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Found 3 results

  1. lee05jay22

    Novice/baby Woe ?

    Well.. since there are WOE for the pro's and fully geared people.. why don't we give the newbies/Novices a WOE too ? Req. : Almost the same requirements and must have in a pro WOE .. but the castle and emperium is a bit weaker .. come on they're just novice xD also a new woe map for the novice castles xD 2nd suggestion.. Baby WOE .. where baby characters with their guilds compete with each other for the glory and pride of having a castle xD Baby Woe and Novice woe ? isn't it cute ? xD
  2. Kayla Minerre

    Get Rid Of Those Damn Flags

    Seriously. Can we do something about the guild flags in WoE? I use BM (a.k.a. I require BM) and every time I walk into the emp room or any close quarters area with the flags, I always click on them and proceed to die because I can't close out of it, undo the talk option, and ygg in time. It's beyond annoying, it's a waste of my money (for fcp) and does nothing to enhance the WoE experience. I know it can be done (there's custom maps all over the place here to attest to that).
  3. anthon95

    What Heals Emperium?

    Well, honestly I'm making this for reference to anyone who wants to know how to heal Emperium. First of all, HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY HEAL AN EMPERIUM? As said in iRO wiki and in the skills, there are only two means of healing Emperium. ONLY these two means can heal it and not any other skill can do so. These are: - Sanctuary - Gospel/Battle Chant For some wondering, and for those who really doesn't know, the skill 'Heal' of acolytes/priests cannot heal Emperium. It is because Ragnarok said so. And that's the end of it. Heal can be maximized in High-rate servers, such as this server we are currently playing, thus making the healing of emperium to an extent where it doesn't even get damaged. With a full-geared High Priest, let's say a High Priest with 4 Bacsojin's/White Lady, 2 Urd's, a Priest Highness and a Cursed Priest Ring, a High Priest's heal can go up to 300+k per Heal. Which means spamming it on emp makes it nearly impossible for breakers to break it if a full-geared Support Priest is spamming it on Emp. Also, Heal has no after-cast delay. It has a standard two spams per second (if you are in full aspd, I think.) So, I think it is reasonable that Sanctuary and Battle Chant are the only skills capable of healing emp. For those people who thought that Sanctuary doesn't heal Emperium, let me give you a short and precise lecture: - Sanctuary is an AOE skill using a 5x5 cell area. - Characters and non-undead/non-demon monsters are healed once a second within the cell area of a casted Sanctuary, unless at full HP. - Undead and Demon property monsters take Holy Property damage that are half the healing rate of the casted Sanctuary who stands beside or near it. - Sanctuary's targets are determined by the following priorities: 1. Player with Current HP less than max HP. 2. Non-Undead/Non-Demon property monsters with current HP less than max HP. 3. Undead and Demon property monsters. Why am I explaining this? - Because there are people who doesn't believe that Sanctuary heals Emp. First of all, Emperium is considered as a monster. It can even be viewed in the @mobinfo/@mi command that players can use. And the Emperium is a Holy Property monster which means Sanctuary heals it because of the conditions that it determines to see if it heals or damages a monster. Therefore, that being said, Priority #2 runs whenever Sanctuary is placed on Emperium and thus healing the Emperium the same amount that it heals a player. With a full-geared Support Priest, a Sanctuary can heal up to 40+k per second, making it a fair healer for WoE. With an estimated skill duration of 25 seconds, a full-geared priest can heal Emperium by about 1 million HP for 25 seconds. And you do the math for minutes. For those who doesn't believe that Emperium can be healed by Sanctuary, you haven't been reading much. I suggest you guys take an RO school or whatever. Well, that concludes everything you need to know about healing Emperium. If you ever found people trying to say that Emperium cannot be healed by any means, take them here. I have been playing priest for months now. I've dedicated myself not in being a battle priest, but a support priest in those times, and until now. I have healed Emperium for my guild and in my experience, breakers cannot break Emperium that easily when a Support Priest heals Emperium all day long. I think most people who uses Priest as their main character would agree with me. Thank you for taking your time reading this short and almost out of the blue guide. But believe me, it serves as reference for something going on right now in Forsaken RO's world. Once again, thank you. And for those who don't know who I am... My name is Hyun.