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  1. dadron3

    Ragnarok has been crashed

    My pleasure bud. Make sure you check out the new player guide on the forums!
  2. To be honest I'm not sure what Eleanor does either. Eira increases hp or something of the sorts. Yes they're Uber rare cards. The drop rate is .1% and they're perpetually camped.
  3. dadron3

    Ragnarok has been crashed

    Hey bud welcome to the server, What you need to do is Go to the control panel https://forsaken-ro.net/cp/ Log in to your account Select the character that's stuck Reset their look and position Let me know if this works for you
  4. dadron3

    Legendary Kunai (a disputable suggestion)

    I think that the class is underutilized. I think people just don't play it much. Before we make pvp related changes I'd say we'd need more feedback. But to start with maybe make ninja a necessary char in one of the raids. I feel as though all the different class types should be compulsory in atleast one of the raids. Thereby making them more played, which will inevitably lead to better feedback. As for a new quest for the class, that sounds like long drawn affair whose efforts could probably be pointed to other pressing issues at the moment. We should come back to this conversation when there's atleast 5 people actively playing ninja for PvP, MvP, etc.
  5. dadron3

    Legendary Kunai (a disputable suggestion)

    Not saying. Just try out the different options on the class. It has an int build and a str/vit build.
  6. I'd suggest making both mvps (eira, Eleanor) more challenging and simultaneously increasing the drop rate as well.
  7. dadron3

    Legendary Kunai (a disputable suggestion)

    -1 If we had more people who played ninja, you'd actually see that the class might need a nerf.
  8. dadron3

    Kia ora

    Welcome to fRO! Be sure to check out kings guide for new players If you need a guild go to @go 11 or ask someone to invite you to uncrowned kings! It's w guild for new players. Good luck
  9. dadron3

    cannot logged in

    Please make a support ticket and delete your account information from here. Make one by going to https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/support/
  10. dadron3

    Taekwon Mission and Safari Related

    Happy hunting? Not sure what the right term is. You'll need to check this is still the way to enter, if not post back here.
  11. dadron3

    Fame Points bug(?)

    Not a bug, if you kill someone who has fame activated you'll get the fame points. Vice versa if someone kills you and you have fame on, they'll get fame points regardless. However I'm not sure if it resets once you do the forsaken knight quest, it shouldn't logically but you'd need to test that and let me know!
  12. dadron3

    PvP/BR/GvG Rewards revamp

    I think we need a BG revamp to fix the pvp token and ice emp issue. But that's an entirely different topic.
  13. dadron3

    Bloody Branches

  14. dadron3

    Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

    TRUE I love close range combat. MMA is beautiful. TPBM likes chick flicks.
  15. dadron3

    Bloody Branches

    Question : Do the MvP card drop rates for bloody branches increase to 20% on weekends?