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  1. xenomoth

    Suggestion for Rune of Power

    Same me... Like it more thicker... Or have other option...
  2. xenomoth

    ASPD difference between weapons.

    i think maybe the stat of weapon... bcoz some stat it can get ASPD also
  3. xenomoth

    Angel Scarf Recolor

    I dont know it better or not... I suggest Recolor for Angel Scarf not just the button but all angel scarf... Sometime when see only have color on button only...
  4. xenomoth

    B>FREY G

    T>WHitLHZ=OFFER |TealButt=NewColor|S/T>SkullCap/Jade Minstrel B>FREY G
  5. xenomoth


    how much for Sniper SB + infernal Sniper Variant [Clean] Frey G also .. paying pure
  6. B>F.Sniper Cset/ Sniper C Set/ Sniper SB B> Wiz Higness / Infernal Sniper Cape Variant B> unwanted weapon
  7. xenomoth

    The Order Of The Dragon: Dragonist Armor Guide

    yes...Wiz n Prtiest MAtt also
  8. 💰 Treasure Box Island 💰 This is where i Start to play FRO ~Z E N Y~ Forsaken Tokens is Currency but Zeny Also most important currency in FRO. We keep coming farming here to get zeny to start of life in FRO. Selling Zeny get F.toks Use Zeny to get Broadcast. Zeny to use Skill Zeny for Quest Zeny for summon MVP. Zeny for Farming Room. etc 💡 Some people see it not important but for me this is where i start. 💡 🔷 Even dead many time i keep coming. 🔷 🌐 Sometime killing by people sometime killing by monster. 🌐 😎 That is why i still playing FRO. 😎 ~Long Live FRO~ LINK : https://ibb.co/J54cxvr IGN : Infinite-Edge™
  9. S/T> Frigg = Any Wep/OFFER | Skull Cap Infinite-Edge™
  10. xenomoth

    DA and New Accessory Guides

    Nice Dadron3... thx for info
  11. xenomoth

    DA and New Accessory Guides

    wow... the very great... THX A|GM Ebisu
  12. xenomoth

    DA and New Accessory Guides

    nice GM... but i miss somoe job ...Wiz/priest.. what material need for that? thx for help
  13. xenomoth

    Pori-Pori in auto EVENT

    yeah... that the point...
  14. xenomoth

    Pori-Pori in auto EVENT

    Pori-Pori in auto EVENT have nice DROP.. SO people can go n hunt it... Becaus when i go that pori-pori event no one hunt it bcoz not have best Drop from it
  15. i think step 53 not ask for 1 Pc accesory that last part of it...