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  1. Land Pro, Pneuma and Merchant Classes

    hes right ^^ he did the talking for me. you cant compare something like that to this because they are completely different even if the aspect is the same.. your analogy is also wrong lol you can't just make a suggestion something pvp related and never touch pvp at all. thats like saying you know how to prepare a dish but you havent even experienced any cooking lessons. it just doesn't make sense because you dont understand what really happens in pvp.. you just look at it from the outside in. also, stop comparing pneuma and cloak. they are very, very different. sinx rewards you with more with the loss of a card slot... isn't that how its supposed to work? and you... yikes i dont know what to say... i know you envy me and look up to me im your idol.. im your representation of a god towards you... you don't have to come into contact with me by starting an argument with me with your broken english. just message me my guy no its not obviously... i have never touched tomahawk in my life.. thats probably why you think im playing only "op" classes and my fingers never get "tired". i do use my finger im just naturally more talented than you in everything so i can spam 999x fast as you.. theres a reason why i have 99999999 wpm
  2. Land Pro, Pneuma and Merchant Classes

    the idea of giving pneuma was that maybe ws was easily kitable by classes like sniper? trap spam fas or ds repeat what does ws do? XD put two players that are decent at pvp vs ws and on ws and you'll understand.. ws is weak as shit 1vs1.. idk stop trying to play victim i called your suggestion dumb not you theres a huge difference. but here's something you should realize... you cannot make suggestions like this if you rarely play pvp.. it doesn't make sense
  3. Land Pro, Pneuma and Merchant Classes

    you talking about me? /wah i wont even respond to you you're not worth being in contact with me
  4. Land Pro, Pneuma and Merchant Classes

    ws c got nerfed so I don't think anyone plays that anymore.. and ws b blows in 1v1 situations because of 1 ring or 1 card no need to remove pneuma xD to be honest ws b might be the worst 1v1 class in the whole server because you have to switch fast between 5-6 armors cloaks and even sometimes I get caught because im too slow. smart players and half decent players know the counter to ws so I won't say it since i play it. this is coming from the only ws b player I see ( so far ) so stop making dumb suggestions if u don't even play ws or pvp in general -____-

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfil34MH_6Q shiat summit plays FRO LOOOOL WTF, if you don't know who summit is, hes a streamer / entertainer, averages 20-50k viewers on twitch and just played fro out of every ragnarok server in front of 30k ppl. we back
  6. Pneuma and Safetywall

    its not stupid at all... lol in that situation you would rarely win against another combination of 2 classes unless you have a pally or a GOOD prof / priest / clown supporting you.. you cant just make up an unfair situation and try to use it as your rebuttal and make your suggestion look good. energy coat on wiz + priest assumptio that wiz is never gonna die, forces both the champ and creator to go gtb and that just lets the priest 1 hit asura or SB. lol the wiz can just go 2 rays and not die to anything, energy coat + assumptio broken up to 65% redux -____- and just stay on usakoring because creator bolts will do literally negative damage and the priest can do the same on assumptio. asura will never 1 shot someone on 2 rays with assumptio ever unless they have 2x or less than 200k hp. and then you know what happens? the priest attacks the creator and over time, 999k asura and easy 2v2. priest doesn't need to get buffed XD
  7. Pneuma and Safetywall

    1. Sniper isn't op in woe at all.. name me a successful sniper in woe.. LMAO everyone is on devo, 1 skill completely shuts down that class in every way. What does a sniper do when a pally is on defending aura? do 15k-30k fas while he tanks 999999 damage? lol You might think it's op when they get alt / afk kills and think they're good 2. You're wrong because you're supposed to wear RSX with GR. If you wear TGK you're getting DEF - 50 and MDEF - 50 so most people that use converters will actually do less on RSX + GR rather than TGK + GR if they dont use incan / thana, and people that understand this can use it to their advantage. So no, you're not taking full damage as if there was no resistance. It also makes armor indestructible which is huge in events / pvp if there is no fcp brah lol 3. If you're talking about armor strip ( wickebine tres ) which is in the accessory slot, people barely use that card as they use runes or cards like alligator / ifrit / owl baron / errende ebecee / horong. besides, 90% of the players have access to fcp. its not that hard 4. to be honest priest can be an op class on a correct player. it has a lot of kill potential and promise that I and a lot of others can make a battle priest that can support ^^ no need to buff priest. its already a broken class. you just don't seen enough of people playing priest and it has possibly the most broken buff in assumptio which is literally redux items in a buff
  8. Pneuma and Safetywall

    a good priest is already hard to kill /hmm
  9. @shopjump

    since we talkin bout commands to add for better convenience, add @allskill/@allskills/@skillall/@skillsall and @storeall. @allskills to get all skills for your class, to level up skills it takes a while even on low ping so on high ping it can be pretty slow clicking your mouse over 100 times when one command can do it all in 1 second. @storeall to store all items in storage. its a waste of time dragging and dropping items in storage for farmers that have many items and for pvpers that have many gears and items in pvp ( 20 - 25 ), another command that can do it all in 1 second. and since we also talking bout convenience might as well have a search option in storage since its easier for farmers to find their mats and for pvpers to find their gears. my storage is literally 600/600 and sometimes I literally think I get scammed when i dont find it in less than 30 seconds these suggestions are for convenience and to make the game more smooth. I couldn't care less if its added or not