you. There's a HUUUUUUGGEEE gap between a newbie and an oldie pro player which I believe is just normal. It's up to new players how they gonna deal with that, "this almost unattainable gap, will it serve as a motivation? something to look forward to? Or I will back out and give up and prove nothing?" It's up to them. As for me? As possible as I can, I will try to help any newbie I may encounter along the way.
  13. Ableton

    I Need Some Help!!

    Your brother can warp to for_fild05 and you couldn't? What is pj btw?
  14. Ableton

    An open letter to everyone.

    Cooool. Looking forward to these updates.
  15. Ableton

    An open letter to everyone.

    Greetings citizens of fRO, I'm about to spill all my sentiments here. I'm gonna point out some things that we can ponder about to help our server grow. These may sound nonsense, stupid, or helpful to anyone reading these spiel. Let's start off with the market. It is so unstable, kinda dead, srlsy. Prices fluctuates so hard. I'm not sure if it's caused by the inflation of tokens, or items. We might as well consider the lack of demand due to shrinking population. Another thing, WOE. Competition is dying. I'd say, it's being monopolized. Atm, we only got two (2) big guilds active. There are some small guilds trying to get into the scene and kudos to all of you for participating. Pvp Ladder. Literally feeding zone. You'd notice almost the same people makes it to the ranking. Well these guys are really pro pvp-ers, no doubt, but the thing is mostly they come in with bunch of friends. Newbs don't stand a chance unless you come in with your whole guild. Please give chance to others or discourage teaming up. (The introduction of BG was a very good move. I love that.) GM hosted events. Players love it when there's an event hosted by a GM. Currently we got GvG, and BR for "big" events and some "small" events like LMS, Warp, Dice, Hide n Seek, Zombie, and a lot more. I think we need more gm hosted "big" events. Like tournaments and stuff. Advertisement. I think we need to pimp up our main website. I wish I have the knowledge in web development I'd surely volunteer as a developer. Be active in medias like facebook, youtube, and dropping some reviews in rms. I'm sure these small things would create big impact to our server. That's all for now. Let's all help and contribute for the betterment of our community, of our server. Thanks.