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Found 1 result

  1. OBJECTIVE I'm looking up for a way to give us the chance to make the population of the server increase. Actually I have two suggestions so I will be separating it in two parts. IDEA I am simply observing the server day by day. Upon observation i can say that there is only a little difference on it's population based in every single day of a week. FRIDAY - Normally this is the schedule that the population increases a bit , players who have jobs in real life from Monday - Friday normally kicks in on this day. SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Here we can see the max population of the server. For the players who works from Monday - Friday , this is their scheduled off for the week. And eventually we have the floating rates from Saturday - Sunday I think and its an additional factor why they kick in because of the bonus rates of getting a card they need MONDAY - Its goodbye time again, players goes off in-game and get busy with their lives, the population will now decrease. TUESDAY to THURSDAY - Low Population , we only see players who loves to chat & a few number of farmers , some kicks in for PVP and WOE. Upon calculating the real number of players, here is the result: 400 - 600 PLAYERS So I made the calculation from the minimum number of players. 400 = From the 400 we have 50 % Vendors ( Auto-trading Players ) out of it. = 200 Left in-game players ( But the computation will not end with that ) From the 200 we have another 50 % Non-active from Tuesday to Friday. = 100 Left expected active players ( But the computation will not end with that again ) In this 100 , it doesn't mean that it is 1 is to 1 player. Of course we do have ALTS , including me I got 3-5 depends on the mood , and I have a GUILD of ALTS too. :D So to end up the computation, lets take another 50 % from the 100 Left expected player and will sum up that there is only a percentage of 50 players playing in-game. OMG I think I can almost name them all. :/ SO HERE IS MY IDEA PART A ( Activity Tokens ) Its just like the MVP Card Floating Rates or PVP Happy Hour. I don't know how to call my idea but I recommend a day or twice a week that maybe we can have a x2 - x4 Activity Tokens per hour to earn. I highly recommend Tuesday and Thursday if its twice a week. Schedule it 8am to 5pm PH time. And Wednesday 8am to 5pm PH time if you decide to implement it once a week only. I suggest this idea because it will serve as a reminder to the Non-active players of Tuesday to Thursday that they can make their accounts LOGGED and go afk for work for the bonus activity tokens.. It doesn't matter if they are afk or not as long as it gives an increase to the number of server population. PART B ( Referral Tokens ) I'm thinking of how to implement this idea of referring and getting a reward while abuse of making dummy accounts should be prevented and finally I figured it out. All we need here is an NPC to exchange referral tokens for some rewards , just like event tokens that can be exchanged for customized equips. Maximum 3 Referrals for each account. Referral Tokens should not be tradable. Reward Equipment should not be tradable. Now after referring the game to three people you know , you cant exceed anymore , it will be their turn to refer. We will do this like a pyramid. So 3 referral for your entire RO life only. And for the example of referral reward: Reward Referral Tokens that you can get per refer should be 200 maybe. Reward Items Price should range up to 500 to 600 only. 0-200 Price Range for low stat EQ's 200-400 Price Range for normal stat EQ's 400-600 Price Range for high stat EQ's Why 3 referral only? The purpose is to balance the reward that you can take . For example: 3 referrals = 600 Referral Token = 3 Kinds of Low Stat EQ Reward / 2 Kinds of Normal Stat EQ Reward / 1 Kind of High Stat EQ Reward , its your choice. Why "Referral Tokens" and not just the normal tokens? Normal tokens are tradable. Because scumbags can do fake referring and use the system to earn profit , they will just simply make different emails / accounts and refer then trade the tokens to their main. That's why we need to apply the 3 Referral only system too. Mechanics of referral: This will go upon your account registration. A section should be added where you can put the username of the person who referred the game to you. And automatically the person who referred the game will receive the reward in-game or claim via npc just like the voting system. This idea will bring up players to invite more players because of their eagerness to get a reward. I hope my ideas can do a big part in making the server population increase. This would be all. :D TEAM @Genesis @Artemis @Moon @Danger RESULT Please give it a try until we succeed. I don't go after rewards in all my suggestions , i am a player who wants to contribute and volunteer to serve. Helping the server is my aim and seeing the server getting better and better is my goal. Thank you.