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Found 12 results

  1. Takenoi

    S> +0 LTD RED SET

    Sold out
  2. Takenoi

    S> +0 LTD RED SET

    sold out
  3. Victoria

    Emperium Testing Room

    This idea belongs to Tatels As the title says, we would like to bump the Emperium Testing Room suggestion Before explaining it, here are the links to the suggestions before: http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/30610-breaker-tester/ http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/21656-practicing-breaking/ http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/30297-emperium-breaking-test-room/?hl=break http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/27000-can-i-have-a-suggestions-can-we-have-a-room-that-can-practice-breaking-emp/page-4?hl=breakin "Why would you need an Emperium Testing Room? You can just test on skeggiolds" This is not merely just a testing room wherein you test your damage, it will record your time on how fast you can break So if your time is lower than those whom tested it before you, then you'll have an idea to do something about your build The NPC will be called "Emperium Testing Room" with any of these NPC sprites #1 #2 #3 #4 (My favorite would be number 4) The NPC will have these options Testing Room Check the breaking record Back After choosing the "Check the breaking record" option, there will be a list of the top 30 fastest breaker with their corresponding time for breaking the emperium After choosing the option "Testing Room" there will be 5 rooms if someone is already occupying the room, it will say [occupied], but you can choose those that are [vacant] After choosing a vacant room, you will be warped to that testing room wherein there will be an NPC (Emperium Summoner) Emperium Summoner The Emperium Summoner has three options Summon Emperium Stop Time Leave If you choose the "Summon Emperium" option then the Emperium will be summoned on the center of the map Once the Emperium has been summoned, the timer will start You can talk to the NPC again either to stop time or leave And that's it! What we lack is the testing room itself, if any of you would like to suggest a small square/circle room that will be perfect as a testing room, feel free to suggest so We will credit you for it :th_ok: And I have read about the threads that has the same idea as this one, but I am bumping it up again and putting a more detailed example. As some said, why would we need an emp testing room? It would only lessen up the thrill of WoE and would rarely be used. (Who says you can only use SinX for breaking anyways? I broke the emp once using my Gypsy) If that is so, then we can turn this into just a Testing Room wherein there will be summoned monsters with reducs, with high vit def, low vit def, different properties and such. (If you are afraid for your build to spread, then you can disagree on this part but there are also good things with these testing rooms, you can now test if the weapon effects that you have or the gears you are wearing needs to have a boost or needs to be changed in a certain way.) Plus, no need to argue because Genesis said that he will be working on it I only gave the details needed for it and made the new people aware of the possible changes This won't benefit me in any way, even if they deliberated it again and thought that they don't want it to get implemented that is fine with me if it still does get implemented that is fine with me also whichever will make the server happy is fine with me
  4. Xhip

    S> Purple Emperium

    Deal is done.
  5. failedToConnect

    Breaker Tester

    Wanted to post this last week but I forgot until I overheard it a while ago. Tried one of these in another server and it helps a lot...A LOT. Hope we can open a breaker testing area in this server. Just too see if we are doing enough (or our expected) damage to the emp. Just a suggestion. Regards :)
  6. Procastinate

    About The Emperium

    I know this has been asked for about a million of times but i just want to be clarified because up to now I'm still confused of whether Abysmal Knight Card works on emperium or not, my main Question is, Is the Emperium a Boss type or not? others say yes others say no, but i want to ask the GM's about this matter since they know this server a lot more. Thank you
  7. Augustus Waters

    Arch Enemies

    Welcome to Arch Enemies! Arch Enemies is a multi-national guild that targets to become an appealing WoE guild that interacts with all the players in FRO community. † Our Vision : To cultivate a welcoming home for all players To inspire moments of friendly challanges in WoEs and GvGs To create value and make a difference † Our Mission : To become a great place to be in where people are inspired to grow and learn together to be the best they can be. To promote an engaging network of other players and alliances, together we will create mutual and enduring values. To become a responsible citizen of Forsaken RO server that makes a difference by helping to build and support to keep the community sustainable. To present well organized WoE/GvG(s) that anticipate and satisfy members' wants. To bring the best results from WoEs while being humble and mindful of our overall responsibilities. Guild Policies and Rules † It is important to have our policies to help ourselves to reach the goals. All Arch Enemies (aka AE) members are required to comply to Forsaken RO server rules. All AE members will communicate in English language in Guild Chat, in the forum and in Ventrilo or Skype. All AE members will cooperate together and act at the same time during WoEs and GvGs. All AE members shall not be aggressive after having a losing fight nor be trashtalking on other players or guilds. All AE members shall treat other players like how we want to be treated. *Expel Conditions* † Any members who trashes our values and beliefs by behaving in inappropriate manners will not be coming back to the guild with no exception. Any members who failed to comply the guild rules may get expelled. Any members who started randoming on other players in PvP and come back getting owned, will be expelled. † Any members who have not been online for more than 1 weeks will get expelled.(You may be reinvited depending on your loyalty level and your excuse for being away.) *Our Offer for You* AE is a pretty new guild as you can see. For every Active WOE participant you'll get 20Tokens plus seeds. Salary increase will be given depending on how often you attend WOE. As for the Guild drops if ever there's any. We will try to sell and spread it across the Guildsmen to give everyone a fair and square deal. *Recruiting Policy* *We are really strict in recruiting members, these are our guidelines. • Must be Lvl 255. • Must have at least a basic knowledge about WoE, especially the role of his/her character during WoE. • Must be Coordinated, Respectful, and Kind. • Must have at least a basic equipment for WoE. We highly prioritize people who are really equipped. * If you're a new player, tell us immediately so we can help you out by giving you tutorials and explanation about the server/guild/WoE. We prioritize Paladins, Wizards, Professors, Clowns/Gypsy, Sniper, Whitesmith, Soul Linker, Gunslingers, and especially SinX for Breakers. *Guild Hangout* † Most of our members are pretty everywhere roaming around Fcity. But our main Go To Point is Veinsat @go 24 *Guild Inviters* † You can be interviewed and invited by some of our members. Augustus Waters, Ludwig Van Houten (Leader) Saphera (Dutchess) ~Chibi Sekai~ (Flame Haze) TheBeast (TheGreenBeast) We look forward on seeing you ingame and being part of Arch Enemies!!
  8. Im the leader (CAVIARcartel) and the Guild is known as CAVIAR_CARTEL. Whisper me if you are interested. As stated, this is a no pay guild. > Fun and chat with lots of members who can HELP YOU OUT with builds and quests > LOYALTY is number 1 > Have a fun and relaxing time chatting about RO with us! > Help us get famous > ALL members HAVE FULL ACCESS TO GUILD (invite others freely) > NO TAX (Its all on me)
  9. kokiqueue


    How do you get the emperium item? I tried warping to the emperium monster location but it says warp failed. I guess there is a quest to unlock it. How do you begin this quest?
  10. anthon95

    What Heals Emperium?

    Well, honestly I'm making this for reference to anyone who wants to know how to heal Emperium. First of all, HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY HEAL AN EMPERIUM? As said in iRO wiki and in the skills, there are only two means of healing Emperium. ONLY these two means can heal it and not any other skill can do so. These are: - Sanctuary - Gospel/Battle Chant For some wondering, and for those who really doesn't know, the skill 'Heal' of acolytes/priests cannot heal Emperium. It is because Ragnarok said so. And that's the end of it. Heal can be maximized in High-rate servers, such as this server we are currently playing, thus making the healing of emperium to an extent where it doesn't even get damaged. With a full-geared High Priest, let's say a High Priest with 4 Bacsojin's/White Lady, 2 Urd's, a Priest Highness and a Cursed Priest Ring, a High Priest's heal can go up to 300+k per Heal. Which means spamming it on emp makes it nearly impossible for breakers to break it if a full-geared Support Priest is spamming it on Emp. Also, Heal has no after-cast delay. It has a standard two spams per second (if you are in full aspd, I think.) So, I think it is reasonable that Sanctuary and Battle Chant are the only skills capable of healing emp. For those people who thought that Sanctuary doesn't heal Emperium, let me give you a short and precise lecture: - Sanctuary is an AOE skill using a 5x5 cell area. - Characters and non-undead/non-demon monsters are healed once a second within the cell area of a casted Sanctuary, unless at full HP. - Undead and Demon property monsters take Holy Property damage that are half the healing rate of the casted Sanctuary who stands beside or near it. - Sanctuary's targets are determined by the following priorities: 1. Player with Current HP less than max HP. 2. Non-Undead/Non-Demon property monsters with current HP less than max HP. 3. Undead and Demon property monsters. Why am I explaining this? - Because there are people who doesn't believe that Sanctuary heals Emp. First of all, Emperium is considered as a monster. It can even be viewed in the @mobinfo/@mi command that players can use. And the Emperium is a Holy Property monster which means Sanctuary heals it because of the conditions that it determines to see if it heals or damages a monster. Therefore, that being said, Priority #2 runs whenever Sanctuary is placed on Emperium and thus healing the Emperium the same amount that it heals a player. With a full-geared Support Priest, a Sanctuary can heal up to 40+k per second, making it a fair healer for WoE. With an estimated skill duration of 25 seconds, a full-geared priest can heal Emperium by about 1 million HP for 25 seconds. And you do the math for minutes. For those who doesn't believe that Emperium can be healed by Sanctuary, you haven't been reading much. I suggest you guys take an RO school or whatever. Well, that concludes everything you need to know about healing Emperium. If you ever found people trying to say that Emperium cannot be healed by any means, take them here. I have been playing priest for months now. I've dedicated myself not in being a battle priest, but a support priest in those times, and until now. I have healed Emperium for my guild and in my experience, breakers cannot break Emperium that easily when a Support Priest heals Emperium all day long. I think most people who uses Priest as their main character would agree with me. Thank you for taking your time reading this short and almost out of the blue guide. But believe me, it serves as reference for something going on right now in Forsaken RO's world. Once again, thank you. And for those who don't know who I am... My name is Hyun.
  11. Can I ask how does the emperium take damage? What i mean is on some ro servers, the emperium has 100/100 hp and all damage to it is 1 (Whatever your strength is), so basically on these server the emp will only break when hit 100 times. Is this the same on fro? Or it take damage as a monster? With property, element, race modifier? Thanks =)