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  1. S>Battle Royale EMP Voucher Service

    S>Battle Royale EMP Voucher = 5k or best offer will exchange your BR EMP to any color you want will deposit my item to you, for your peace of mind pm ign name 5:AM or leave ign here and offer
  2. S>Non LTD Gray EMP

    Selling or trading my Non LTD Gray EMP Leave offer here or pm in game Ign 5:AM
  3. Buying List of items

    Buying list Mythological Green Wings +10 LTD Open Air Headset Sinx Guardian Godslayer sword Leave offer here with ign Or pm in game Ign 5:AM
  4. T>New Sinx Guardian Cat ears Cape

    Trading my new guardian cape = sinx guardian godslayer sword + tokens Pm 5:AM ign name
  5. T>items for LTD Black EMP

  6. T>items for LTD Black EMP

    trading my ltd TEAL emp + non ltd gray emp for LTD Black EMP Pm me on game Ign: 5:AM
  7. T>items for LTD Black EMP

  8. T>items for LTD Black EMP

  9. T>LTD White Emp=BR Emp or Teal Emp

    Trading my LTD White Emp to Any BR emp or to Teal emp, Pm ign: 5:AM Thanks
  10. Just a few things. #NoLogic

    +1 please re balance DA
  11. T>+10 LTD Gray Imperial to Violet

    Trading my LTD Gray imp and i will add token, for +10 ltd violet imp Ign name 5:am
  12. S>Stalker Guardian Godslayer Set

    Selling my Stalker guardian Godslayer With BJorns blade Best offer only Pm ign 5:am
  13. S>LK B SET

  14. So i got Sinx Guardian Ring and my new Sinx Guardian Godslayer Sword, but the stats of Guardian Godslayer is really far different stats, its not the same stats, Godslayer is less damage boost on Soulbreaker and less 70% damage on meteor assault, is it really different or its supposed to be the same?
  15. Sinx Guardian Ring and Sinx Guardian Godslayer

    i tested the damage aswell
  16. B>Sinx Dragonist Armor

    Buying Sinx Dragonist armor, trading Ltd emp or pure token Pm 5:am in game name
  17. I just notice when i both got the Guardian Ring and Guardian Godslayer Sword for Sinx, huge damage difference, is it supposed to be different?
  18. Happy Halloween From Forsaken RO!

    Please fix the Sinx Guardian Godslayer sword, there is a big difference in the stats with regular Guardian ring, so Sinx Godslayer do very less damage Thanks gms Nice update