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  1. HolyMoly

    [POLL] Infernal Capes In The Tokenshop

    Totally! 🙌🏻
  2. HolyMoly

    [POLL] Infernal Capes In The Tokenshop

    Not sure if those auras are worth getting tbh, much rather make one from BG or join a guild and get a drop(gotta be fortunate enough though). But of course some people dont have the patience to wait and will want those auras regardless so i totally see your point, but at this point those auras are outdated in terms of use and pricing I totally agree that the pricing is really outdated compared to the current market pricing of everything, even those $60 auras, sold in game for less x.x The pricing of everything is just weird at this point, 😐
  3. HolyMoly

    Need help

    What is that ser? xD n
  4. HolyMoly

    Pori-Pori in auto EVENT

    I think you mean put a nicer drop in Pori-Pori event..... I totally agree! Awoooo. Better prices better gaming hehehehehe
  5. HolyMoly

    DA and New Accessory Guides

    Wooooo More Guides hehehehhehe
  6. HolyMoly

    Newbie here!!~~

    Wooooo Welcome Newbie!
  7. HolyMoly

    Woah its been 15yrs

    Whoa, Welcome! Hope you enjoy !!! There's pretty much guide on everything! Do carefully read them before you start your adventures! Pew Pew
  8. HolyMoly

    [POLL] Infernal Capes In The Tokenshop

    Totally agree with the reduced pricing in everything xD. The state of the market right now doesn't really justify a $40 cape 💀. Since sets in game is so cheap lulz(2k Forsaken Tokens for a quested cape + valk wep). RIP. There's always sides to these kind of stuff so who really knows xD There's a lot less willing to get a new cape, so i think a sale or reduction in price is pretty justifiable. 👍🏻
  9. HolyMoly

    Dr. Bones Quest Not Working

    Yes, You have to do the forsaken Knight Quest first in order to do other quests such as that and others more. xD just how it works. Also, the fknight quests give you +200 to the base stat! Very important xD. Fknight is the very first quests that sort of unlocks most of the quests(it lets you do them). It doesn't make sense but that's how it is, xD sorry.
  10. HolyMoly

    Dr. Bones Quest Not Working

    Is your characters knighted?(a Forsaken Knight)? (The 1000 Chivalry Emblem Quest). Make sure you have the requirements. I would double check the quest guide also.
  11. Woooooo, Great Detailed Guide. Thank you! ❤️️
  12. HolyMoly

    Forsaken Tokens

    Hey Scott! Welcome to fro, hope you have fun! Along the way hehe. Basically, there are various ways to use forsaken tokens. You can purchase items in game with forsaken tokens. People tend to sell sets(A quested ring + tokenshop weapon) for cheaper in game. Some of the tokenshop items are also sold cheaper in game sometimes since people don't use that "item" so much anymore or they just have a different build going on. Decide which class you want to main then Learn about the class you want to play then purchase a set accordingly. You can also buy mvp cards, farming services, materials for quests. This server have a thing called quested ring(which comes in Curse/Bless/Guardian variants, each with its own unique build) depending on what you want to build. It requires a donation cape(infernal/cat muffler/etc) then you have to quest it. There are people in game who can quest it for you, in exchange for some forsaken tokens. There are also upgraded versions of the donation accessories which also requires questing. Questors also charge for that. Learn about them first, i also recommend you ask for price check first before purchasing an item! So you don't pay too much! Just fair pricing Goodluck, If you see me in game, feel free to say what's up! IGN: [Ekvivalent]
  13. HolyMoly

    New Years Token Sale

    The cart should display the doubled tokens when you add it to cart. Yeah, what @Maschine Studiomentiond, those token rates aren't the usual ones, hence its doubled. This is actually a great sale, (shoutout to @Caramilly who suggested it). Much better than the other sales before xD. Make it token rain! Wooooooo with great token sale comes great purchasing power! Awoooo
  14. HolyMoly

    New Years Token Sale

    What Maschine Studios have mentioned. I think the sale applies only to $40 and up donation bundles. I could be wrong since it says "All token purchases".
  15. HolyMoly

    New Ring for hybrid sniper FA type(falcon assault)

    Even though, I don't play Sniper as much, this idea looks fun! Another great idea! Should be fun seeing FA be utilized in game. I don't know the specific of it(how much well it would play) but totally support this! 💯