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  1. Leeee

    Selling LTD Orange Emp

    Leave ign i haveoffer in ltd orange emp
  2. Leeee

    1 vs 1 Tournament

    +1 Added suggestion theres an OP char to others, :) more fun. more pride. :) imaging you are the top1 in your class, then you are invited to the All Class Fro Championship <3 more fun! Class Vs Class 1v1 tournament champions All Class Fro Championship
  3. Leeee

    Resolution problem

    you should run Trouble Shoot Compatibility with the setup to detect the Screen Reso :) <3 PS: Set as administrator both setup and Fro.exe hope it will help
  4. Leeee

    OT : Question about stats

    ow, nice answer, well not divisible stats is waste of stats is that it? well. thanks!
  5. Ocrit = 700 Ofenrirs = 900 Comment IGN for PM in game
  6. PM me your ign guys.
  7. Leeee

    B> Ifrit Card PM me in game

  8. Leeee

    OT : Question about stats

    well i want to ask if the stats here is not bug? or still need to divisible by 10? i'am already testing on it, but still curious. /heh sorry for the stupid question guys.
  10. Leeee

    Selling Good Gears for token UPDATED!!

    how much is black BB cap sir?
  11. Leeee

    prontera theme song!

    +1 more relaxing sounds <3
  12. Leeee

    Fro 5 Man Event

    @Polyphia yeah. ive been there before woe with my friends, all of them saying if theres any other guild inside the Br/GvG events, and they hunt first the other guilds for assuring their win. i think thats how it goes. Main guild and Allied Guild both joining and setups the event, didnt want to mention guild for balance purpose. :) so thats why i suggest this event for other Guilds/party/family who wants to join In-Game :) <3 xoxo
  13. Leeee

    Fro 5 Man Event

    @Polyphia thanks for supporting, what do you mean "players will planned though?"