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  1. Apo

    After Installing (Need Help)

    That's literally all I did and I had the exact same issue as you before.
  2. Apo

    After Installing (Need Help)

    Actually downloaded the manual one rather than installer and it worked first try. Give that a shot.
  3. Apo

    After Installing (Need Help)

    I've got the same issue as well, so I figured I'd post here rather than make another post. To make sure it wasn't a compatibility issue I downloaded another RO client from another server theirs worked just fine without any alterations yet with fkenro client no matter what compatibility mode, run as admin, uninstalling my runtimes and getting them again allowing every .exe from the ForsakenRO folder into my Bitdefender, even went as far as downloading the latest kro client on its own and just get the Forsaken RO files to add to them, absolutely nothing would make it boot no matter what config I tried in setup.exe etc, starting to think it isn't even RO related but rather gpard itself.
  4. Apo

    Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

    dem weeaboos i swear
  5. Apo

    So Yeah

    All right all right, I'll get to it.
  6. Apo

    So Yeah

    I lost all my instruments, what do?
  7. Apo

    So Yeah

    I've been busy playing actually good games lately, which is why I missed a lot of practice.
  8. Apo

    So Yeah

    Yes, Som is indeed the guy in the first pic with his eternal crotch thrust.
  9. Apo

    So Yeah

    I came here looking for the road that would lead me to the land of salt, but instead I am stuck in this void: All I can hear is Charlie Sheen shouting in my ears, with a background of Friday from Rebecca Black, piercing my ears like a girl losing its virginity, giving me brain trauma making me believe I have aneurysm. The only good thing I have left is my album of SMD. I wish times were better but nope, what have I done to deserve such a harsh treatment? The fact that i have enslaved people to take care of my garden? Or that I stole money from a homeless guy in the street? I doubt so, I find this kind of practice to be really normal and common and shouldn't affect or give me any sort of karma. Perhaps you guys could give me advice on what to do?
  10. Apo

    So Yeah

    I heard you were all mad, problems?
  11. Apo

    Image Recoloring

    Canbe done, I even saw a KFC one so nothing's impossible.
  12. Apo

    Image Recoloring

    Sorry for late reply - topic revival, I just felt like passing by to post the end result (took a while to put it all together) Before Printing After Printing (Sorry for the lightning effect giving a bad view but it' because of the new plexiglass and the dark colors and my cheap camera put altogether.)
  13. Apo


    The fact that I posted here is self explanatory.
  14. Apo

    Fro's Most Awesome Story Since Like Ever ~

    ddid tlekekinesys ten typed th end even tho he wah drubnk
  15. Apo

    Fro's Most Awesome Story Since Like Ever ~

    The actual end of the ending.