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  1. Perishable

    Newbie here

    I think I've played league with you. Your display name sounds so familiar.
  2. Perishable

    Other High End Custom Items

    Start by becoming a knight. https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/wiki/quests/storyline-q/
  3. Perishable

    Battleground rewards, event updates, and accessory sale!

    Also fix the 15 minute cooldown on repairs in WoE 2.0. It's not a 2 hour WoE. It should go back to default. Put it back at 5 minutes. It was changed due to me holding 2.0 castle for 8 months without rotating.
  4. Sorry for the shit, i said about you in the game in the past. I look back at it and say "Wtf was i thinking", i've been battling depression for years now. 

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    2. Perishable


      The irony. Hope all is well now man.

    3. NeverGone


      Yea, everything is alright now. 

    4. 8ball
  5. Perishable

    Hi!! :) Here we go again~

  6. Perishable

    Hello Fro!

    good ol' days
  7. Perishable

    GM Genesis Attitude

    LEL rekt

  9. Perishable

    Getting Tire To Know How Build Breaker?

    As long as you stay the f* alive and luckily outburst others on the last auto attack that destroys the emperium, you'll do the job. Do you if it works for you. I've once broke the emperium while on full stripped once. I've done it on every class except ninja, super novice, and sl. Dream big. Ignore the negativity on your guide. I respect your guide and thanks for sharing a build that works for you and might work for many other. The main focus is staying alive. Let others die and you'll finish the job. A castle doesn't determine who is right at all. Only those that are left and got that special last auto attack that kills the emperium's health.
  10. God Speed bro. Stay strong. You have our support.

    1. Amicable


      SOM! ❤️ Q_Q Thanks bro, love and miss ya! And I will!

  11. Perishable

    Invalid File "cps.dll"

    This happens because of Gepard Shield file is corrupted.
  12. Perishable

    Error while raiding

    Missing sprite and act. file Gepard is a horrible RO Shield.
  13. Perishable

    The Fate of the Gods Episode 3: The Age of Wolves

    So i changed the NPC clientside to this https://gyazo.com/adf62b8abbce1127f6a94255fab27b78 . I'm not erroring anymore. Temporarily replaced the sprites.