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  1. Join Untouchables. they are always on stairs.
  2. #MEG


    Tell us how you cant log-in , what does it say on the client , or some screenshots please.
  3. #MEG

    GM i cant connect to the server please help.

    1. Ebisu


      Hey, had a long day. But I'm online right now and it seems it's working fine.

  4. cant connect to the server almost 1 hour already. whats happening again?

  5. #MEG

    game crash

    Almost all of us are experiencing this. I hope GM's will figure out the problem. Cause my client is updated and it's impossible to have a problem regarding in my downloaded files. This occured after the update, so maybe there is something missing on the files they provided.
  6. #MEG

    Suggestion for Payon Archer Village

    Smartscreen and antivirus are off when i downloaded my files. I know smartscreen stops the download so i turned it off too, even my antimalware. And i have two different downloads of all-in-one ( Torrent / Internet Browser ) so i can have options incase one of the downloaded file is not working fine. There's no problem that occured during the downloading , not even a single notification that it stopped or blocked. Many of us are experiencing this maam. Especially in fcity , almost all of the players are logged-out because of game crash. If i experience it again later i will SS it so that you can have an idea about it. Thank you.
  7. #MEG

    Suggestion for Payon Archer Village

    Tried it just by now , i still get error and had to reset in control panel.
  8. #MEG

    Suggestion for Payon Archer Village

    Sometimes in @fcity i get game crash too.
  9. #MEG

    Suggestion for Payon Archer Village

    When i enter upper portal @go 3 .
  10. #MEG

    Suggestion for Payon Archer Village

    Yeah maam @Penthesiliea , even i who had downloaded the all-in-one (two times) internet browser download and torrent download. Still i got errors. My laptop is updated too. Windows 10 , new and runs smooth. Only FRO is installed.
  11. Hi Everyone ! Untouchables. Guild is currently recruiting. Our guild has already 20 Filipino and Foreign members that are active , friendly and funny. Farming , Questing , Raiding and attending GM Hosted Events are the things we do in-game. We help each other always to cope up with the stuffs needed to play and basically this can be a big help for some newbies who might want to join us. We support each other in selling the things we farmed and the rewards we earned by raiding. We team up in killing mvp's and we keep on track on the respawn time. We do raids together and we do a fair share with the rewards. Trashtalking is not allowed towards guildmates , scammers are stricly kicked out in the guild and we hate gold diggers too. Everyone of us has a inviter access so if you wish to join us please do pm any member you see in @FCITY. Thank you and good luck playing Fro. <3
  12. Question about the +10 Stat Foods Does it really doesnt stack with Pcakes? Ive tried to use Pcakes and my stats are raised to +15 , after that i consumed +10 stat foods but it doesnt raise my stats anymore. Was hoping to get +25 in every stat. Doesnt work.
  13. #MEG

    First time Player, Ello =^.^=