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    2. Takenoi


      okay okay i just want say make some rule for some makro user in pvp,gvg,br or woe not only farming makro

    3. Cryptic Warlord

      Cryptic Warlord


      Not sure what you two are on about. GMs are allowed to be a member of guilds on their legits as long as it does not stop them from being unbiased. In every situation Ebisu has been in that could constitute an ethical dilemna of this nature, he has diverted the ticket to me. On that front, I have no complaints about Ebisu.


      Furthermore, in regards to your question about macros: macros for farming are not allowed. Keyboard or desktop macros for PvP/WoE are allowed. All they do is make it easier to perform basic tasks. Every MMO I can remember has allowed them for this purpose. 


      If you have something conclusive to report (with proof) you can file a questionable GM activity ticket. Only myself and other senior GMs can see it (Ebisu can not).  I will say this: I am not going to have an argument with you on my forums. I saw your posts on the forums and I do not approve of them. If you continue to harass anyone on the forums, you will be banned from the forums and ingame. I will not tolerate this sort of ingratitude towards someone who has volunteered their time to help. Thanks,



    4. qperteplex


      Image result for makro philippines

      Makro is nice. Makro NOT Macro. RIP English

  2. Takenoi


    i no saying only farmer, i saying makro in woe/gvg/br/fild. is allowed ? really ? did u ever think normal player no using makro ? how they feel ? or u only care about donation ? ur token salary as GM ? or ur pepe guild ? oops i just remember before was lot BC about u being BIAS defend pepe from bc abuse. once again.. LOL LOL LOL FUNNY farming using makro is wrong, OKAY so make rule woe/gvg/br/fild no use makro also for FAIR, open this link for google translater https://translate.google.com i'm afraid u dont know meaning of FAIR so give u link for translate it :D good luck ebi oh yeah, if u guys block me from forum is mean what i'm saying was right [bias,care only for donxxx and etc] BTW before reply this msg, do ur homework coz they makro or not in woe/gvg/br/fild and how to handle makro player and think again about this : NON Makro player + normal ping VS MAKRO PLAYER + Normal ping = ??? Makro farmer = banned, nice Makro at woe/gvg/br/fild = walk freely ? u guys decide what punishment for them or ur server will die in 2-3 year more
  3. Takenoi


    LOL LOL LOL, allowed for woe/gvg/br/fild ?? then no allowed for farming ? example : if player sit in from computer and using macro did u know he infront computer or not ? you guys GM allowed makro in woe/gvg/br/fild coz u guys play in that guild.. again LOL LOL LOL Funny, oh yeah 1 more, GM TEAM SHOULD CHECK ALL CHAMP coz lot SPAM is MAKRO, dont say they ping good, i no belive such good ping can spam so fast as makro user [champ the most suspect] than other class .like pvp ranker 1 2 3, i no saying all champ using makro but name like broly,brianology,kt smeb probably. well we dont know coz i dont what going on infront they computer, i guess even gm dont know what they doing infront they computer,coz gm no a GOD they just... ah u know la [haha] they still member of some guild. some proof champ using or active they makro, they cant walking normal they only can snap snap anywhere. ask Dedz he know brian cant walking when active his makro on fild he only can snap :D If u banned farming using makro so make it FAIR for who playing with makro at woe/gvg/br/fild too. but i know gm scared lose player on this server so they will still allowed it, rip server/dead market and many more. btw i done of ur server. bye2
  4. Takenoi

    Delete Topic

    Delete Topic. thx
  5. Takenoi

    Delete Topic

    sorry my mistake..i no make L mace since i have Strike Eagle, but i make L book for put strip card. when i compare the description between Strike Eagle and L book then i realize Donate Weapon[Strike Eagle] no have Enable use of Level 10 Enlarge Weight Limit. at least Strike Eagle is donate weapon afterall, just give Enable use of Level 10 Enlarge Weight Limit is not a bad thing like u say. Hope the GM can Fix this in next update. thx :D
  6. Takenoi

    View All Valkyrie Weapon Stats

    High Priest Strike Eagle STR + 25,INT + 25, DEX + 20, Max HP + 25%, Aspd + 5Increase damage on medium size monsters by 30%.Unbreakable.Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 1 Lex Aeterna on the enemy when attacking.Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 10 Sonic Blow on the enemy when attacking.Add a 2% chance of auto casting Level 5 Asura Strike on the enemy when attacking. Legendary Priest Book A legendary book designed for the strongest of the Forsaken City warriors. Str + 15, Int + 15, Dex + 15, Max HP + 25% Increase Magic Attack damage by 30% Increase damage with Holy Light by 40% Enable use of Level 3 Stave Crasher Increase damage with Stave Crasher by 25% Add a .1% chance of casting Coma on target when attacking Enable use of Level 10 Enlarge Weight Limit i wanna report this weapon issue, donate weapon no have Enable use of Level 10 Enlarge Weight Limit but L weapon have.. please fix the weapon thx.
  7. Takenoi

    Happy Halloween From Forsaken RO!

    how to get this candy ? have some npc or randomly from mob ? thx
  8. Takenoi

    October 2017: Spooky!

    Sinxz55 A.k.a Prince of Darkness is The Next Demon King
  9. Takenoi

    Buying Emp aura

    Sold out
  10. Takenoi

    S> +0 LTD RED SET

    Sold out
  11. Takenoi

    S> +0 LTD RED SET

    sold out