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  1. 2 hours ago, Ableton said:

    I've seen a fight between a Sniper and WS (tomahawk build). Both has DA & Vengeance. The sniper never won. Couldn't even put up a fight. WS throws some 70~100k dmg tomahawk in an insane spam rate while having pneuma, and on the other hand, Sniper throwin in some 40~50k FAS with not so good spam rate, DS build won't even match to that. That's not broken?

    i agree about sniper with "LOW DMG THAN WHITESMITH" and u need to know 1 more thing about sniper ...its not single target like whitesmith, can u imagine if sniper with 2x in woe or pvp..easly to wipe enemy cause sniper has aoe type fas skill,this also insane spam , that's not broken? this also same broken tho  :) 



  2. 30 minutes ago, Penthesiliea said:

    FYI, Throw Tomahawk is not actually Whitesmith skill. Whitesmith has no range skill. Incase you don't know i'll leave the link  Here . We're not talking about special and stuff here. We we're talking how whitesmith outclass'd the Range Jobs :)

    I still don't get your point. Once again you only appear in suggestion and comments non-sense stuff. Which confuse other viewers. This says that you don't even PvP so please, Do me a favor, Stop confusing everyone.

    I'M agree with u ...but u can see some other jobs have same OP damage ..in case if wanna talk about nerf job...should nerf all job and we can play with fun and peace .. "FOR ME" all job is same if u know how to setup and use correctly card and stuff..

    for me nothing is bad on ws/sniper/gs all jobs is op anyway..just need to know how to match and match some equipment and stuff only...i didnt see anything bad about ws/gs/sniper ..maybe some player use new accesory+da and have good setting with card... im not talking cause im use ws/sniper/gs im talking here about suggestion to nerf jobs..better nerf all job with OP damage... and we are can play in peace and fair ❤️ (:

    and 1 more think u should know about MasterSmith BUFF :Adrenaline Rush/Weapon Perfection/Power Maximize/Shattering Strike/Cart Boots/Maximum Power=without this buff dmg MasterSmith dmg also low

    about Gungslinger BUFF:Adjustment/Increase Accuracy=without this Gungslinger dmg also low

    about Sniper BUFF:Improve Concentration/Falcon Eyes=without this Sniper dmg also low

    and now u can see the jobs is same with buff and without buff...for me Gungslinger/Mastersmith/Sniper no need to rebuff or nerf already good ...

    Thank You ❤️ymCgvio.thumb.jpg.5d2b14f0f9cc7d9da8de1d6e833ce115.jpg

  3. 1 hour ago, Penthesiliea said:

    Agree with Snipers having low damage, Snipers are way too left behind on pvp action. Sniper is just a raid slave at the moment. Boosting damage of it would be nice. 
    But Gunslingers are pretty good right now if you play it well. It just that Whitesmith Cursed is broken that's why Gunslinger looks stupid if you ask me.

    But i don't quite get your point. Can you be more specific? Not just me, Some viewers might also get confused. x)

    yeah i think sniper only need to buff, about whitesmith not broken, high damage because of new accesory and buff from whitesmith alone, for me nothing is broken in job whitesmith if you know how to make setting,

    "Gungslinger" <> gungslinger one job that is just like whitesmith if you know how to use it and know how to set it, try to use new accesory for sure damage will be higher than whitesmith ... a conclusion here because stuff is not complete and the user does not know how to match the item and buff from one job to one job, so nothing is broken I think, ❤️



  4. No other classes with range ability should surpass the damage of a range class. You guys made GS and Sniper unable to play. Sniper needs a ability boost and Gs needs a defense boots, it’s horrible! 

    My suggestion is you guys improve the defense of range classes or you nerf the other classes with OP range.

    about this i dont think its about nerf other jobs with "ranged OP dmg" or with what u said...cause u can see some people like use pally with "BATTLE CHANT" for sniper and GS get 2x ..that u still call unable to play?? should nerf "GS" and "SNIPER" if u wanna talk about nerf ranged job...u can imagine if sniper and gs get 2x easly to kill other job..hard to counter... this for my suggest if u wanna talk about nerf some job in ranged..