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Found 1 result

  1. It just popped out from my mind.<Actually it is Xd nyaaa> Why not made beast strafe soul link for snipers, killable on players too? The origin of beast strafe were only for brutes(means only pve) sadddd :3 Purpose of this suggestion: 1. Extra skills that benefits DS type of snipers 2. Beast strafe highly enchance by STR mainly(it wouldn't be op, coz would sacrificing DEX by half/lower for hybrid DS sniper. Just like the case of traps/falconer snipers too), 3. Need to spam DS 1st, then only can spam BS XD 4. If its get implement, can made a new ring/rework the DS ring out of it too {^\\\^} 5. New accessories for tokenshop also(maybe enhance thingy just for beast strafe damage? Coz its STR based main damage) 6. A new style-play of sniper will born which is 'beast strafe sniper'/'full STR sniper'. That would add more challenge, isn't it :3 Hoping these solid clues will help growing the fro server. MORE POWER FRO :3 Lets hear ur reply too anyway :3