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  1. Tenjin

    Newbie from Indonesia

    Hi and Welcome to Fro , *Forsaken city is the main map (@go 25) * you can level up / grind fast in @warp for_fild06 *Forsaken Token is the main currency in fro
  2. Tenjin


    for_bar 351 237
  3. Tenjin

    Hi!! :) Here we go again~

    Hola welcome to FRO!!!!!
  4. Tenjin

    Celebrating 11 years at Forsaken RO!

  5. Tenjin

    Korean setup? Tiny RO window!

    Click the fro icon and try running it as administrator
  6. Tenjin

    Series of questions for GMs

    1) What was the last picture you took with your phone? facebook screenshots 2) Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars 3) What was the last lie you told? Im on my way. 4) Favorite TV shows / Movies? The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Marvel movies 5) Favorite subject / class? Why? Math 6) Would you rather go a week without bathing, but be able to change your clothes? Or a week without changing clothes but be able to bathe? bath , ill just sleep naked like a boss 7) Weirdest experience in ForsakenRO? Regular player: joining LMS with no gears GM: I fell asleep while hosting an event. lmao, good thing i woke up 8) Most memorable / favorite experience in ForsakenRO? (in-game or not) I've met lots of friends
  7. Tenjin

    What is Fsoldier card

    Fsoldier is a Headgear card
  8. Tenjin

    What is Fsoldier card

    Forsaken soldier card = Gain immunity to the Stone curse effect It's a Castle drop. it's worth 100 toks now
  9. Tenjin

    The Great GM Interview

    @Estrella @Parity
  10. Tenjin

    The Great GM Interview

    1. First and Foremost, which 3 words would you use to describe yourself? (Not physically speakin' of course) Loyal, Conscientious, optimistic, Funny 2. Can you tell us a little about yer favourite hobbies outside of Ragnarok? travelling , eating , reading , watching horror movies. 3. A question that every interviewer would have to ask. When did you first play RO and what made you start? 2004, my friend invited me to play ragnarok 4. What is it that drives you as a GM and keeps you doing the job you've all been doin' so well? Also, how did you become a GM in the first place. Mostly the players !!!! 5. Since music is obviously awesome, what do you enjoy listenin' to and is there a situation where you would listen to one sort o' music rather Rock ,Rnb , Pop goes punk!!!!. anything that's louder than my neighbor's voice 6. The most important question of 'em all. What's yer favourite type of alcohol, and if ye don't drink alcohol *cough, shame, cough* what is yer Beer, Soju , Rum , whiskey 7. If ye could be an animal (in this life or the next) which animal would that be? Bishop please don't be sayin' cat or kitten I'm just not buyin' it! Cockroach, so that girls will get excited and freak out whenever they see me 8. D'ye happen to have a pet (not in RO of course)? If you do, what is it and how did you name it? (If I had a cat I'd surely call him Sir Fancy Pants the First) I have a fish and i call it "Fish", I want a dog and ill call it Al Pacino 9. What are yer favourite movies and/or TV shows. Yes.. yes.. Animes do freakin' count /pif walking dead all seasons, prison break, game of thrones, Hangover 1 2 3 ,all marvel movies. and Animes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now for the juicy Questions 10. For the sake o' gossip, are ye a single? It depends upon the situation and the one who's asking the question. :3 11. That's a tough one, have ye ever broken the law!? Don't be worryin' matey I'm not one to judge, breakin' the law is part of a pirate's daily routine anyway. Well a lot of times when i was a kid..... 12. What kind o' student were ye in school? Were ye the good & quiet type, the rebel, the geek... C'mon just tell us. Im a troublemaker back then, i even pranked on some of my teachers :| , dont judge me i was a kid back then. 13. Have ye ever been so drunk/wasted that ye've done something embarrassing? If yes, what is it ye've done? nope, I control myself every time I drink 14. Do you have one dark secret that you wouldn't mind sharin'? If not... Boooooring. In any case ye can always pass on that one. im booooooooooooooooorrrrrrrinnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg.. >:D 15. Who's the GM ye believe would be lookin' the best wearin' a bathing suit? Yup, ye read right. [GM]Moon and [GM]Estrella 16. And finally!! The last question that I've been burnin' to ask. Would ye dare date a pirate (lad or lass)? Because that's obviously somethin' we've all been askin' ourselves right? Of course, Bucket List!
  11. Tenjin

    Type The Username, Above You, With Your Elbow!

  12. Tenjin

    Account banned?

    Please file a ticket ,
  14. Tenjin


    Hi, Please File a Ticket.