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  1. screenForbidden000.jpg Here shows a screenshot of an innocent level 101 High Wizard before he was welcomed wholeheartedly by Uncrowned Kings. Back story of the photo: If you can't notice this is a year old screenshot when I was just an hour old in fRO and was chilling around the main city of fRO. I was that kind of a newbie that slides into people's whisper list and asks multiple questions about the server. That time I was so thrilled since I had an on and off relationship with Ragnarok, for this time I gave it a chance again and fRO was the one brought by fate(?). I was so intrigue with the game as I was welcomed with a cool Valkyrie Helm headgear (as for a mid rate player this was something a charm) and that made me curious and lead me to read more on the game's database. And to my surprise fRO was old & big and was filled with guides, wiki and item database in the control panel (this was my favorite one bring it back please). Oh and did I say I'm very into collecting headgears, which brings me here to the current situation of the screenshot. I message a player asking where can I get her headgear he was currently wearing, funny enough she didn't answer my question and the first thing she replied was to ask if I was a newbie. Ofcourse, I said yes and told her I was new and that I am looking forward to someone willing to teach me fRO stuff. There she said I should go visit @go 11 and find a sniper name "Flash", but I hated how I was always passed by people that I ask to go to a particular location and to ask for. Little that I know those directions that people tell are very much reliable to go as for what I see up today. Oh yea it was a Balloon Hat that caught my attention, the main reason why is because I used to own the headgear on my previous High Wizard with a matching Robo Eyes and Rainbow Scarf. And yeah long story short the Balloon Hat was the start of my adventure, as the unexpected conversation become the reason I felt welcome to the game and made me the player I am today and met awesome friends. No tears, its just a story worth sharing for and a moment to recall once in a while. Doesn't it feel good seing a screenshot thats just nice to look back, appreciate and reminiscence again? Oh and also I own a variant of Balloon Hat now and its one of my favorite items in the game. IGN: Pocoyog Image Link: https://imgur.com/XHghCfo
  2. Holidays Happy Holidays to everyone in Forsaken RO! This year went on a roller coaster experience and let's hope in having yet another great year to come. Let's all celebrate a joyous holidays with our friends, friends in-game and families. IGN: Pocoyog Image Link: https://imgur.com/HJ7sJLN PS: The plan was originally to have a screenshot with my friends in-game but they're too busy with the holidays. So I did it with my alts and included 3 golden savages as a lucky charm. Also this should look like a Christmas tree but went out just a fair and decent one.
  3. Yog

    Gray Imperial Helm

    still interested just message me
  4. Yog

    Legendary Weapon Quest

    Yes you need to start all over the quest itself. Also if you're not informed, legendary weapon/s can only be quested by the specifc class/job for it. Like for instance Champions can only make champion weapons but can't create other job's weapon and the same thing applies to other jobs aswell.
  5. Yog

    Gray Imperial Helm

    Title says it but anyway B> +0 NLTD/LTD Gray Imperial Helm You can message me here or Discord: Yog#3776 IGN: Pocoyog / Yog / Pomeranian will be paying pure tokens, Thanks ?
  6. Shabu Paano mo nasabi? IGN: Pocoyog
  7. GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY Short backstory: Two brave citizens got "bored" and tried to own the hourly GTM event. Their plan is to block the NPC using their ugly wings and was hoping to get all the Minigame Tokens for bloody branches. Little they know the Forsaken Policemen are one step ahead of them. The deputy then asked the dude named Yog that who's his/her partner , he said "definitely Not Mably". Now both of them are on trial and are sent to their own holding cells. IGN: Pocoyog
  8. Balloons Happy 11th Anniversary fRO! Thank you for the wonderful experiences and lessons you brought. Cheers to 11 more years! Also, here are 10 mini balloons and a bundle of balloon that will serve as a "Wishing Ballon". Make a Wish :) IGN: Pocoyog | Yog PS: thanks to Alex for teaching me how to put a character in the middle.
  9. Yog

    S>HD|Spiritual Whispers|VRcard|BOF|LOD|ETC

    Yo Cama I'll buy one red glasses although I'm off atm, you good later? Maybe 5 hours after I commented this?
  10. Yog

    Celebrating 11 years at Forsaken RO!

    Happy Birthday fRO, Cheers to 11 more years!
  11. poixerl
  12. Branch of Surprise There’s a reason why a Secret Base is described as SECRET We all have our own experience wherein we find a hideout out of boredom. A secret base is where you don’t want anyone to know about but may choose to tell them. Many reasons explains why we choose to find one even if we’re already provided by the server. This may or may not apply to everyone for a reason that; they can’t survive being alone or just fond of having people around them. One advantage I see is, it becomes a home inside the game wherein you choose who’s gonna know your base, plus designing it and do tons of different stuff freely like testing your builds. Also with every advantage of course there's a disadvantage; it is not perfect but can reach near perfection using your own decisions. You should always do your best to outweigh those disadvantages. No healer? No problem you can make multiple alt priests that can spam buffs like Gloria and Magnificat. Too plain? Good thing you can auto-vend alts and name a hilarious/wise title of it. Alone and nobody's there? Again, release your alts and make use of the freedom you have. Dull? Easy, throw out a party or an event and invite your friends. You see with great mind and creativity anything is possible. And also like I said you can invite your friend/s and together you can chill and talk whole day. Oh, did I mention you can summon branches too if you’re lucky enough if its enabled there. And speaking of branches... You know that feeling when you just can’t resist to tell and brag to a friend that you own a cool hideout? You invited this friend to chill around and make themselves comfortable that its fine whatever they want to do. I remember it was evening that I told him before I went to sleep, I left him alone there because I was happy enough to have someone there. Although the next day things didn’t go as expected, he surprised me with loads of mobs claiming my place. It was my surprise that he spent a lot of dead branches just to pull a prank off his pocket. Actually I wasn’t mad at him at all, I saw how ridiculous it is and turned out to be useful for me. Snatched COD, CE and other low chance drop by mobs. I even got a Ghostring card and a cool headgear to brag and show in his face, and in the end we found it a very good laugh and a story to be shared someday. We’re still friends (so don’t worry) even though he's still doing it over and over again but now with MVPs so its even more exciting and fun. For those who are curious where is this "secret hideout", it is located above Geffen. IGN:Pocoyog
  13. Yog


    More kidnaps pleaseee, guild leader will provide you freebies /gg