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  1. RockBardz

    Frigg's Shield Quest

    1hr respawn time for forsaken dungeon keeper if you did not get the bravery badge the first time.
  2. RockBardz

    Job Job Job

    Keywords Studios Manila is hiring for email support agents. (Pure non voice) Very easy and chill account. (Gaming account) Location is 12th fl JMT corporate condominium Ortigas, infront of The Podium Mall. Atleast HS graduate. No work experience needed. You must be a real gamer to pass the exam. Recruitment office opens at 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday. Salary is 20k + 3k allowance + 2k upon regularization. Write abrielle pimentel as referral.
  3. RockBardz

    Soul Breaker Sinx Info

    is SD type sinx good for pvp?
  4. RockBardz


    hello. you can pm me in game if you would like to join the guild. just go @25 :)
  5. I can't seem to find any guide for SD type SinX. I just want to know the proper stats and gear sets and what cards to use. I asked other sinX players in game but most of them are crit type. Thank you in advance.
  6. RockBardz


    just in forsaken city
  7. RockBardz


    For newbies. Join the ELGATO guild.
  8. RockBardz

    I need help!!!! need a party im new

    I also would like to have a party for raids. Can't seem to find anyone to let me join raids.
  9. RockBardz

    Sniper Blessed Ring

    how can i create this item? is there a guide?thanks
  10. RockBardz

    Legendary Zodiac Aurora quest

    is there a quest guide for emperium aurora?
  11. RockBardz

    Legendary Zodiac Aurora quest

    where can i loot/make dye stuff?