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  1. Bordz123


    hello may i know if u are still donating?
  2. Bordz123

    Champion G.Ring

    -1 buff champ g ring , nerf magical hg for champ
  3. Bordz123


    900 tokens PM:Oten With A Hammer
  4. Bordz123

    Whitesmith Bless Ring Improvement

    +1 I tried Whitesmith cart termination build, i cant even kill less geared player even with 2 master forger card
  5. Bordz123

    OtenHammer Build

    lol, its my stats . btw im not dragon otin
  6. I enjoy my New Year very much because i celebrated with my Family and Friends.. My New Years Resolution is to stop smoking and start a healthy life for the better of my body and my future ..
  7. Bordz123

    OtenHammer Build

    we already test that but kingring give more damage
  8. Bordz123

    OtenHammer Build

    Hello, Nice to meet you all here's my first build of Whitesmith Napalm Vulcan type ... Upper Headgear:FHELM/VoteFHELM/HALLOWEEN HG (better use HALLOWEEN HG to increase you HP&SP) Card:2 KIELS Mid Headgear:ANY +20 AURA/LTD EMP/BUTT AURA (if you cant afford LTD EMP better use BUTT AURA) Card:1 KIEL Lower Headgear:WSGuardianRing (add more damage to napalm vulcan) Card:Maya Purple/FSOLD (better use maya p.) Weapon:ThorsHammer/Lhammer (better use Lhammer you can save your toks but its up to you) Card:4 KINGRING Armor:WS Dragonist Armor/VoteArmor/FkingArmor Card:GR+TAO/HP+TAO(against Wiz/WS Napalm Type)/RSX+TAO Shield:VoteShield/FkingShield/Friggs Card:Usakoring/Maya/GTB Cloak:FkingCloak/VoteCloak Card:SKOLL+RAY/Skoll+Sinx/2xRAY (for asura champ) Boots:FkingBoots/VoteFKingBoots Card:2xFBH Accessory:2xInt Belt(if u cant afford urds[r]) My stats: str=(depends on you but i can bring 300seeds+20speeds w/ 106 str) agi=until you reach 195aspd Vit=the rest points Int=300 or if u want bigger hp you should decrease ur int a little dex=150 (88+62 = 150)
  9. IGN:D0RDZ jr My entry describes that we need to attend every "Misa de Gallo" or in bisaya is "Simbang Gabi which is a Filipino tradition were Filipinos attend mass for 9 days which lead to christmas" .... I and my friends attending to mass !! Advance Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  10. Can we increase the damage of LK bowling bash type? its so very unfair to Brandish Spear or any spear type skills. :( Urlls = Increase damage done with Brandish Spear 200% + Increase damage to demi humans 15% Freyrs Blade = Increase damage with Bowling Bash 60% only??? increase it to 100 or 150%
  11. Bordz123

    Selling Items (Accept Trade)

    Selling ITEMS • O.crit [800] • Sinx Curse Jacket [1.3k] • Lokis Seal w/Runes [2.8k] Sinx : Don't Leave Me Behind Biochemist : [email protected] `FCP Super Baby : Olwen Sniper : baraw2
  12. Bordz123

    B>loki Seal

    I sell 1 for 1.3k
  13. Bordz123

    Item Return and Refund NPC w/ interest

    I like this idea, I would be able to return my White Emperium and would be able to get Azure but i need to spend for there is interest Anyway, its a good idea for me, others? what do ya think? xD
  14. Bordz123

    Selling Items

    Selling this following 1x Sinx Curse Ring [1500] 1x Black LHZ [1400] 1x Ifrit [45] 2x TGEN [80] 1x L.crit [30] 1x L.fenrir [30] IGN:Don't Leave Me Behind