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  1. Maschine Studio

    S>+0 LTD Black Wind Milestone

    S>+0 LTD Black Wind Milestone [1.5k] Leave IGN
  2. Maschine Studio

    WOE changes

    I think i don't have the right to drop some comment here since i know so little about woe and i don't really woe at all. But +1 to making 2 castles per woe since there ain't many participants atm, i only see 2 guilds holding castles, so reducing the available castle will tighten up the competition between the few active guilds. And i assume it will also affect the market indirectly as the supply of drops from castles will lessen a bit, thus, their market value might increase a bit.
  3. Maschine Studio

    Priest Soul Link

    It isn't utilized because in my opinion, a fully buffed Holy light type priest is still pretty much easy to tank you can't even force your enemy to go gtb (with the exception of MB+Lex). And once you get dispelled, it's done unless you got linker with you. That's why i'm suggesting this, so holy light type priest can be utilized as well.
  4. Maschine Studio

    Newbie Guide fRO by NOOB / KING

    A "set" is normally composed of a ring(lower headger) and a weapon. Most players prefer to sell it as set than ring only or weapon only, they prefer both, hence its called a set. Now there are 3 types of ring: Blessed, Cursed and Guardian rings. This is basically how you're going to build your character, by choosing which type you want. That's why you see for example "Sniper C set", it means Sniper Cursed set [sniper cursed ring + corresponding weapon]. Note: "Rings" have different variants (but just for aesthetic purposes only). You'll see sometimes "C scarf" or "C sword" etc.. Those are just variants but the effects are just the same in C=Cursed, B=Blessed, or G=Guardian.
  5. Maschine Studio

    Priest Soul Link

    Bumping this suggestion. Revised as well.
  6. Maschine Studio


    Buying cape and valk weaps. Leave ign.
  7. Maschine Studio

    howdy howdy!

    Try to complete your gears little by little. And yes, start off with frigg's. That's the easiest "next level gears" after legendary gears. Join a friendly non-woe guild for now, they might help you in lots of things and besides, it's good to hang out with friends when you get tired of farming and you wanna rest a bit.
  8. Maschine Studio


    Hi Do you still donate?
  9. Maschine Studio

    Fastest way to get Oridecon Anvil?

    Oh, it's for legendary weapon. Ye i remember now. How could i forgot this, shame on me, when i was new this was my means of living. Hero remains at the last part is also a bit challenging to obtain.
  10. Maschine Studio

    Fastest way to get Oridecon Anvil?

    Where do you need oridecon anvil btw?
  11. Maschine Studio

    Issue with Quest

    You should be the party leader. The character you using to do the quest, should also be the leader of the party upon doing the raid.
  12. Maschine Studio

    Legendary Cursed Accessory Quest

    Just give gaunts instead of donate accessory.
  13. Maschine Studio

    [POLL] Infernal Capes In The Tokenshop

    You're making it sound like I'm too selfish. It's a poll you've posted. You should be the one justifying the options you gave. If you think any of the three choices isn't holistic, why put it in the first place.
  14. Maschine Studio

    [POLL] Infernal Capes In The Tokenshop

    Consumer market obviously prefers the first one, I myself belongs to consumer market, it means when I buy things, I buy it just for myself, for my own use, not to resale in future in hopes to get profit. So I prefer it to be a lot cheaper. But i'm just not sure if it's good for the server.
  15. Maschine Studio

    New Years Token Sale

    Dude, it's already doubled as displayed. As you can see for example, $40 = 2880 Tokens, it's doubled already. Normally $40 is only 1440 Tokens.