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  1. Hi guys, I think it would be easier for both sides GM/Donators to get an NPC for using the Woe emp voucher/BR emp voucher/Valk Weapon Voucher. It's much convenient if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Tetsu-

    Forsaken Soldier Quest

    This quest should be remove. Other players still think especially newbies that they can can finish this quest.
  3. Tetsu-

    Squad Goal

    Good job Jet. Hoping to see you part of the GM team someday since you're a previous event GM from another server :P
  4. Tetsu-

    My Birthday

    My Birthday
  5. Tetsu-

    Magnum Break Buff

    Hi GM team, Just a simple suggestion from me is that if it's possible to add the magnum break buff icon on the right side of the screen once Magnum break skill is used. Thanks.
  6. Tetsu-

    Vote Expansions

    I like his idea. +1
  7. Thank you so much for the help and time to hang around! Merry Christmas GM Ebisu! 5a2f878996cde_GM4.thumb.jpg.d3c859220679dd7be2b24919030f948c.jpg

    1. Ebisu


      It was my pleasure :)

  8. IGN: `Hitman- This screenshot describes my family of having a wife and a child celebrating Christmas. I also used my other account for Broadcasting.
  9. Tetsu-

    New Items

    These items are from my previous Ragnarok server. I do not own this pictures. Some are cropped from their original picture. Just ignore the Armor thing and exchange it to Forsaken King Armor. For the Emperor Shoulders, it's like the ring of damned. If you wear this Little Devil Set or should I say you should wear all of the parts of this set to get you an Endure skill status automatically activated once equipped and the Endure skills is removed even 1 part is unequipped. Also, the Little Devil Tail is animated, moving like a real tail. About this headgears below are used for a diff. additional attributes. Each headgear is more in STR, AGI, INT. This headgear is called Dragon Helm or you can change it. This one is more of STR attributes. This headgear is called Dowry Hat or you can change it. This one is more of AGI attributes. This headgear is called Traveler's Hat or you can change it. This one is more of INT attributes. These are additional uber wings. This Iced Wing is called Alpha Wings or you can change it. This Red Orange/Orange wing is called Omega Wings or you can change it. You can add it on donations/quests/votes/token exchanger. Depends on you. That's all! I hope you like it.
  10. Tetsu-

    3v3 PVP event

    OBJECTIVE: Add more players to make the server a fun place to grow. It can be played as teamwork and of course good strategy using different classes of characters. IDEA: My idea is to get a new NPC named "3v3 PVP event" it should be available 24/7. Players would talk to the NPC and should be in a party composed of 3 characters. NPC will ask them to register and by continuing it will give them a number. NPC will whisper them if their team is going up next round for them to have a time preparing their team party. Once they're up, NPC will automatically warp them together at the same place in the PVP arena and their opponent team as well. Both teams are warped on both ends of the PVP map. The last man standing will be the party who will get the prize which is " 1x PVP badge each". And on the same NPC, by talking to it, there would be an option or choice that it's either register or exchange PVP badge. It's up to you of how many PVP badges for a single item. For example, LHZ aura = 2k PVP badge, Valk. Helm = 2k PVP badge. Something like that. TEAM: The participants required would be Lvl 255 and Job Lvl 255. Players would feel teamwork, courage, fun, excitement and not only they will participate on their own but as a team. RESULTS: Players would love it if they have 24/7 3v3 PVP event and while waiting for their turn they can have a little chat or farm. They can invite party with their close friends. It would be exciting especially you're up against strong opponents and fun if you're up against your other friends. Also, I find it players online is just waiting for activity token instead of that we can add some spices up. You are free to add some ideas or changes to my suggestion. Thanks!
  11. Tetsu-

    The Original Carts

    I like the old carts. +1 !Support
  12. Tetsu-

    Currency Trader NPC

    I like this idea. +1 !Support
  13. Tetsu-


    How come with this post GM mentioned that to provide a screenshot to get some help. When I posted with the same issue and provided screenshots. No one helped me and just told me that it cannot be recovered.
  14. Tetsu-

    HELP! Card Removal Problems

    BTW, I just found out about the message when I remove the cards I tried scrolling the chat box up. Kindle Zoom-In the chat message.