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  1. RangerOS

    Forbidden Runes Questions

    up :)
  2. RangerOS

    Forbidden Runes Questions

    I'm really not quite sure if this was intended as it is or just a bug so decided not to make a ticket. Recently I tired making runes and with every npc that you talk you just need to give them the prerequisite mats they ask then you'll be able to exchange runes in any amount. This was based on my experience tho, since first I made an Int rune and after I got one there was a prompt by npc asking to choose over "Agi or Int'. Then afterwards on npc on ra_san05 first with Siegfried and followed by Brynhild, also having an option for me to choose over Vit and Str (I made two of each). Also the guide wasn't really that clear that you should do two prerequisite materials first on Siegfried and Brynhild which is really misleading. Lastly I made a 2 Dex Rune also giving me an Option "Dex or Luk". The problem is only the npc for Dex and Luk seemed to stay for giving me options to choose on what I want to make. It had me thinking if this was really intended to be as it is based on the chronological order of the npc you chose to talk to. If yes, sucks that I wasn't informed with that information regardless of the guide? I really don't blame the guide if that so yet I just want to know the reason behind it and also give awareness/idea to other. Thank you for understanding :) EDIT: No screenshots since I don't know this would happen so it will be useless to show the npc "again" asking me for the prerequisite mats.
  3. +1 to the idea of having a different way to summon valk/ getting an sw. I see how hoarding of sw decreases the probability of newbies to create a ring (even and n.d for them). Most instances tend to work together against a newbie without a guild plus this gives the price of sw higher due to demand and sources, making newbies settling just to sell them instead of keeping nowadays.
  4. RangerOS


    Anyone still got these old headgears? I would want to buy them so bad specially those auroras/auras. No idea on price yet please lets talk hehe. Message me here or ingame Kawaii~No~Getsu thanks~
  5. RangerOS


    Can it be possible to have a random picking from whom gets inside the room? Like for example during that 10 minute warning players can choose to have their character be part of this randomly pick from the people that chose to register(whaterver you may call it). And have an exemption of those who are only inside the room can enter. Although I am fully aware of the main downside of this as bringing multiple accounts and still being able abuse it. Yet if there will be an IP ban wouldn't it be easier to regulate allowing only one IP during every chances? (kinda have small knowledge on this part so anyone can clear this up for me).
  6. RangerOS

    Custom Mob Dropped Hat?

    https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/custom-items/mob-dropped/ Hello where do we get the dancing dragon mask? I tried searching on item database and @ii, @whodrops but no luck on finding who drops it (Since item name doesn't detect). Also does it display the right sprite? Because the savage babe hat doesn't. Whats the right sprite of it if ever? Thankss
  7. RangerOS

    What do you recommend job for WoE

    Thanks GM Tenjin, forgot to reply to this thread tho but I decided that I will build a bio.
  8. Hello everyone I would like to get your opinions on what job you think worth investing for woe. I feel like I may build 1 or 2 jobs during woe and also at the same time not getting the satisfaction from the job's capability itself. I consider myself as a killer type of person but not necessarily an assasin-ish type of mechanics. The job I'm currently seeing fits is bio but I really don't know its ups and downs regardless of the demand for maintaining different kinds of bottles needed. Lastly if you can give me the estimated cost of building the specific job you suggest. Thank you for the answers that I will get, hope we meet on the game (which we will for sure lol). :)) EDIT: Sorry if this is really dumb question but I came from a low rate server and woe there are kinda dull and straightforward (knights being tanky, wiz as glass cannon, hunters to trap etc.)
  9. RangerOS

    Command @whosell

  10. Does the voucher only exchange color of the item you own? It doesn't let you get a new emp on a certain voucher category right? EDIT: Do we have a list of all the possible drops of mystery box?
  11. RangerOS

    White Herbs

    Wow this was very helpful thanks. Also may I ask is there a card that can drops yggdrasil seeds, berry and box of storm/speed and where can I farm those usign the card compounded. Sorry for off topic.Thank youuuu
  12. RangerOS

    White Herbs

    I'm planning to make ND rings and 500 white dyes is alot for two RAW wings. Where can you farm white herbs fastest? also efficient? (I know whodrops :P) but in this case the only spot I know efficient is khalitz (+chivs). So yeah you may give me one for fastest and one for efficient place i guess? Thanks in advanceeee PS: What I menan by efficient is having two or more mats at the same time. If thats not clear for some peeps hehe
  13. RangerOS

    Forsaken Raider

    How do you kill faster and with ease by just soloing it? I want to earn one so that I can join raids but I'm having a hard time because it spawn long and takes really long for me to kill specially I kept dying and going back. Mainly what classes are effctive and do sniper the most effective?
  14. RangerOS

    Dual Client

    So is it really just runable by window mode? The reason for why I want fullscreen though is that I want just the other account to stay idle while my main account just farms/hunts.
  15. RangerOS

    Dual Client

    Oh I'm sorry for this honestly I didn't find a thread about it useful and tried not to dig and reply to it since it is solved. Also if I may ask can I just have a useful link to a useful thread/s because maybe I have read the wrong one. Again sorry about it Gm Genesis cheers. EDIT: didn't notice I posted double threads.... sorry about it EDIT: I don't know how to close thread, can I ask mods to close or delete the thread thanksss.