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Found 1 result

  1. (This suggestion was suggest because of Problems we are having right now in FRO. Topic:) Hello Everyone We should have A daily quest system in FRO :DLike it has Difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, Extremely Hard.Depending on the Quest.. the reward should only be fix F.Tokens.Like we can only Take 1 Daily quest for a day. Easy Quest = 1-2 tokens. (can be done with 1 players) <------ good for newbies and also old players for passing time.---------------------------------------------------- Medium Quest = 3-5 tokens <------ good for newbies and also old players Hard Quest = 10-30 tokens <------ good for mid-geared players and also Geared Players it might need party also. Extremely Hard Quest = 50-100 tokens.<------ Needs party and geared players.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - or We can make the quest like it opens only in certain time in certain day. Daily Quest = East Quest = once a day. Medium Quest = Once per two days. Hard Quest = Once per 3-4 days. Extremely Hard Quest = once a week. this will fix the Currency problem in FRO. It also makes sense cause in old fro we work hard for zeny but this time zeny is not the currency in FRO but tokens. #2 Solution (alternatives) Make an NPC Conversion Like Exchange 1b = Certain amount of token. #3 Solution (alternatives) Like GM held Event They should Make an event that rewards Fro tokens. and Thats what i think. #1 Solution ( I think the Daily Quest system will make the server more lively and Busy. I see AFK Player everywhere almost 60-70% of players is afk.)