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  1. mrferret

    The Order Of The Dragon: Dragonist Armor Guide

    Great... Can't wait.
  2. mrferret

    Celebrate 2019 in style with upgraded auroras and more!

    Who doesnt... ^^
  3. mrferret

    The Order Of The Dragon: Dragonist Armor Guide

    They are some missing... Mats for Stalker, Super Novice and Taekwon/SG/SL...
  4. mrferret

    B>Cheapest nltd Emp Aura

    The only cheap emp are Tier 3 emp... Thats Orange, Purple and Green... Usually they cost 2.9k but u can try ur luck getting it at lower price. Good luck!
  5. mrferret


    Welcome... Enjoy and have fun... You can always warp @go 11 to ask question regarding the game... We are always here to support each other... Let's all reach to the top!
  6. mrferret

    Suggesting New Headgear

    +1 We need new HG to attract more player into making their chars look pretty... FAB FAM!!!!
  7. mrferret

    Battleground's more dead now than before new patch?

    +1 Pls do... +1 Nice...
  8. mrferret

    [POLL] Infernal Capes In The Tokenshop

    The $60 only sold for less than 2.3k now... Not worth reselling it tbh and way way too overprice. They need to lower that down to $35-40 and the $30 auras to $15-20... For cape the best price for me tbh is what mentioned on this poll... The acce prolly go $30 for a pair and no longer sells individually.
  9. mrferret

    [POLL] Infernal Capes In The Tokenshop

    Now I'm seeing dropping price for the $30 aura in game... Which makes no sense if u can only sell it in game for less than 600. I think everything shud get all the price reduce... Since all end game stuff requires questing anyway... Donated stuff are just some mats needed... I want the GM to look over this and finalize a good price for some donators in game like myself... But just maintain the tokens price in tokenshop... The rest pls lower it down $10-15... You won't lose profit since more players will donate...
  10. mrferret

    DA and New Accessory Guides

    Can't wait... Well actually I already know how to but it's better if the guides are released...
  11. mrferret

    [POLL] Infernal Capes In The Tokenshop

    +1 I wudnt want to donate a lot of cape if the cost is $40 per cape just to sell it underprice... Pls GM change this price. Some donator will appreciated the price reduction. Thank you.
  12. mrferret

    Donated Mid Aura Love

    I'm suggestion a new sale bundle to be included in the Tokenshop. So, instead of buying two $30 = $60 why not make it $50 for the bundle and same goes to the $60 make it $110 for a bundle of two. It'll prolly increase the donation rate or prolly wont. But just a harmless suggestion I think worth discussing over.
  13. How do we know what's included in the Mystery Box for every rotation and how many rotation there is? I know it rotates every new update/ patch release but still unsure the possible content of the Mystery Box except Supply Boxes and Vouchers.
  14. mrferret

    The Great GM Interview

    Oh.... Great interview questions...