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  1. mrferret

    New Aura

    I see a lot of nice HG designs. I hope they add more HG into this server. This kinds of treatments will make me loyal to the game even more. Hahahaha...
  2. mrferret

    This Or That?

    Kill the entire cockroaches population Able to see the future or able to teleport
  3. mrferret

    Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

    Yes and it burns... TPBM never smoke a cigarette in their entire life.
  4. mrferret

    New Aura

    Wow... Nice... It good for INT Characters... Make them look smart. Hahaha... I'm checking them out.
  5. mrferret

    Color Correction

    I seen a lot of colors have almost similar look but some are far from what the actual color is. For instance some of the Valk Helm, Ice Emp and Emp has different color but almost the same. We need a color correction for next patch on all of these. I tried the Red Imperial Helm in Playroom and its the red that I was expected but the Vote Red Valkyrie Helm is not. It's more pink than red same goes to Red Ice Emperium Aurora... It's also Pink. For some they only look at stats and thats all that matters... But for me being a bit annoyed by the incorrect color and a bit OCD I need it to be exactly what the color described it to be. Cause some of us FAB FAM love to have color coordination. Like going length to just get the color we want for our specific characters...
  6. mrferret

    Selling, buying and trading items

    Your Stalker B Scarf Set + 1k trade with my nltd Red Ice Emperium.
  7. mrferret

    Legendary Kunai (a disputable suggestion)

    I shall join this Ninja clan soon. But if your suggestion gets thru it'll make the fcity filled with ninjas... Then it'll be Konoha. Hahaha...
  8. mrferret

    Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

    Right timing... Hahaha... TPBM doesnt read Comics.
  9. mrferret

    This Or That?

    Open Pervert, duh.... Jelly Beans or M&Ms?
  10. Rare but not practical for me imo. Still... It's good that theres market for these cards. I guess I'll need that Thana now if everyone starts refining their equipment from now on. Hahaha...
  11. mrferret

    Legendary Kunai (a disputable suggestion)

    Actually Ninja class is OP after I go against one in BG last week. I believe a fully geared red colored Ninja name Cuhzlogy from Fild With Attitude guild... After facing him, I've come to realize they are still strong and I dont think anymore buff is required... Hahaha...
  12. mrferret

    Ragnarok has been crashed

    I had this problem myself during the past. But after reinstalling and turn off my anti-virus (during installation and opening the launcher) the problem is solved. have you tried turning your anti-virus off during installation and open as Administrator?
  13. mrferret

    Taekwon Mission and Safari Related

    @lord_dhan26 yeah i kno... thnx anyway. This problem is solved... I think can close this case.
  14. Ooooh... What's going on here? I don't do raid but I'll +1 all good suggestions. I need good drops in MvP Room as well. Spent 90toks (1.5B) to get just 1 card. Not worth it... Either increase drop rate or I think the MvP Card should raise.
  15. mrferret

    Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

    False. Was true at first. Then I receive bonus from work. /gg TPBM prefers pancake over toast.