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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Forsaken Team, PLS ANY GM COULD FIX MY CHARACTER PLS... PLS JUST BRING MY CHARACTER BACK AT FCITY!!.. I USED TO WARP AT A PARTICULAR NPC NAMED "Senior Senator" (for_king 161 158) after that the client went crash and shows this. Im doing Citizenship Quest i didn't know that quest and NPC were no longer updated. All my items are in there /sob Im only 2 weeks old playing this. sorry for being noob. Please somebody help me :< I hope this will be fixed ASAP..... thanksPLEASE FIX THIS! IGN: Eisen L. Whisemburgh
  2. Yatogami

    Eisa's Ember Fix

    So I just got my hands on the new GS weapon. When I first saw it I was so hyped, but when I finally got it, I was surprised to see it was 2 handed because most of the valkyrie weapons here that are supposed to be two handed are one handed. so I was hoping to get a fix on this by making it one handed. also if you can make gunslinger bless ring coincide with the new weapon. Thank you!!
  3. Pori Pori Revenge Event Pori Pori Revenge is an Event that is similar to the Poring Catcher, you'll have to kill the right poring but it's not that easy, since the Porings have their minions and they are aggressive and will attack you when they see you. I have heard alot of opinions about this event, they told me that they NEVER saw anyone win this event, making the Event non-beneficial since the purpose of events is to give the players (especially the newbies) a chance to live their ForsakenRO life without having to donate. I personally went to this event, I saw a few dead people (about 1-2 only) and they were newbies, the old players are not playing the Event anymore because they think that its a waste of time since you will never win in the end anyways, here are some screenie as proof that no one wins this event. I always stay here whenever I AFK ----------------------------------------------- This is the time that I went to check on the event ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- I think its time to fix this event, and here is my suggestion. If the Porings HP will be decreased from 95million (Oh wow, you cannot kill that fast in just 10 minutes unless you have a party with you, but still you can only kill atleast 1 in 10 minutes) to atleast 25-30 million then it would be easier for the players to kill them and still have time to find the correct poring. What would motivate them to join this event would probably increasing the prize from 3 mini game tokens to 6 mini game tokens, since the Pori Pori Revenge Event is twice as hard as the Poring Catcher (where you just have to find the correct poring). The time limit will still be 10 minutes. What do you guys think? I think its time for us to show our love towards this event, like the way you love Guess the Monster, Password, Dice, Novice Survival etc. Collaborated with [GM]Armstrong with the planning of a fix for this event
  4. Roi

    Selling Fix Price Stuffs.

    Selling >> Full Pally Bless Set = 7.5k Full Sniper Cursed Set = 7.2k Skull Aura = 3k Black Sacred Wings = 1.6k Dorcus = 1.3k +0 White Dragon Helm = 800 Fixed prices, find me in game IGN: Not Roi / Tia Maria