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  1. dadron3

    WOE changes

    I 100% agree with the fact that there's too many castles at the moment. We need less. I'd say we should first determine which woes are most active(60+ players active during a woe would mean it's active). Accordingly those woes should have 2 castles and the less active woes should have only 1 castle. I'd also recommend having a monthly reset or a a reset every (? Days, weeks) on who owns the castles and the economy on the castles being reset to 0. As for the setup of the castles, I don't know enough to comment on this point. However the drops will have to be redistributed to the castles which are left, not sure how this would work. So happy someone finally made a suggestion on it!
  2. dadron3

    MVP lootboxes from regular MVPs

    Mvps are majorly camped and they die far to quickly to provide other players even a better chance to atleast take note of the timers. As for mvp cards getting cheaper I have absolutely no idea what you're taking about. They've all increased in price in the last month for reasons unknown, technically they should be getting cheaper. As for revamping certain mvp drops +1 on that. Can you make a list of the ones which did have useful drops or cards? Also what does the mvp lootbox do?
  3. dadron3

    fRO Keeps Crashing Again

    There's been a new patch that was launched just yesterday. Close all instances of RO or restart your computer and run the patcher as administrator and then try again.
  4. dadron3

    Over Power (SG. | Gunslinger G. Fullbaster)

    GS does approx 90-120k per hit even if they can spam (requires an ND G ring). However on 2x it does get extremely strong but so does virtually any attack based class. SG has had their damage nerfed multiple times, they're not even worth playing outside WOE. During woe they get Stats increased due to the party size. Don't see why this needs a nerf? Please state your logic
  5. dadron3

    Failed to connect to the server

    Have you tried using a VPN to connect to fRO? People in the past have had issues connecting due to restrictions from their work place or isp.
  6. dadron3

    Fastest way to get Oridecon Anvil?

    The reason the guy above me is asking is because it's not a quest requirement in any of the popular or more effective gear quests as far as I know. Here's a popular guide for new players with quest mentions. https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/35280-newbie-guide-fro-by-noob-king/
  7. dadron3

    DA and New Accessory Guides

    Or when you start the quest (after the fame and speaking to sigismund) you need to speak to the dragonist sect npc and they'll tell you what items are needed. It's class specific
  8. dadron3

    [POLL] Infernal Capes In The Tokenshop

    So then pick an option that's holistic instead of one that just serves your needs and then justify your response so people reading this thread can follow your thought process.
  9. dadron3

    [POLL] Infernal Capes In The Tokenshop

    Bump. Please add your thoughts as well and not just your votes!!
  10. Hello everyone, It's my belief that infernal capes are incorrectly priced in the tokenshop if the goals are the following Make more sales (Server benefit) Have more Rings/Variants in game (Players benefit) Economical price (Game benefits) As stands, to make a cape into a cursed, blessed or guardian ring costs 900-1000 (C), 700-800 (B) or 2000 (G) respectively. However the cost of a finished cape depending on the class/variant/type can range from 1k-3.5k in game (note anything higher than 2k is for a guardian ring, not for blessed or cursed). Not taking into consideration the people who over price and never end up selling their items. If we consider a $:Token ratio as a deciding factor for many people who donate to fRO. Then the lowest ratio is 1$:50 tokens. At this rate an infernal cape would cost 2000 tokens if 2-3 are purchased and 1750 if 1 is purchased. Making it an economical no brainer considering that a finished Cursed/Blessed Cape costs 2k at the most, usually less. Please drop your vote and provide your feedback! Thanks
  11. dadron3

    Asking the NOOBish question

    There's always the possibility to get an emp or imp. Each mystery box has a different one (this is mystery box 3 it has white imp and Teal ice emp). There are also mystery tokens that you can recieve. 5 can be redeemed near the token trader for valk expansion hg (non ltd). The mystery boxes as well as the hg available are supposed to rotate each month as far as I know.
  12. dadron3

    Newbie here!!~~

    Welcome to fRO! If you haven't been guided yet go to @go 11 and say "Awooo, kidnap please" They're a super fun loving guild which mainly consists of new players at different stages in the game. We'll guide you through the basics and support you till you can join one of the larger guilds!
  13. dadron3

    Dr. Bones Quest Not Working

    I think it makes perfect sense considering they're all part of the fRO quest story lines. The forsaken knight quest is super simple. A guide of it can be found on the forums wiki. You can have a pet and farm the food for it if you'd prefer or you can buy it from an npc. Yes the later takes a little effort!
  14. dadron3

    It's good to be back...

    Welcome back! Check out the new player guide, incase you need a refresher on the game play! There probably have been a lot of changes since you were last on. You can find me on Dadron3 if you have any questions. Although I don't speak Spanish your English seems comprehensible! See you ingame!
  15. You don't need to be fully geared to pvp in kvm. You can play many classes for pvp with mid end gear. Bard/Gypsy Pally Stalker Wiz or Prof If people paid more attention to the available classes, their positioning, using seeds at the right time and strategically fighting opponents rather than just expecting better gear to help them win we wouldn't have these issues with weak pvpers. Certain classes are no doubt more expensive to fully gear and play but I don't see this as a problem. You can easily earn 1-3k tokens a month minimum on fRO without donating Perhaps Flavius and Tierra should have other rewards that incentivize people to play it? Like seed tix, mvp cards or something on those lines. Consumables that can be sold to other players in the market? I think the real issue with kvm is that people are still learning how to fight with and against what usually seems like a random mix of classes. Coordinating and working together as a team with only minutes to prepare is quite difficult. But people are getting the hang of it now. I don't think the update has affected BG as heavily as the holidays have. Lots of players haven't been logging on regularly. Of course, this will be tested in the first week of Jan when most people will get back to work/studying. Edit: I'd suggest removing some of the unused rooms and replacing them with a different size of room or changing the existing room structure. Maybe a 3v3 Valley forest and Argus team game with no cool down? A smaller team size means that if more players want to play the game mode there'll be a wait time anyway.