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Found 1 result

  1. SweetTooth

    Claymore Traps of Sniper is NOT OP

    Introduction: What is Claymore Traps? So as you can see, There is a Lot of People Complaining about How OP it is. because you can Stack it right? But, No its not that op. Claymore is Like Napalm Vulcan. it has certain weakness. you just need proper gear for it. Guide on card: you just need this 2 items on your armor and garment.(cloak) armor: 1 Pasana card + 1 TGK card on Armor. Garment: 2 Firering Card. Pasana Card: Enchant Armors with the Fire Property.DEF + 1 Firering Card: Increase Resistance to Fire Property Attack by 33% thats all you need to counter the "Stacking Power" of Claymore. I'll Show you How it works. ^_^ Claymore Mine is Fire Property. and Fire prperty attack is weakened against Fire property Enemy. Watch: No matter How many Stack they put you will not Die :) all you need to do now is dodge those other property attack mine. but atleast you can't die from it. Good Luck and Have fun :D